Monday, September 20, 2010

the fuzzy yellow mustache...

When we went camping this summer Max got a fuzzy yellow mustache out of the gumball machine (are they called that anymore?) and all of the kids humored me and let me take their pics all wearing the mustache. I knew right away that I wanted to frame them all for the house and well, 2 months later, here they are! Too funny! I love them so much, and I think the metal sign above them says it all. Laugh out Loud.
This leaf is sitting in front of the pics. Duane spotted it on our walk Friday and handed it to me with a kiss. awwwww.
Here's the full shot, sorry about the poor lighting but the weather just really doesn't want to cooperate for picture taking today. I am not complaining mind you, because this summer we were really hurting for some rain!
This huge chalkboard is in the dining room and I LOVE IT! This weekend I loved it even more, because Friday when Max heard that Cam was coming home, he erased the previous message and wrote a little something for Cam. I know, another awwwwwww. I swear, I could have a chalkboard in every room!
We had a great weekend, went to the local Blues Fest after the rain on Sat. and heard some amazing music, ate good food and smiled from ear to ear the whole time! We will be making it an annual event for sure!
Today is a creating day... I have one piece finished and am going back to the table to work on some more. YAY!!
Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. Those mustache pics are precious! I remember gumball machines. It was a rare treat to be given money for a chance for a great prize. Love the "wellcome" note.


  2. This photo is just fun! Love the idea, and everything together makes it perfect! Jennifer

  3. Seriously, the love and fun your family shares is always so great to hear about!!
    I love the leaf and the story, melting my heart.
    I know no ones life is perfect but you paint such a great picture for all of us to be inspired by.
    Thank you

  4. The photos were a marvelous idea, but I was awed by the idea of the plate racks made from wiring edging!! That is so pretty and clever. The platters love wonderful grouped like that!

  5. Love it! and what a great idea Makes me want to get a chalkboard, too.

  6. Hi Theresa, Great family pic's of your childern. And luv your collection of white ironstone platters. Have a great week....Julian

  7. haha my 10 yr old had some of those too! I took his pic too and I was like man, you look just like your dad! They are so cute!

  8. I love the mustache photos, your kids were having a great time and that's what is all about.

    Great post.


  9. Theresa, don't you love the walmart candles!!!
    My fav is the pumpkin that only comes out once a year. I save and buy about 20 to last me the whole season round, cuz I am crazy and love the smell of fall even when it is 100* out. Helps me get in the mood to crochet...LOL
    Can't wait to see what you've been up to today

  10. LOVE the mustache pictures, just adorable lol!! And really love that plate rack behind it total yum! Have told my girls that the dog glasses have been a big hit in the USA so they are pretty pleased about that ha!

  11. I love the pictures...what a great idea! I agree the LOL above says it all.

  12. Hi Theresa,
    I just love the mustache pictures. Their individual expressions wearing that mustache were priceless. Your kids seem to all have their mom's wonderful sense of humor.
    How's Cam liking school. I bet you were happy to have him home. I got to see Alex this past weekend for 1.5 hours. We each drove 4.5 hours one way and met so that I could give him his mountain bike. He found some great trails at school and was really missing not having his bike. We had lunch and then each drove 4.5 hours home!! What a mom won't do for her kid!!
    Hope you had a fun, creative day.

  13. Too funny...I think you might have started something with this. Now everyone will be doing family portraits with fuzzy yellow mustaches!


  14. I got my "awww" face on! Boy howdy...those photos are a hoot. Instead of "Got Milk" y'all "Got Butter"!

  15. What a pretty frame you put the "mustache" photos in. Love it!

  16. Theresa, I adore the photos of your babes as well as the endearing leaf and message on the chalkboard. What a wonderful testament to the sweet, strong family bond you all have! And a beautiful home...that vignette is wonderful! Thank you for making my day today with your visit at my post. ~ Angela

  17. Theresa,

    Desperately trying to catch up with blogs. Got a call to stage a large home for sale, and pack it in less than three days. SO far so good,but coming on the tail end of the sale...jeezch I'm tired.

    The reason I tell that tale is that I have not yet been home long enough to try your wonderful soap, and the laundry is piling up. .How then do I know it is wonderful? It sits right here on my desk and the smell is heavenly...

    Your yellow mustache story reminds me of a kid in my neighborhood who used to place live caterpillars under his nose as pretend mustaches....Wonder what ever happened to that odd kid? He's probably in politics? hehe

    Have a wonderful week. I'll catch up soon....



  18. Theresa,

    I was just visiting the middlest sister blog, and had to come LOLOL @ you! The tooth fairy has forgot to come to my house a few times when my kids were little.

  19. Hi sweet Theresa,
    I was so excited to hear from you, I have missed you so much as well!! I absolutely love the photo of your kids, absolutely perfect! I love taking crazy photos of my kids, it's such a great memory keeper! I'm with you on the chalkboard thing, I could have them all over the house as well. When I was decorating my living room I looked around and thought, hmmm, maybe I have way too many chalk boards in here, and quickly thought nahh!
    I hope you are well and thank you so much for the warm welcome back!
    Have a great night.

  20. Hi Theresa,
    Oh my gosh, I love your blackboard AND your Oprah story!!! It is amazing and I bet it was SOOO fun!!!

  21. What a hoot those fuzzy yellow mustache pictures are!!! You are so clever! And your ironstone plate display is magazine-worthy.

  22. Great idea for the photos and to frame them all together. Fun! :) Happy day to you. Tammy


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