Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Silver Sunday #5!

Just a quick post for S.S. (I have company coming over and I still need to pick up the messes we made yesterday!) A little glittered bird sits in an abandoned nest found on the trail, all nestled in a sweet silver basket. I don't know my silver pieces like a lot of you maybe this is for condiments??? Sorry this next one is blurry, little lovebirds salt and pepper shakers sitting on a branch.

This Hotel coffee thermos is one of my first adult garage sale antique finds I think I must have been about 19 or so when I went to visit a good friend in Ohio and her mom took me 'sailing' it was wonderful and I found all kinds of goodies, this is one of the few that I still have. It says Hotel Statler 169 on it. I love using it, it makes my coffee a little more special, well that and a little vanilla cinnamon creamer!

A antique tin type of a dapper looking couple sits in a vintage metal frog.

Another one of my favorites a champagne bucket with a ribbon wrapped around it pinned together with a vintage rhinestone. BLING!! Gotta have it!!!!

It sits on my newest upcycle. Last week our round coffee table just couldn't take the wear and tear we were giving it and one of the legs came loose. It was already held together with glue when I bought it so now I need to come up with a better repair job for it. In the mean time, I am loving this! I found this door in the rafters of the white barn when we bought the house and left it there knowing that one day it would be something special. This is it's day! I cleaned it up and propped it on top of a couple of the garden urns and wahlah a new coffee table! Ofcourse it can't last... spring will be here and then I will need those urns again, I'll have to find a more permanent solution for legs before then! Thanks for stopping by and a special thanks to Beth for hosting this fun party! Happy Sunday! Theresa xoxo


  1. First I just want to say great solution on the coffee table! I love that old door on the urns.
    Wonderful silver pieces and my favorite is the champagne bucket...I am so wanting to find one of those.
    Have fun with your company mom and dad are driving over for a visit this afternoon.

  2. Hi Theresa, That's a lovely basket and such sweet salt and pepper birdies! I love your champagne bucket too.
    Have a wonderful Silver Sunday afternoon!

  3. love the salt & peppers. great coffee table idea.

  4. Theresa,
    I just love those sweet little salt and pepper shakers birds! Have a wonderful day with your company!

  5. Your silver is wonderful and the new coffee table is fantastic! I would keep it! Happy SS!

  6. You have some very nice pieces of the champagne bucket sitting on your new coffee table!

  7. Very pretty silvers. I love the little birds. Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful week.


  8. That little bird in the basket/nest is so sweet and the s&p shakers just as lovely. I love the urn with beautiful flowers in front of your shabby chic couch. What a great idea for the door -- I'm thinking you need to buy some new urns when springtime rolls around. :) Have a great day, Tammy

  9. Hi Theresa, Love the Silver.... The Little birds are so Sweet & I really Love the Champagne Bucket on the Coffee Table.... Hope you had a great day with your company ~ Have a Wonderful Week

  10. I love the silver, but really loved the coffee table. I wouldn't bother buying a new one, unless of course you need your urns back.

  11. Love all your silver, and how do I wish that I had that champagne bucket? Wow!!! And I am thinking that you just need to go and purchase another set of urns... That coffee table is too sweet!

  12. Beautiful ice bucket! I like the way you added some ribbon to it.

  13. Totally love your coffee table fix! You're just so creative...I am in awe! Now, I will have to work on finding a champagne bucket I am soooo in love with this one...I've just got to find one!
    Thanks for being part of Silver Sunday....see you next week~
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  14. Oooooo I love that champagne pretty!!! And those little lovebirds are too cute!!!

    :) T

  15. I am crazy about your blingy ice bucket!
    And girl, that coffee table it TO.DIE.FOR!!!!!

    Wow, that really makes a BIG statement! Love it!



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