Tuesday, April 3, 2012

cleaning house and filling the shop...

I love these vintage creamy white planters,
Haegar, McCoy, they are so versatile

really I do love them so...

but I can never become the minimalist that I think
I want to be when I grow up if I keep everything that I love!

beautiful vintage quilted twin bedspread... peachy goodness!

a pair of tiny frenchy plaques...

the second of 3 sets of different miniature artwork.
What can I say, in typical girl fashion...
I like tiny things!

the last set, a sweet pair of floral oil paintings
in metal frames that I painted and shabbied up!
(is that a phrase that only those of us who embrace the rusty, crusty.chippy,
and discarded have in our vocabulary?)

I wonder...

I have been meaning to repurpose these shoe forms for too long now, 
time to give someone else a shot at them... 
what would you do with them?

It's a little like Christmas over here, every box I open
has a new surprise for me to share with you!

another great piece of history... this time in our beloved grey

once upon a time, I was on a crazed pincushion streak
so I have a few items for you to make some of your own
one of them being this sweet little basket

more on the way...
(can you tell I also have a love affair with lilies of the valley?)
These are artificial so I am not getting that heavenly scent that will soon be on it's way!

I also have managed to get some new 
pendants made and just need to get the soldering iron warmed up.

My destash is not over, I haven't even been in the barn yet, 
and the attic has boxes of treasures that I haven't opened in far too long!

That being said, I feel a little like Monty Hall,
I wonder what's behind door number 3?

Almost everything I've shown is now listed at

It's raining here today so no new photos for the shop,
but I should be able to open more boxes and do a little soldering!

plus I want to make these!

I have deleted many of my pinboards and let me tell you that made me very sad...
but until I feel like pinterest is looking out for ALL of us,
the only ones I kept are the boards that I pinned from my own photos,
the boards with pins that are meant to be shared, like tutorials, recipes, freebies,
still, I look and dream of having beautiful boards full of inspiration
that can be shared FREELY with no issues.

So today I'm making a super healthy granola bar from a wonderful recipe
that was meant to be shared!

How will you spend your Tuesday?

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. I am cleaning out the attic to put stuff in my new booth! A great way to Spring clean I think! Minimalist? I don't understand those people....but they're great for thrifters like me! LOL

  2. Lovely treasures - I do like those little frames and the white planters!

  3. Spring cleaning here too (and having a garage sale as a fundraiser for a missions trip...)makes for one very messy house at the moment. I can't figure out how I started with a clean house, tried to clean it more, but ended up messing it up in the process.

    And I totally know what I would do with those shoe forms. Store them in a bag in my laundry room, as I have done with my own shoe forms for the last ten years. I did see a very cute place setting made using shoe forms, I am so confident I will one day make them, that I will continue to store them for years to come!

    Have the best week!

  4. Oh how pretty,one of my favorite flowers and the smell ahhhhhh!!! Lovely post! x0

  5. So adorable! I just came across your blog, love it! you def have a new follower!


  6. i do so love white/cream pottery. mccoy,usa and haeger. never met a piece i could pass up.

  7. Hi! I just found your blog and became a follower. I too love the vintage white pottery. I have some of it around my house as well. I love the lilies of the valley in the pottery. I may have to try that! Please stop by my blog too. We have similar taste. Thanks!

  8. Hey Theresa, have you read that last week Pinterest redid their terms of service? Can't remember what blog I saw it on...wish you'd seen that. You might check out the Pinterest site, so you'll feel better about it. Love that white pottery and how you have it displayed with the sweet lily of the valley. xo

  9. Your white planters caught my eye so I had to come over from White Wednesday to check them out. I am addicted to them. Whenever I see one at a thrift store, it has to come home with me. I'll go check put your etsy shop now!

  10. You have so many beautiful things, love those white planters...and the little flowers..what are they called? it's on the tip of my tongue!! argh.. :) I think 'shabbied up' is the perfect phrase for the awesome frame treatment :)

  11. Just catching up on the last 2 posts. I blink and time gets away from me.
    Do you remember Muguet de Bouis? cologne from the 60's /70's maybe? lily of the valley.. I wore it and loved it!


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