Monday, September 12, 2011

weekend update...

My weekend was full.

I spent many hours at my work table
o.k. working at the dining room table because my work table is too messy.

"honesty is always the best policy"
I just heard my mom whisper to me as I wrote that.

(is it really work if you love it so much?)

I hadn't made cuffs in a very long time, but I do love the process so it was a cuff fest @ 612!

All of the photo images are from Land of Nod Studio's
It's an amazing site for some free old photos,
I was especialy drawn to the altered children.
Thank you Deborah!

With the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, I was feeling an even stronger than usual sense of patriotism. 
The monument is beautiful.
The stories so heartwrenching.
Our country's finest heroes brought to the light once more.

So because pumpkins are also on my mind and agenda
I came up with one made of ticking with a vintage image of school children transferred on a small flag.

There was also some shopping at the farmer's market....

plus ~  bike riding, grilling, a trip on our riverwalk.

and ofcourse lots and lots of this...

are they adorable or what?

I recently found this sign on Pinterest...

I really need this in my yard!
They convert from swords to light sabers at a moments notice!

I hope you had an eventful weekend as well.

Theresa xoxo


  1. Hi Theresa, sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Your cuffs are so pretty and I love that pumpkin! Nice to see boys being boys in the great outdoors. :) best wishes for a wonderful week. Tammy

  2. Theresa, what wonderful cuffs, you made -and the pumpkin is fantastic-a beautiful treasure.I so enjoy the one I have from you, dear.
    And I love all your great photoes,-the boyes surely having fun- in your yard-

  3. Oh my dear, you are so awesome!! I love your new cuffs, they are fabulous!
    And I so need that sign as well. My boys are the same, one minute they are swinging from webs as Spiderman, then they are on to Star wars and then Transformers. I can't keep up with all of the super heroes.
    Hope you have a beautiful week.

  4. I am a new your blog ~ it is so beautiful and fun to read!!! Thank you much!!

  5. Wow, what a busy girl you are! Give me some of your energy! I so need it! Your weekend sounds lovely! Love the pumpkin! Great idea!

  6. Hi Theresa I just love those cuffs! I like that they aren't as fancy as some and would look so cute with a tee shirt and jeans. I see you still have a pumpkin fest going on! LOL I am making some new pumpkins for my shoppe, I hope people like them as much as I do!! Take care, XO Fran.

  7. Theresa those cuffs are great. I love them!!

  8. Oh...those cuffs are fun, fun, fun, Theresa my dear!! Loving them!! Gee....Land of Nod?? Sounds eerily like home....gonna have to scoot on over and check this out!!! Love the Three Musketeers! Too cute! Wishing you a blessing-filled week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Sounds like a great weekend all around!
    I love the cuffs and your pumpkin too!

  10. Wow Theresa your cuffs look amazing I never would have thought to use those images in such a way, you are very talented. Love all your photo's your blog is a real treat to look at, full of great eye candy. Thank you so much for stopping by my corner of blogland I'm thrilled to have you as a follower.

  11. The two young boys I nanny are obsessed with Star Wars! It's like a 24/7 Sith war over here. I may need to track down that sign for their playroom.

  12. Wow, what totally adorable cuffs you made--and of course, I adore your amazing pumpkins, my friend!


  13. Those cuffs are GORGEOUS!!! And I have to find that Children at Play sign.....that is sooo my son. LOVE your blog!

  14. Where to start :) Max & his buddies TOTALLY made me smile! I do love a good sword fight :) I'll be glad though when Rocco is old enough to know that play sword are for playing & not actually for sneaking up on people & whacking them as hard as you can from behind :) Then he runs & laughs as I hear, "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Rocco..." Well you know :) But the little evil has the cutest little smile ever that I let him get away with too much. He doesn't talk much for his age so he gets away when he just quietly smiles :)

    Those cuffs are so clever! That little boy with the blue eyes is a heartbreaker :) Wander is THE PERFECT word for him!

    Love you patriotic pumpkin too! I NEVER would have thought of that but then that is why YOU are the artist genius & I am the crazy lady running after little boys. Hope you are keeping warm as it cools off here! Night!


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