Tuesday, April 17, 2012

even if your voice shakes...

What a powerful message.

I first saw it on Pinterest, 
the image showed it spray painted on a shed, 
and it made me involuntarily gasp.

It gives one a moment of reflection. 

I am a truthful person, but I do not always speak my mind.
I am usually non confrontational,
unless you mess with my family,
then the momma bear in me comes out.
Unless I am asked straight out for my opinion, I usually 
keep quiet.  I get it from my parents, if you asked my mom or dad for their
opinion on something they would share it with you, but they did 
not try to impose it on you.

I am of the thought that if something will upset someone
and not bring a positive change than my words will have 
created more harm than good.
I will tell you that there is toilet paper hanging from your shoe, 
or that you have spinach in your teeth.
Or even share with you the things I am learning about the
safety of our food, if you are questioning me about 
being a vegan.
I will not tell you how to raise your children or 
how you should live your life, or even what you should stand for.

I reserved all of that for my own kids,
(lucky them)
they know where I stand on all of the important things in life.
How strongly I feel about the unfairness of discrimination, or inequality, 
our children's education and their safety, the preservation of our planet,
the food we put in our mouths and who is governing the ingredients allowed in said food.
These make great dinner conversations I assure you!
These are the things that I could get on a soapbox about.
I am not getting on a soapbox here, I promise,
I really didn't even plan on this being what this post was about.
I was just going to show you the new bracelet that I made
with a collaged soldered pendant and some beading.

but that message is hard to ignore.

and the girls face is pleading with me not to ignore the message.

Thank you Land of Nod Studios for the beautiful altered image!

The fact of the matter is that when I do get worked up about something...

my voice shakes.

Thanks for stopping by,
stay tuned for the regularly scheduled pretty post...


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  1. Beautiful Post! I popped in from A Re-Purposed Life and love your blog! I'll be back.
    PS: I saw that same saying on Pinterest and pinned it b/c I liked it so much. Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston, TX

  2. Wonderful Wise Words. Your showcase necklace honoring these words is stunning. Creative Bliss...

  3. I like that saying. Love your soldered necklace too.


  4. It's why we love you girl. You stand on solid ground <3

  5. Great post. Love the necklace, love the message. Keep speaking girl!


  6. Hi Theresa...yes, that is sometimes hard to do...and sometimes even harder for me to keep quiet on a subject...but I am trying

    your kids are so blessed for your strength and truth in your convictions
    Anne Marie

  7. Oh I just LOVE you so much Theresa!!! Yes...there are important things that we must stand for, but there is a time and a place to voice those convictions. I am not a confrontational person, so I stay quiet on my opinions...honoring that others have the right to hold their own as well. I even have to do that now with my grown children, and boy, is that ever hard sometimes : ) I will stand up for people who I think are being treated unfairly or if one of my friends says something about another friend that I love...even if what they are saying is true. It's important I think. I know sometimes my voice must sound like it's shaking, but I would want the same kindness done for me. We can never be TOO kind to one another!
    I can't tell you how beautiful I think your new soldered bracelet is. It's stunning and has a stunning message.
    sending love...

  8. That saying should be post on billboards. The truth is not always easy. You have a lovely blog. Your newest follower,

  9. This is beautiful... such an uplifting and inspiring message too. It reminds me of the John Mayer song, "SAY". One of the lyrics is "even if your hands are shakin' and your faith is broken... say what you need to say".

    Thanks for the inspiration! :)


  10. POWERFUL words, Theresa. Some of my favorite. And I love this post. You are a passionate person and I would love to listen and talk about those passions with you!!!

  11. Theresa! That is awesome! I love her! If I wasn't having work done on my not-working car at the moment, she would be mine. I adore her. And I love the saying, saw it on pinterest too.

    My mom called me today, she ran into one of her renters, who I ran into a little while ago. My mom asked what I said to him. I said, "nothing, why?" She said, "Well, he told me you are extremely tall. And then he added that you are also very fiesty." Oh my goodness, now I am officially fiesty. But I was thinking that I am lucky he only called me fiesty and that I didn't get grounded!!!

    Have a great weekend, it's almost here!!!

  12. Hey Theresa, I feel exactly the same way you do. Although, I have been told that I am brutally honest at times -- I never, ever say anything that would hurt someone. I don't like confrontation at all. Most folks don't like to hear the truth, which is why it sounds "brutal" to them. I would rather be honest than fake. Otherwise, I keep my mouth shut, or only share with those I trust and value. Your bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! And I love those words. My voice shakes when I am put in the position of having to voice my opinion on something that is deeply personal. Or when I feel like I am being personally attacked. :) Wishing you a great rest of the week.

  13. Its amazing where we find our inspiration. Such a beautiful bracelet with a powerful message.

    I think were cut from the same cloth!
    My mom always said if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.
    Hugs Lynn

  14. I love the message, and the bracelet is a beautiful work of art!


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