Thursday, September 16, 2010

One of the places I've been!

I cannot believe I haven't posted anything in 2 weeks... it's been a combination of not having time to make anything new, not having the time to post and well, when school started and we took Cam to Eastern, well, I was in a little bit of a funk. I knew it would happen, there is no getting around it for me, but I'm hoping to be funkless very soon! :) Let me tell you one of the ways I have been able to make the funk go away... yesterday we went to the Oprah show! See the beauty in the red dress? She requested tickets to every show for the last season and last week she got word that she got 4 tickets for yesterdays show. YAY us!!! Her letter to the ticket folks was that she has been wanting to take her mom to the Oprah show for many years now. (on a side note, this is my second time to the show... Duane got tickets for me for my 40th birthday and Danielle was too young to go. She has vowed to be able to go there together one day)So yesterday was the day! She also invited her cousin Candice (in the pic) and my sister Molly (taking the pic) it was all very exciting, we had lots of fun on the way down and back, but the show was a very serious and sad topic. Really took the wind out of our sails but definitely a topic we should all be aware of.

Of course since this is the person who we were with all day...
our wind came back pretty quickly!!! Yup that's Danielle in target picking out her outfit to wear to the show! She sent her Aunt Molly this pic. as a text to ask her if she should wear the hotdog or the first pic she sent her, the banana! Although we all chose the hotdog, she did not want to upstage Oprah!
I will end this quick post to tell you that when you put 4 Kirby girls in a car together for the whole day, well, some good hard snorting laughs are gonna take place!
Thanks Sweetpea, I had a fabulous time! I loved having the whole Oprah Experience with you!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo

p.s. I hope to have a new ANYTHING to show you soon! I have been itching to be creative again! xo


  1. Cool costume! I know the felling of not having anything to post I get this way sometimes. Good to see you back....Julian

  2. Oh, you look so darn cute!!!
    Loving your fall outfit in the windy city.
    Your daughter is a riot!
    I can imagine what the car ride was like.
    Oh my brother graduated from Eastern!
    Such a small world.
    Looks like you have had good reason to go MIA
    Missed ya
    glad you are back and can't wait to see whats next

  3. What fun!! It sounds like you girls had a great time and what a neat experience to get to see the Oprah show.
    Glad you are enjoying yourself!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you create when you get back.

  4. What a funny costume :o)
    I seems you had lot of fun.
    Your blog ist great. I like it.
    Hugs Tanja from Germany

  5. Hi Theresa, what fun! And no fair! :) My girlfriends here wrote to Oprah for my 40th birthday as they heard she would be in Kuwait, and they were trying to get her to visit me or at least send a 40th birthday greeting. They even gave me all the email correspondence they sent. It never panned out. Boo! But they gave me her first big book that had come out at that time, and her DVD collection, which was almost as good. I couldn't believe they actually tried to do something that special for me. Now that hot dog outfit is too cute. We don't get any outfits like that around here -- HA! Not even for Halloween. :/ Best wishes for a great weekend. I haven't had time for creating either with kids back to school, me back to working there full time, houswork, blah, blah, blah. You know how it goes. Happy Friday! Tammy

  6. I'm just wondering if the Oprah show was ready for y'all!
    It's ok to be in a funk...good for the digestive system in fact! I'm kidding of course, but it really is allowed every now and then.
    Great photo and even greater surprise!

  7. That hot dog is a scream. So did you win anything good on Oprah???
    Glad u had a good time!

  8. Soooo jealous! What a fun day! & you all look sooo darling! Nothing like a trip to Oprah with the girls to cheer you up! Have you heard much from Cam? How is he doing!? I hope he is loving it! Oh...& the hot dog pic...fabulous! :) Yes, that outfit would turn Oprah green with envy! Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

  9. Sounds you guys had fun.


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