Saturday, April 14, 2012


Do you know what Polyvore went and did? 
They are allowing etsy products to be included on the site. 
 I will tell you that I love polyvore, although I have only admired it from afar.
 I visit Junkgarden every Sunday to see her weekly wardrobe picks, and 
 I just recently oooogled Scarlett's newest art made from polyvore's art creations, 
but i had not jumped into the water... until today. 

 I chose my pale pink vintage inspired necklace to include in my set. 
I love these colors, the vintage style of the dress... swoon. 
 After we saw the Hunger Games, I only wanted to dress in the simple dresses like District 12.
 Something from the 40's with lace socks and oxford shoes. In the palest of hues.
(That being said, you must know that right now I am sitting in torn jeans, white shirt, cardigan and converse.)
I have yet to find the dress of my dreams!

 I digress... 
 The real excitement here is that we have yet another opportunity 
to share our creations and etsy shops with a wonderful
creative outlet! 


now to  figure this thing out... 

 Happy Saturday! 

p.s.  after I figure out polyvore my next assignment is to conquer the new blogger design!


  1. I tried it once.... I actually didn't love it only because it felt really pretend. I knew I would never buy the outfit & if I did...I sure wouldnd't look like that in it! Now if I were skinny... :) I could get into it :)

    Pretty cool thought that they are putting Etsy things on there!!! YAY! I DO HEART Etsy!

    Hope you had a fun Sat!

  2. That is great news! I'm certain your creations will find their way onto many polyvore pages!!

  3. This is a gorgeous display of yumminess! Polyvore and how you find all the goodies has me bumfuzzled. when you figure it all out will you please tell the rest of us? xoxo

  4. Thanks for stopping by Theresa!
    This polyvore has me stumped... but what I can tell it is digital collage, which is not my thing... I am more of a hands on hands, hands get dirty kind of a gal. But if it helps promote etsy I am all for it!
    Blessings to you this week

  5. Oh, I love this site. I have never been good at putting cuteness together in an out fit until Polyvore. I can't remember stuff in my brain any more. NOW, however, I take my handy-dandy iphone and pull up my polyvore board and shop with the photos. I can hardly stand it, I feel so cool!!
    I will definitely check out the gals you listed...
    Hurry and figure out how to list your gorgeous creations with their outfits. I think it would be a smashing success!!!!

  6. That looks like fun...but I am staying away...I do NOT need another computer time-sucker:)...and the new blogger design scares me...I can't find anything so I keep switching back:)
    Have a great week!

  7. How COOL is that? I didn't know you could put Etsy stuff on, that's awesome and your set is sooo lovely. Wow, the possibilities!!!

  8. Amodern technology!! LOL I am surprised at what I can do now!! LOL Always been the last of friends to get in to things and now I can't be stopped! LOL I think that is so cool you can put your Etsy on there! I love how supportive people are of Etsy!! It amazes me how blogging and Etsy makes such great friends!! Thanks for sharing Theresa!! Hope we have a sunny day tomorrow!! We got rain today but we sure needed it!! XOXO Love, Fran.


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