Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Crazy!

Happy Sunshiney Sunday! I wanted to pass this tutorial on to all of you who have scraps of wool, sweaters, maybe even a burlap bag or grain sack on hand...
they are way too much fun to make and are going to help me in my "I haven't made anything new for autumn" dilemma! The tutorial is genius, I have made wool pumpkins before but these are so cute and well get this... no sewing!

Can you believe it? Really, unless you need to make your own tube shape - meaning you are not using a sweater sleeve or bag - well then it's rubberbands and string. crazy.
Ofcourse I started with the sweater sleeve like the tutorial shows but then well, one thing leads to another and I catch a glimpse of a grain sack out of the corner of my eye and well, I can't help myself from making one out of that too :o
This is the first one I did, a cable sleeve with the stem wrapped in green and pompoms.
I googled pumpkin leaves and found a great green sweater to make leaves out of and then added a little bling.
This one is a pretty small one, the sweater was felted pretty small but it's just too adorable!
So get on over to Hummadeedledee and see for yourself, some of you may already know Deb, as for me I just came across her blog because of these pumpkins and well I'm so glad I did! I sat staring at my computer screen for quite a while in total awe of her talents. AMAZING! Then I got busy making pumpkins! So for some inspiration and some fun... check her out and make some pumpkins!

Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. Theresa, Oh my goodness! I love these! I especially like how you've incorporated other types of fabrics, doilies, the perfect green for the leaves,the fringe, the bling, and what not into your rendition of Deb's tutorial....I'm inspired! Xo, Sue

  2. Ok I have to cuss...sorry

    so damn CUTE!!!!

    As soon as I'm done with my chores, (I have some kind of bore in my tree YIKES that needs treatment) I'm checking this out!!!!


  3. Hi Theresa, I luv the way they turned out. They are cute. Thanks for sharing.....Julian

  4. How Wonderful are these Adorable Pumpkins, I Love them ~ Can't wait to go to the Cider Mill Myself, but trying to diet so the yummy donuts will be out.... Can you believe that the end of the week it's suppose to get in the High 70's ~ Have a Wonderful Week

  5. I just realized that I had come to your post and linked to the tutorial and didn't leave you a rude of me! These pumpkins are too cute. If I wasn't so tired I might try them tonight!

  6. Those are so adorable!! I love the cable sweater white one!!! I'll have to check her blog out!! Love that recycle stuff!! Thanks for stoppin by. I'm getting there!! We are blessed to live in Michigan it is such a pretty state. Fall rocks, but not so much winter!! XO Fran.

  7. Hi theresa
    super super cute. I love them, what a great share for all of us. Have a wonderful week!


  8. Those are just 2DIE4!!! Love them!! I'll check out the tut for sure!!!!

  9. I love thesevsweet pumpkins. Adorable! Thanks for visiting me!

  10. There are so many clever ladies in blog land! I love your pumpkins and my hands are shaking because I'm so excited to try this myself.....

  11. Theresa, thank you for sharing my blog with your readers! Here's the direct link to my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkin tutorial:

    It's always fun to see what others do with my design, and I thank you for the acknowledgement. ;0)

    Deb @ Retreat & Hummadeedledee


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