Tuesday, September 28, 2010

White Wednesday, with new creations here at 612!

I cannot believe I finally made it back to the White Wednesday party!! WOOO HOOO! I think this weekend finally got me out of my funk, I stayed in my jammies all day on Sat. and created like a crazy person. I actually started during the week with some altered art creations. It was good to get out the glue and papers and photos, what fun that was, very therapeutic as well!
Well, one creation leads to another and there you have it, next out comes the fabric and trims and there has to be a rosette or two in the picture... and waalaa a bag and some cuffs are born! The tote was too easy and one of those things that just came together as I was playing.
I have been wanting to make one of these for awhile now, I love all of the ruffled goodness I see here in blogland and some time ago someone, I'm sorry I can't remember who (note to self take your Vitamin D) showed the totes you can buy for a song at Hobby Lobby, they come in sets of 3. They are very well constructed and the ideas are just endless with ways to decorate them. This one ended up with 3 ruffles in all and a removable pin made with vintage doilies and felted wool and an altered domino. My mind is just reeling with ideas for the other two from the pack!
Here's a close-up of the pin, made in the style of a vintage prize ribbon. I thought this pic was the more detailed photo to show you that this dapper young man's hat says sunshine on it, but I guess I picked the wrong one. sorry, but trust me it says sunshine!
Friday is when I started on the fabric cuffs. my new addiction. really.
They are so relaxing to make, twisting scraps of fabric into rosettes as I watched a movie with the family. Are you like that, if your sitting (unless exhaustion has hit you) then your fingers have to be busy making something? I digress... the flowers are fun to make and a great way to use up fabric scraps of all kinds. I was twisting bark cloth, drop cloth, wool, homespun, there were pieces of fabric surrounding me in piles all over the loveseat!
Then after the twisting was finished I got out the jewels and ring backs and decided to make a couple of rings to go along with the cuffs. I really love how they both turned out, and can't wait to make more!
This one is not a twisted rosette but more a fall mum-like flower made from felted bits of wool from a vintage blazer. (another note to self... Danielle should be doing more dishes, my hands don't even come close to looking so good!)
This one is my favorite, made with bark cloth from an old curtain that was beyond repair, I have been saving it for some time now, always afraid to cut into it. I get like that, when something is too utterly fabulous I get cold feet when I want to make something out of it. Glad I put some socks on and got busy! Oh my gosh, I am so corny ;)
Now for the altered art part of this post... it's Halloween time and well what better way to decorate than with an aging warlock! I love taking old pictures and adding hats and jewels and other goodies to them. This one will add some humor to the otherwise spooky fest!
This is a beautiful woman who I think exudes strength and gentleness at the same time. I got her from one of the generous sites on here that share their photo treasures with all of us. I cannot remember who shared her right now but if it comes to me I will be sure and let you know... seriously needing the vitamin D! I just found the site where I got her picture from... Papieren Avonturen so glad I found it so any of you who are looking for more great photos can see what she has to offer. :)
Here she is in her shabby frame and surrounded by layers of tissue pattern paper. I took a stem of small silk roses and wrapped them in a floral cuff complete with a little bling. The quote on the bottom is from Eleanor Roosevelt... "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams " well said. Thank you Mrs. Roosevelt.
So there you have it... I'm back! I thought I was back before but well, I think this time I'm really, truly back! Making new creations really does wonderful things for me!
I'm linking this up to Kathleen's White Wednesday party over at Faded Charm that is always full of inspiration and some fabulous attendees so stop on by and see for yourself!
This just in... I'm also linking up to Tea Rose Home link party #25 for more inspiration come check out the party!
Thanks for stopping by, see you soon! Theresa xoxo


  1. Those must be magic pajamas, I need some!!! So much inspiration, creativity and wonderful art!! Good for you!

  2. Hi Theresa, I luv all the creations you have put together. You have some great talent. And the Halloween pictures you put togethet are cool also. Thank's for sharing now we got to go look for some pumpkins today since we are both off work today......Julian

  3. ...aahhh ~ yah!! I need a pair of those magic jammies too!! They wouldn't happen to be sock monkey jammies, would they be???!!! LOL!!
    I adore ALL of your fabulous new creations!!
    xo, Rosemary

  4. Oh wow Theresa. I LOVE that altered tote bag. It is just absolutely fantastic. As are your cuffs. Why did I never, ever learn to sew? Or use a sewing machine? Maybe I could just glue everything. :) Great altered art. Looks like you are definitely having lots of creative fun. Pajama days are my favorite kinda days! Best wishes, Tammy

  5. All of your creations here are fantastic! That tote bag makes me want to do exactly that! I think that is the ultimate compliment to someone's handiwork, don't you? Also, it gives me an idea how to use those that you get at conventions and you really don't want to use their logo!

  6. You really got a lot accomplished and I love them all. Where to start....the bag is fantastic and I love the idea of utilizing a premade canvas bag. This one is going in my idea file.
    You make the best rosettes, and on the fabric cuff they look beautiful....the ring is just icing on the cake.
    I've been altering some old cabinet cards too. They're my new addiction right now....I have too much fun coming up with ideas for these.
    Have a great Wednesday.

  7. Hi Theresa ~ Love the new Creations... Wow, Your Funk really brings the Best out of You! after 2 weeks now of feeling crappy, I am going to force myself to get up & out.... The Gloom & the cold rain is Not helping, but it's time~ I think I could spend hours here at the computer catching up on all I have missed.... Keep on Creating xox

  8. Your fingers must be tired!
    This is all so great, I don't even know where to begin, first I will answer one question with YES I must always have something going while sitting.
    Rudy can't stand that I do this, he just wants me to sit and watch a movie, BORING, I must do more than one thing at a time to feel productive even in down time.
    Whoosh, okay next, LOVE LOVE LOVE the cuffs!
    I must have one. I love them but I need measurements to see if will fit.
    Your art and bag is soooo coool loving the ribbon detail on the bag. Especially since it says sunshine.
    The only song my mother ever sang to me as a child was You are my sunshine, so that makes a great memory for me.
    Glad you are back and having fun, that is the important part, do what you love and it will come back to ya.

  9. You have been a busy girl. Wowza I love it all...the bag, the cuffs, the spooky altered art. The only thing I played around with was a skirt that I now want to throw out it's so hideous. It was more a practice piece....I'm like you and have a hard time cutting into the good stuff.
    I think I'm ready now!

    glad to see you back!

  10. Hi Theresa
    How fabulous all your creations are.. and how clever you are to make them.. I seem to be forever creating these days but not in the physical sense.. which is a little strange for me... but If I could sew as well as you I wouldn't want to stop... Love the bag... and love the cuff directly under the bag pics too.. and your altered art is wonderful ..We don't do Halloween here much.. which is sad.. I think it always seems like a fun celebration...

    Thanks for your kind comments my way.. much appreciated.. xxx Julie

    PS.. cute squirrel in the next post.. we don't have those here either!!!

  11. Thats it!!! Im staying in my jammies all day:) That way I can jump over to Etsy and go shopping - must have at least 1 cuff. Thanks so much ~ lovin' this post - beautiful creations. Dee

  12. Wish I had some of that know-how and inspiration-wonderfully fun items!

  13. You DID have a crafty fruitful day! I think it is therapeutic too. Very necessary at times. I love that purse and what all you did!

  14. OMG Theresa! That is the prettiest tote bag if I ever saw one. Me likey! Do you sell that in your online store? Saying 'hi' from White Wednesday.

  15. Okay where do I begin? I love the tote.how adorable. I am in love with the sunflower cuff..and you are one talented lady.
    I didn't get my stuff ready for White Wednesday -too busy getting ready for a show on Saturday but I love to come look at everyones items. So glad I looked at yours.

  16. What beautiful creations! I love the tote. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I'm on the same page as you when it comes to "saving" certain things that are too dear to cut into, or use... I find them and think "wouldn't this be great for making..." but then I don't want to USE it! Does that mean I'm a hoarder?!?!? LOVE the cuffs!

  18. Very cute tote! Love the muslin ruffles and velvet.

    Thanks for sharing with us!


  19. Wow I just visited your blog for the first time. I went back with older posts and will definately come back. I love the tote bag. I have been trying to figure out what to do for valences on my living room windows. I love the layers of ruffles. Would love to duplicate that. What kind of fabric did you use? Is it a trade secret?!! Can't wait to see more. Sharon

  20. Amazing stuff! I have a huge crush on those cuffs!!!! Any chance you'll create a tutorial for them?

    I came to your blog from a Tea Rose link. It's very unique and inspiring.

  21. This post ROCKS - BEAUTIFUL creativity from your hands!!!


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