Thursday, April 12, 2012

upcycled gift box... the tutorial (kinda)

I am going to confess right now... 
I am cheap thrifty,
plus I have a difficult time buying something 
that can be made, reused, repurposed, saved...

I needed a box to ship my jewelry orders out.
I looked at ordering boxes...
(for about a minute!)

I just knew that if I put my mind to it, I would come up with a better solution.

I had a flashback to the little paper towel roll vase that I made
a couple of years ago, and with a little adjusting ~ waalaa!
A new jewelry gift box for my creations!

(the original idea for this came from Somerset Life)

(the only problem is that now I want to make more of these!)
I think that they need to hang on doorknobs everywhere :)
I thought I would walk you through the process
just in case you want to make the gift boxes.

Instead of the ribbon looped on either side of the roll
I stapled it on the back and punched a hole on the front so that 
the ribbon could be slipped through and tied into a bow.

Using an extra strength glue stick, cover the toilet paper roll and then 
wrap it in the paper of your choice.
Staple the bottom shut,
and cover the staples with a scrap of doily or paper of your choice.
The one above was my prototype...
after that one, I left the extra paper at the top and tucked it inside
for a more finished look.  
( use the glue around the inside of the roll before you tuck the paper inside) 

flatten it out and stamp with your favorite stamps,
staple on the ribbon and use a hole punch on the front for
the ribbon to go through.
Tuck your treasure inside,
tie the bow, and there you go!

Now as these new garden series necklaces leave the shop
they will arrive more like a gift than a purchase!

I confessed at the beginning of the post to being thrifty,
now I must confess to NOT being the best tutorial creator in blogland!
I get so wrapped up in the creating part that taking pictures
doesn't enter my mind until the work is done.
please accept my apologies.  :)
If you have any questions at all,
please feel free to ask in the comments and I will get right back to you.

Well, back to the worktable for me...
Thanks so much for stopping by,
see you soon!


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  1. Your boxes are sweeter than any you could buy! Beautiful and creative! Great job!

  2. Those boxes are so sweet! I love the one with the bird.


  3. Very clever and unique...much nicer than a "box"! Love the vase as well. Thanks for some sweet inspiration!

  4. Oh, these are all so beautiful, Theresa! ((Love them!!))

  5. I'll say you came up with a better idea for a jewelry box!
    Love this.

  6. I loved the pendants, now I love the boxes almost as much!

  7. OK, its early in the morning and I had to read this twice but I have to say I've never seen a better use for toilet paper rolls! I'm going to get started one some of these little gems today. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Gorgeous! And so much better than the standard boxes!

  9. Those boxes are PERFECT! Love them, better than anything you could've bought. And your necklaces are LOVE-ly!!

  10. Theresa what a fabulous and yes very thrifty idea!!! Now my head is spinning with ideas too....uh oh a monster has been unleashed at my house. I think this is going to be a very busy weekend...:)
    Have a great weekend!
    Tina xo

  11. Ok now Theresa I want one of your sweet little boxes!! Love them! You are just the cleveress (not a word I'm sure!!! LOL) But the recycling, upcycling that you do I just love! And your Garden necklases are so pretty. Thanks for sharing!! XOXO Love, fran.

  12. Brilliant idea, so pretty. I pinned it to share with others! Diane

  13. Hi Theresa,

    You have so many very pretty things here that you have created. Really lovely items! I have enjoyed perusing many of your posts :)

    Kindly, Lorraine


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