Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another sure sign of spring...

It's baseball season and that is a HUGE deal here at the Hein house! Duane is the president of the little league baseball organization in town, Cam umpires in the league, Hannah will sell consessions and this is Maxs' first year to play. D. has coached both of our older sons when they played and will coach Maxs' team this year, he has not coached for a few years now and is really looking forward to it... as am I! This is a shot of them playing catch in the yard last weekend... can you see the 'glove in the dirt' action going on here? Here is another pic of the first sure signs of spring... a little boy covered in dirt and grass stains!! Seriously how cute is that face? :) He loved posing for the pic to show just how dirty he was! lol!
My kids always play the 'guess what' game with me, not so much a game as just the way they love to start a great story about their day. Today I thought I'd play it with you, So guess what... I won one of the prizes from Janis' giveaway over at Junk Dreams! Aren't these both lovely? Hannah went crazy over the matchbook with the Eiffel Tower on it and I went crazy over all of it! Janis put a wonderfully smelly tealite in the votive... Thank you Janis!
What a treat to see a special package in the mail!
That's it for now... I have a busy day of running errands, Duane has to go out of town for the weekend and it's Cams 18th birthday on Sunday and on Saturday Cam and I are going to visit EMU to see if that is in fact where he will attend next year! I am looking forward to one on one time with him but we will miss having his dads input on the school. Plus it will be two huge milestones in one weekend so I'm asking God for strength so I don't crumble as I think of him all grown up and moving out. (this is me giving you all a heads up that come Aug. when he is going off to school I'll probably be a basket case) Until then though I'll just take deep breaths and continue to be proud of the young man that he is. Ok I need to stop this or I'll have to reapply my mascara :)
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  1. Aw, it is hard to see them grow up isn't it? Supposedly my oldest is starting high school next year. I say supposedly cause last year I was just enrolling her in preschool! How could she just jump to high school like that? Just post away and I am sure that you will find lots of love and support!

  2. Baseball happens around here while the temps are good since summers are so brutal. We have a few more weeks and then baseball will be over. Zack has a game tomorrow, team photos and tryouts for the Dubai Little League tournament. Plus, he just made the jv badminton team at school. My 14 year old is into socializing and his blackberry and not much else at the moment. Enjoy the season -- spring, baseball, family time and allowing your son to spread his wings! Many blessings, Tammy

  3. Oh, I so remember the days of baseball and miss them...enjoy!

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