Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White Wednesday!

Happy White Wednesday Everyone! So I walked around the house to find some 'white goodness' to show you and then realized that I really need to dust more often ;) Seriously, as soon as the camera is out I start dusting and blowing away (yes sometimes you can get rid of dust with a simple exhale... tip from T. not Martha!!!) SO ANYWAY... Here's a new egg for the season and put under this simple cloche nestled in the wonderful paper shreds that my rosette from Jill came in... two gifts in one! I love old hanky boxes, these are pretty delicate but still so pretty.
This is upstairs in our bedroom, which brings me to another thing blogging has done for me... wanting to redo every room in our house! This one is long over due so hopefully this summer. It has these green walls and carpet to match. ugh. so for now I can only show little vignettes of it.

This next pic is for Jennifer... she wanted to see the wall where the wreath hangs. Since we live in an old victorian there really aren't too many large walls for art, they are all split up with doors or windows so this takes up most of this wall. And the red chair, I haven't been able to get myself to get rid of it so for now it sits in front of one of the 3 doors to Cams bedroom. I really have been trying to pare down but somehow the hoarder in me keeps sticking around!

I like to hang vintage pearls on lampshades when they are too delicate to wear. Super easy way to dress up a lampshade don't cha think? The photo on the book is of my mom and her parents when she was about 13 or so. I put it on a piece of ironstone but I really don't know what it's original purpose was, it has a hole in the center of it. I found a few at a sale and swooped them up.

Here's a wider shot of the table they are sitting on. Not so sure I like the wide shot though it makes the table look more bare than it really is, or is that the hoarding decorator in me trying to escape? ... .More room for at least one more item.....

It is beautiful outside today so I'm headed out there to clean porches and rake gardens, I'm really excited to spruce things up out there. Why just today I took down the last evergreen garland from Christmas. no lie. really. I can't believe I even told you that. See how comfortable with you I am?
Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo

...this just in I am linking this up to BobbyPinsBoardwalkBragfest! I am turning into the regular party girl aren't I!!!


  1. love all of your decorations for easter!

  2. I know you didn't link this project to the Boardwalk Bragfest today, but I still saw it and wanted to come by and tell you that it's fabulous! You are a creative one and certainly have mastered the art of display. If you're still around and want to, I would love for you to share this by linking to my party.

  3. Theresa,

    I love the red chair! Probably too good or comfy to get rid of. Maybe you can tone it down by a nice ivory throw? I hide many a flaw with a quilt or throw. There is a huge stain on one of my favorite checked chairs in LR. Old wool baby blanket thrown over that area. Ta DA!

    Love the egg, pearl necklace shade trim (gonna remember that one) and the old man from the earlier post. He's a charmer.

    Enjoy your day!


  4. Hey girl, Great ideas here. I love the lampshade unique. I noticed that we have the same rabbit weather vane as well. Great minds think alike! LOL. I have all black furniture in my house, to dust is useless as soon as I wipe the duster across 5 minutes later it is back. Why did I go for black chippy instead of white chippy????
    Happy WW

  5. Hi Theresa
    I love the pearls on the lamp shade how creative! That wreath is really something. Thanks for stopping by, its great to hear from you. Happy WW to you too


  6. I am so glad you linked up! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I thought I was already following you -- I'm glad I am now! You were on my blogroll, but I guess I had manually added you! I love your blog, but I'm totally monopolizing all the comment spots, so I'll say goodbye for now!

  8. You have some fabulous treasures for White Wednesday! Love the pearls on the shade!

  9. I love that egg under the cloche. What a fun idea. I think I have an egg somewhere. Gotta run ~ new idea. thanks for the inspiration and have a fantastic Easter.

  10. I know what you mean about the dust! I love the egg in your first photo. I really need to get busy since I'm seeing so many great creations.

    ~Happy Ww~


  11. Love your great assortment of interesting treasures!

  12. Lovely vignettes! :) I smiled when I read the part about blogging making you want to "redo every room" in your house. Same for me. :) Thanks for the visit!

  13. Beautiful whites, but I'm in love with that egg in the cloche! I've been looking for an idea for Easter eggs that doesn't involve pastel colors, just something different, and this is just perfect!
    Have a great day!

  14. It's beautiful here too & we have been outside all day but I think WE actually wore the kids out! YEAH! They are exhausted & I still hope to get them out for a walk tonight :) Poor kids :)

    That was a fun little tour! I know, blogging sure does make you want to get stuff accomplished doesn't it! But your home is amazing & it must be so fun to live there!!! Horder or not I LOVE your decorating Theresa!

    My fave today is that necklace on the lamp! Such a beautiful lamp in the first place but I never would have thought of placing the necklace there! You are amazing!!! ROcco's screaming so I better go see what Bo is doing to him now :) Another blogging danger :)...and here I thought we wore him out :)

  15. Love the white rabbit weather vane and the red chair niche. Everything looks great in fact. I know I found some ironstone pieces with a hole in the center, but they were round. They were meant to be lamp shades on hurricane lamps. I don't know what the square ones would be for though.

  16. I think you found MANY great things to share today. Not sure which is my favorite, but I enjoyed them all!
    Take care, Sue

  17. Thanks for visiting me today. I love your blog and you are so creative, I'll be following you for more inspiration!

  18. Great post! Isn't *blowing* the method of choice for dusting?! It is around here:)...there was so much to relate to...the christmas garland, the dusting, the hoarding...we all have to stick together:)
    PS The lampshade is my fave...

  19. Love your egg in the cloche, and the trim on your lampshade is adorable!!

    Thanks for the visit at my place.

    Hope you have a Blessed Easter.

    barbara jean

  20. Beautiful vignettes. I'm a hoarder too. Can't stand empty spaces. I try to pare down and get rid of things but then I find something else to take its place. The more the merrier! I've actually used that exhale technique when friends come over and ask how I dust everything, I told them when people visit, they are obligated to pick up something and exhale. Mmmmm! No one ever visits anymore. HA! Just kidding! Love that red chair! No wonder you are holding onto it. I have a friend here who still has her Christmas tree up. I told her to have her 7 yeard old daughter make Easter decorations and then they could call it an Easter tree. :) Have a great rest of the week and enjoy the weather. It's beautiful here today, too. Tammy

  21. Love your decorating Theresa! Happy Easter!

  22. Hi Theresa, I think you and I have a lot in common with all our bits and bobs around the house but the red chair was the clincher. I have one also that looks nearly the same that I cant bring myself to get rid of. Its sitting in one of daughters rooms also against a door!!

  23. great pictures! i just love that bunny weathervane. The pearls around the lampshade is so clever, and looks beautiful! great idea.

  24. there is a little something for you on my blog...


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