Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter Egg Vase... the tutorial

I have had these paper mache eggs since last year and never got around to using them (wow I say that alot!) apparently having a blog has also helped me get the motivation I need to get things done...yay blog! Not really liking the fake flowers in the egg but I wanted to get this posted so imagine a little bouquet of fresh spring flowers or a small primrose. yeah, that sounds just right.

See this is the egg/vase without the fakes. If I put the plant or bouquet in it then I will put a small plastic cup inside so as not to get the paper mache egg wet.

Soooo here's a little (well kinda lengthy actually) tutorial so you to can have one of these gracing your Easter table! Here's a close up of of the burlap rosette that adorned with a vintage earring.

You probably all know how to do this by now but just in case... fold a 12" length of burlap in half that has been cut 2" and baste stitch it with pretty good size stitches.

and pull. I then stitch a few times in the back to secure the rosette. You can set this aside and start on the egg. Or you can do like I actually did and do the egg first and try to figure out what to use to decorate it!! A silk ribbon or even twine wrapped around the egg over and over would be cool.

This is the egg I used... it is about 7" tall and 14" around at it's widest part. Really you could even use it for a candy dish it's so big.

I cut off the top with scissors and then just cut down into points all around to get the cracked egg shape.

I then painted the inside and outside of the egg with off-white craft paint.

Then I started ripping lots of pieces from the pages of an old dictionary to decoupage onto the outside of the egg. Any old book would work well here, or even scrapbook paper if you want color. I just like the graphic look of using book pages. I love the written word and use it whenever I can... after the paper was dry I reglued the entire piece and sprinkled glass glitter all over the egg. LOve the SpArKle!

I cut a 1" wide piece of the burlap to wrap around the egg and then glued my rosette on top of it where the ends came together. To decorate the urn I squeezed a good amount of fabritac (my glue of choice for all the parts that I had to adhere together) around the rim of my urn and pushed reindeer moss around the rim. you can get reindeer moss at any craft store and I love it because it will stay green.

Here's a (blurry) pic of the urn with all of the moss glued down.

Another view of the urn just waiting to hold the egg...

I printed off this french tag from Heidi @ Shabby chic papirskatter. Heidi has some really great images for us to use so if you haven't visited her yet you really should! I have no idea what it says but I thought it was beautiful so I distressed the edges and glued it to a tag. I took of the hole protector from another tag so this one could have it. Then just tied it around the base of the urn. Really look at those graphics aren't they amazing! Love the crown!!!

Ok this was soooooo long that I thought I'd remind you of what I made ;) so here's another look at the finished product. Again I am going to put better flowers in here so maybe you'll see this again soon!

Wow I don't do tutorials very often (or ever) so I hope this was clear so you can all give it a try if you like. 

Usually I am flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to making anything so this is completely foreign to me:)
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the weekend, Theresa xoxo

this just in... I've linked this up to the Saturday Nite Special party over at FunkyJunkInteriors so stop on over and visit Donna for a ton of cool ideas from a ton of cool people!!!
See you soon...T.xoxo


  1. This is so sweet and I love your tutorial. Of course, I'm like you when it comes to creating....usually flying by the seat of my pants as well!
    This is a great little spring decor piece and I just love it.


  2. It is so beautiful, what a lovely thing to make for Easter!!! Your tutorial is wonderful, very good pictures and directions. Thank you for sharing, I amy have to try my hand!!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Beautiful work, lovely pictures!! Great job!!

  4. This is great!

    Cannot wait to see what else you have going on around here.
    thanks for coming by for a visit.


    barbara jean

  5. Great idea! Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous day! Hugs, Coralie

  6. We are both in creative egg mode. Love the egg in the urn. So romantic.

  7. It's lovely! I'm in decoupage mode right now and my dining table is a mess. HAve a great day! :) Tammy

  8. Beautiful and wonderful tutorial! Love your sweet eggs, I never thought to use one as a vase, now I am redoubling my efforts to find those gigantic eggs. Martha Stewart, why didn't you have an Easter line out this year???

  9. Love it! Thank you for sharing ... I have TONS of burlap leftover from Christmas ... now I can recycle for Spring!!

    I am packaging Rosettes for the mail today ... I'm not sure if you sent me your address, if you did, I can't find it ... would you mind resending?


  10. LOVE love love! Oh, I hope you link this up tonight!

  11. very pretty! My favorite part is the tag. And you had wondered if it was Cookeville Tn and it is! That is where I grew up from 2nd grade through college.

    Have a great evening!

  12. What a fabulous tutorial...thanks!

    I am having a "Blue Monday" giveaway~stop by to see~

    Thanks...Have a terrific week!


  13. I thought you wrote a fabulous tutorial! This is a great project. I bought a paper mache egg at Hobby Lobby last week not really knowing what I was going to do with I do! Thanks!!
    I love the burlap ribbon and rosette too. It's a perfect touch.

  14. It's beautiful...great tute! Happy to have found a new blog ;-)

  15. Hey there Theresa! I would LOVE to see Hannah's room! I can't wait! I am sure it is pretty cool! And of course...beautiful! :)

    Wow! What a cool egg! I love the paper you chose to cover the egg with! Dioctionary pages! Who would have thought of that! YOU! So cool! I am wayyyy to lazy to decorate for Easter :) I try to keep it to Christmas only because I hate packing decorations away at the end of the season! And then when I feel like seeing a little springy...I just go to Kate's :) See! LAZY!!! But i do enjoy seeing other people's decorations! So maybe when the kids get a little older I will be better about that...but for know...we just make some paper eggs & slep 'em up :) Then we toss them when the time comes :) Which reminds me! I better get out the paper & get started with that today! Easter is right around the corner! thanks for the reminder!! Better go pull it out! See ya!

  16. I love, love, love this idea! The image of the flowers popping out from a cracked egg -- TOO COOL. I have several GIANT plastic eggs, I'm going to see if I can try this same idea with them. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


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