Sunday, January 8, 2012

I love homemade gifts, don't you?

The kids draw names for Christmas every year, and this year John got Danielle's name.
Not all of the kids make their presents, but I love it when they make at least part of it.

John and I tossed around a few ideas, He really wanted to make her present, and while shopping
at the Good Will he spotted this black lamp and it even had a great shade on it, so to 
personalize it for her we used the transfer method of photocopying an image on a laser printer,
 covering the image with gel medium, and then placing the image face down
on the shade, canvas, fabric.. you get the idea.
When the gel medium is dry you rub the paper off with water and waalaa
like magic the image is transferred to the shade!

(Danielle LOVES old Hollywood and vintage pin-up girls)
so he looked for a good one for her and found these two girls in full pin up attire.
(Well, as full as pin up attire goes!)

We then added some pleated satin and velvet trim around the top and the bottom of the shade 
to give it a more finished look.

I think it turned out fabulous!
It is sooooooo her style!
and she loved it!
What do I love most about it?

Collaborating with this guy to make it!
I loved how determined he was to make at least part of the gift that he would give his sister 
for her new apartment in Atlanta.
While John was home for Christmas we went thrifting,
Christmas shopping, visiting relatives, out to lunch with my dad and sister, Molly, played Yahtzee, we
cooked, (he taught me how to be a better vegan cook and new items to shop for), 
In fact, he cooked our entire Christmas dinner - except the ham for the carnivores!
we laughed, we had great conversations, 
(the first night he was home him, Cameron, Max and I 
stayed up until 4:00 in the morning talking, it was fabulous!)
and we created art.
It doesn't get better than that!
I had a hard time telling him good by the other day, and I hope we 
are able to see each other again soon,
cuz as all you moms know,
when your house is missing one, two, or even three of your babies,
a piece of you goes with them.

Can you feel the love?  I see it in all of these beautiful faces.
Duane's birthday is New Years day and we had a quiet dinner at home.
per his usual request.  John and Cam couldn't make it, but this picture 
says it all for me... love.
I love this lil family that I was blessed with.

Danielle moves to GA. on Friday, so this week will be 
an emotional roller coaster ride for me.
Good thing she makes me laugh like crazy,
I'm gonna need some humor!

Gotta let them fly...
and I know she will soar!

Theresa xoxoxoxoxo

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  1. a beautiful even more beautiful family! you are blessed INDEED!~ :)

  2. Love that lamp! My first thought was that it was me on the right, and you on the left. And you have an awesome stomach, btw...

    So sad about Danielle... Sending you hugs (and I am not a hugger, so that is saying something...)and maybe another scandlous email to help cheer you up! Best wishes Danielle! You will be awesome Girl!

  3. The best presents don't come from a store. They come from the heart and reading this was like listening to a beating one.
    Your cup runneth over darlin'.

  4. Aw Theresa nothing can beat unconditional Love!!! I love that your kids have picked up the beautiful qualities that you have. A star on your crown for sure!! Beautiful pic of your husband and at least three of the kids were there! My it seems like Kaitlin is never home anymore and she still lives here!! LOL I think I see some creating therapy in your real near future!! Can't wait to see what you create!! Don't you dare get yourself down!!! Love ya, and Happy New Year!! XO Fran.

  5. Love the cigarettes dangling from their lips, trash it up!

  6. Glad to see your tech problems have resolved - good to have you back! Happy New Year!

  7. What a fantastic lampshade and lamp and what fun to collaborate with someone you love. Sea Witch

  8. Handmade gifts are THE best, I agree, I love the collaboration for the lamp, so much thought and effort! Hope you're doin' ok mama, I haven't sent one off from the nest yet, but I can imagine...

    Have a blessed week!


  9. Oh I love this post Theresa!!!! That picture just made me smile so big. Yep, you are soooo blessed to have them!
    hugs from here....

  10. OK, that lamp is UBER-FABULOUS!!!!! Yes, it ROCKS! Looks like you had a pretty great Christmas, Theresa...this was a beautiful post (I'm glad I was able to access it...I've been having problems with yours, of late). Have a wonderful week - Tanya

  11. Ah T.... I have tears streaming down my face... I LOVE THIS POST!!! Your babies are all sooooo beautiful - inside AND out!!!

    I'm excited but scared for your daughter - I hope she laughs and leaves you with a giggle in your heart AND tell her I said she has to call you AT LEAST once a day to make you laugh. ;-D


  12. What a wonderful gift! I think it turned out great. Your daughter will have great thoughts every time she sees it.

  13. I LOVE IT!
    I love pin-up girls and old hollywood too, so this is a great idea!
    What a sweet family you have.
    Such a blessing.


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