Friday, April 20, 2012

Vintage Inspiration Friday

a new bracelet and
playing with my new friend...

Visit Land of Nod Studio for wonderful altered images
like the one I used here!

That's what my Friday night will be about.

Hannah must have had a rough day at school,
she is already asleep and it's only 7:00!

Max has a couple of buddies spending the night
so they have the living room as their domain tonight.
I will listen for requests of popcorn and let them be silly boys.
Pancakes in the morning are a must!

Duane will be doing some homework,
only 3 more weeks and my man will have finished his MBA...
I am so proud of him!

When I tire of the computer I will break out the beads
and play with another bracelet design.

So there you have it...
an exciting night ahead for me :)
life. is. good.

Happy Weekend!


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  1. sounds like heaven! i miss those days...silly boys...popcorn...pancakes in the morning. My "silly boy" is away at school. :( hubby is traveling for work and I am flying solo tonight...and for the next week to be exact. I am in the studio....catching up on my reading list....creating a few things and then I'm watching Jane Austin's: "Emma" with a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers! An "exciting" night ahead for me too. Life. Is. Good. here as well! ;) TFS! (LOVE your newest bracelet!!)

  2. You are getting more creative everyday! Now where is that popcorn??? haha
    Yes life is good here too going home and having a midnight snack....opps wrote snake:) I think popcorn instead!

  3. Being with the matter what they're doing. the perfect evening!

  4. Nothing better than being with family! We are empty nesters now and I do enjoy it, but sometimes miss the kiddo's being around.

  5. LOVE THIS!! I love the words you pick, I just love all the feelings they give me and the energy they give to the pieces!

  6. Life does sound good, Theresa! The bracelet is charming! Congrats to your husband...that IS a great accomplishment!

  7. I love your bracelets, saving my pennies :)

  8. I miss those times when my kids were at home with their friends! Chaotic at the times, but really enjoyed them! My how time flies!
    I LOVE your bracelet!!
    congrats to hubby!


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