Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the story of a simple piece of string...

How does something as simple as cotton string create a whole new room?

My drop cloth curtains in the dining room needed new tiebacks,
so I grabbed my butchers string from the bucket that it resides
 and crocheted some new tiebacks for the dining room!

It was a nice sunshiny day and that coupled with the new tiebacks led to a fresh, clean room!
(o.k. that coupled with some window cleaner, a vacuum, 
and  a bucket of vinegar water and some elbow grease!)

The tiebacks were just the excuse I needed to rearrange and freshen things in here.

Last years boxwood wreath bit the dust while decorating for Christmas
and this old mirror frame with last springs wreath took its place.

The metal basket filled with blue jars was a special Christmas gift...

as was this little frame, I put one of the few pictures that I have of my mammy in it.
( I love it, even if it's small and a bit blurry... she is feeding a puppy)

I balanced all of the light colors in the room with this black dresser on the short wall
before the living room.

I wasn't "balancing" anything on purpose!
This dresser was put here when the Christmas tree came in the  room
and I liked it so much that this is where it stayed!

(that's the truth, the whole truth!)

During the holidays, when everyone was showing all of the Anthro inspired snow globes,
I made one of my own.
A vintage wedding cake topper on a small silver coaster
on top of a candle holder.
It will probably stay out way past Valentines Day.

As for this girl, she made it safely to Atlanta and the happiness in her voice
is music to my ears!

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. xoxoxox

These are pics that I shot through the window in the comfort of my semi-warm (old house)
kitchen of her and Duane tying down all of her must-have treasures.

She doesn't miss the cold at all!

so that's the story of how a bit of cotton string can create a whole new room!

(Who would have thought that something as basic as curtain tiebacks
would force me to redecorate the whole room?)

ohhh you, of course!

Thanks for stopping by!
Theresa xoxoxo

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  1. What a great idea and I must admit I have never thought of using drop cloths as curtains...brilliant!
    Everything looks so beautiful Theresa, I love how you have it all arranged!
    Tina xo

  2. Who woulda thunk it?! Only you! Everything looks so pretty! Come and freshen up my house now. Boy, is that your daughter or what??? She looks just as beautiful as her momma! Glad that she made it to Atlanta safe.

  3. You are always keeping busy over there. I wish I had 1/10th of your creativity. Those curtain tiebacks are simple and sweet. Best wishes to your daughter in her new location. My brother-in-law's daughter is in Atlanta working on her Masters (she got a full scholarship and is one smart cookie). Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  4. Theresa, it looks lovely, and I love your new metal basket with beautiful blue jars inside- and your embossed wall paper-
    so pritty. And happines is knowing our "kids" are well home, and feeling good.
    Hugs to you.

  5. So beautiful! I love the blue jars! I used some old tatting for my lace curtain tie backs in my daughters room for a while. Simple touches add such charm! Thanks for sharing!

  6. THat is wonderful! so nice to have met you...and yes, string is indeed an amazing thing!

    from one crochet lover to another...

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

    stop by for coffee sometime...

  7. I've done the exact same thing using cotton string when I lived in my old Victorian home. Had pretty lace curtains and needed some very simple tiebacks. I thought they looked great and yours do too.

  8. Nice to meet you,Thersa.Everything looks just lovely.Happy WW.
    XO Marie

  9. Cotton String, Who but You would have had the creative thought to use Cotton String, I Love this! Glad Sweet Daughter made it safely to Atlanta, I'd love to be there right now, I look forward to the time when I can Winter in the Warmer climate (guess I'm starting to feel my age!) Have a wonderful (Cozy) week...

  10. Yeah funny how one things leads to another. Your room looks so serene and love the basket gift with the lights. I know you must miss your babies but think how great the reunions are.


  11. Wow you are so talented! The room looks awesome and the tie backs turned out looking beautiful.

  12. Love your new room Theresa! And love all the freshing you have done. I need you to come fluff and freshen at my house! Your house looks so peaceful with all the candles and your sweet pieces.

    So glad Danielle made it safely and hooked up with some old friends. Here's to finding new ones for her too!


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