Thursday, September 29, 2011

art prize ~ round two

Here are a few more of my favorite pieces from our field trip to
Art Prize...

This piece was called Mother Earth.
Each of the dresses are hand felted wool.
truly amazing.
crazy cool.
I was mesmerized.

loved watching him work, he spun his canvas around and painted from every angle.
so cool.

This man created sand art... a new piece everyday of the contest.
We first saw him sweeping up from the day before and then
before we left we checked in on him and this is what we saw.

This entire piece was created with a splatter paint technique.
crazy amazing.

OK I better stop now, I have overused the word AMAZING
enough for one post!

Seriously, there is so much talent all in one city until the 9th and we only
saw a fraction of it and we were there for 7 hours walking through venue after venue.
So we are talking about going back!
I was talking to a friend of mine today and she went over the weekend,
and as we were comparing notes, we didn't even see the same artwork!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Art Prize
as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you...

Theresa xoxo


  1. Wow, wow, and WOW!! Those are some amazing pieces...(Yeah - I used that word too...) I didn't realize those wool felt pieces were actually life-sized...Holy cats! The artistry in some folks' touch just amazes me....Thank you so very much for sharing Theresa...Smiles & Artful Hugs ~ Robin

  2. WOW- FANTASTIC-FANTASTIC- love the wool felted dresses- Thanks for showing Theresa.
    Happy friday- and hugs-

  3. YOWZA- feel free to use that word.

    I wish I could see..

  4. Amazing is the perfect word but I like Yowza too... thanks Suzan!
    Their is certainly no lack of talent there. To think someone would create that sand art and then just sweep it all up breaks my heart. I suppose he must photograph it.
    Drooling over the hand felted clothes....yowza!

  5. ALl those colors! & amaaing designs! It is so fun to see what others dream up...& then design a dress in my head :) That first one really stands out to me :)

    Annie made a new friend at school named Hannah & it makes me think of your Hannah whenever she talks about her. i'll have to have her over :)


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