Friday, January 20, 2012

weekend plans...

I'm thinking more of this...

I'm sorry for the grainy pictures, I was losing daylight quickly as I tried to snap a few for you!

I'm still investigating but I think that i got this altered photo from 

she has some really fantastic freebies for us!

vintage bark cloth under glass.

still beading...
I've combined my love of collage and soldering into new necklaces.
I am loving the process, picking vintage costume jewels to add to new
glass seed beads.  My brain is spinning!

We are supposed to get some snow tonight,
so that means more beading tomorrow too!
Picture me cozied up on the couch surrounded by beads with a fire going in the fireplace,
and movies on the t.v.
sounds like a pretty good Saturday so far!

I'm thinking beef stew for dinner for the carnivores and vegie stew for us herbivores,
yup that's a good Saturday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Theresa xoxoxoxo

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Thanks Debra!

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  1. They are beautiful! Do you use a dremel to cut the end of the spoon off? I have some spoons and I've been wanting to give it try.
    Sounds like an awesome Saturday!

  2. Hey Theresa, that sounds like a great Saturday, cozy by the fire and a warm bowl of soup! Love your necklaces, too. thanks for linking up to the party!! xoxo

  3. Can I come play at your house Saturday? ;o) Sounds like a perfect day.....Sorry I've been MIA lately....not quite getting the hang of this "balance" thing yet. Playing hooky from the studies a bit today and know I'll be paying for it the next 6 days....but, heck....I miss you guys! Love the new "jewels" - you are so, so, inspirationally gifted! Have fun on that couch! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Just gorgeous Theresa! These pendants are so beautiful and have such a sense of grace that is so feminine!
    I also have to tell you that I LOVE your header! The color and texture are lovely! Have a great and creative day Theresa!
    Tina xo

  5. Always keeping busy I see. I love all your new creations. Veggie stew sounds good to me.


  6. these are all so pretty! Love them! Happy Sunday to you!

  7. I hate it getting dark early, it's messing up my picture taking too. I love these necklaces, that blue and silver one made me gasp, it is gorgeous! These are so different from any I see. Thank you for your confidence in me having a great first show, It probably will be my last, I just wanted to try it once.



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