Saturday, January 14, 2012

newest creations...

Thank you everyone for your advice and kind words over my last post...
I see that many of us suffer from the same "problem" of wanting to create in so many mediums!
Last night I turned to my latest venture...

many, many years ago, when I was about 20, or so I found this picture at a garage sale,
I fell for this grandpa-man immediately... he just looks so approachable, doesn't he?
(it's gotta be the mustache!) 

Last night while we watched a couple of movies,
I finished stringing a few more necklaces.

It was a great night spent with some of my favorite people in the world,
a good movie, old jewels, old silver, and glass beads,
and homemade popcorn...

enough to make a girls night complete!

Happy Weekend!

If you would be so kind as to keep Danielle in your prayers I would appreciate it,
she heads out for Atlanta tomorrow,

a mama's gonna need some prayers too!

thanks <3

Theresa xoxo

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  1. these are amazingly gorgeous! i just LOVE them! well done! as for your little girl...i will most definitely keep her in my prayers! ;) i am sure there will be angles watching over her!

  2. Loving these, and your so right about the Grandpa man.... he is so cute ~ Atlanta Bound, saying a prayer for Danielle for a Safe & Successful journey.... Make sure you stop by, having a Give~Away to celebrate my computer being up & running again!
    Have a Warm Weekend

  3. Theresa, they are so wonderful all, and the grandpa-yes he looks great-
    Oh it is difficult when our babyes are starting to live their adult life, and we can not be there anymore to help them and guard- but I believe --like Michelle-- that there is angels watching over them-and hopefully us moms ,too.
    Hugs to you dear.

  4. So sweet Theresa! Love those necklaces! They are all awesome, have fun wearing them!

    Havce a good trip Danielle! We will be praying for ya! (and for your proud mamma too. She will be missin' ya!)

  5. Theresa your newest medium is wonderful! The necklaces are fabulous! I've got my hands in so many different things I don't know what to do next! Keep on doing what you do!

  6. you got em sweets< prayers that'll both adjust and the feelings will become bittersweet and then oh ...when you do come back together! such fun

    from one mama to another :D

  7. Gorgeous as always! And yes, you are right - there is just something about Grandpa. ;)


    1. I so get what your saying about going in so many directions...I am exactly the same... Making jewelry, collage, mixed media, I have projects, easels, drawing boards , beads all over the house.. I think however that it works for me.. If I get frustrated in one I can move on to another .. Just keep working pretty lady and have a beautiful 2012.

  8. Oooh Theresa, those necklaces are just FAB, I love them all. Love the simple whites and metals together, such simple elegance and unique 'coolness' :)


  9. Your necklaces are just beautiful. I so know what you8 mean, wanting to create in all mediums. If there were just more hours in a day! LOL
    Hugs Lynn

  10. I just am imagining everyone all cuddled up in your warm house! It makes me smile! Moments like these are mom moments :) Just being together....all it takes :) Your pieces are soooooo amazing! That flower is just the perfect touch!

    Hope you are doing good T! Kate said she talked with you forever :)

  11. Your necklaces are GORGEOUS - are you listing them in your etsy store? If so, I will buy one for sure! Beautiful!!

  12. your work is just beautiful ... keep it up

  13. I'm just checking in to see if your girlie made it safely. Let us all know!

  14. Lots of prayers coming your way! I hope she has a safe trip! You have been busy huh? Beautiful work!

  15. I love the old grandpa man...he DOES look approachable! Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog...nice to have you visit. I enjoy looking through your post. How fun it must be to be so crafty. I am not crafty and admire those who are.

    Big hug


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