Wednesday, September 28, 2011

art prize...

Grand Rapids holds an amazing event called
Art Prize
Thousands of artists come from all over the world to compete.
Duane and I took the kids today for a family field trip.
(meaning we took them out of school for an important addition to their education)

I am so glad we did, it was incredible!

I'm just going to show a few of the pics that I took today.
I still need to go through the over 200 that I took.

ball point pen drawing

paper pulp sculpture

wool felted gown... mother earth ~ more of these to come

who doesn't love a cowboy?

gorgeous polar bear oil painting

gorgeous sculpture and mosaic piece

amazing hand made paper sculpture.

So many pieces were indoors so the lighting was a challenge
but I really thought you should see
the incredible talent that I got a peek at today!

If you live anywhere nearby, you really, really must go to G.R.
before this ends on Oct. 9th
you will be so glad that you did.

I just shared a few of the mostly white pieces that I loved,
wait until I show you some of the other pieces that blew my mind!

Theresa xoxo

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  1. Love the first piece! How gorgeous is that?! I can't wait to see the other artwork there. Wish I had time to squeeze in a trip to GR. Maybe with some careful cramming....

  2. I wish all parents supported the arts as you guys did today. I wish all the SCHOOLS and communities still valued art. Luckily my kids went to schools that did,and the parents coughed up the funds needed.
    Is it any wonder both my kids ended up in the fields they did and that they LOVE what they do?
    Digging that paper pulp, can't wait to see more :D

  3. Those are just incredible works Theresa!! Wow - that first one - ball point pen - really??? Oh how I would love to see this! Thanks so much for sharing! (And I think your photos are amazing!) Smiles & Hugs & Wishes for a Great Tomorrow ~ Robin

  4. I won't be able to get there until next week but I know everything is going well with the exhibits. There are an awful lot of very talented people out there and GR having this festival really allows them to strut their stuff in the art world. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

  5. Theresa
    We went to ArtPrize this week also. i took some of the very same pics for my blog and a few others. So many talented artists. Amazing. I believe everyone should go if they are anywhere within proximity of Grand Rapids. Anxious to hear the top 10 anouncement tonite. We will return next week to view all top 10.
    I love the Sweetwater Lady and Embrace.

  6. I am amazed by the talent of artists! Your photos are great and wow, what creativity abounds.

  7. Theresa,
    I was a volunteer for Artprize and the the GR Art Museum. I, also, did a few postings on my blog for Artprize. I'm in the process of looking for a new camera, so my photos aren't as good as your, but I did enjoy seeing some of the great art in this wonderful city.


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