Tuesday, March 2, 2010

dining room makeover still going strong!!!

I've been fiddling around with the new madeover dining room... This picture is the 4th one I've tried out in this spot so far! I love the dark scene of swans on the river, just like our backyard. We now have a family of swans floating down the Grand River, so graceful to watch as we walk. It really is this dark of a picture, you have to actually look at it to take it all in. This one doesn't let you just take a passing glance! The curtains are just what I've been wanting, drop cloths, but I need to wash them yet as I hung them quickly before I went to go see my Dad. My family said thanks for the privacy:)

Front door, oh I need another little picture just to the right of it...

This old house had a huge doorbell box so I glued this picture that is mounted on wood right on top of the box so you still hear the bell but you don't have to look at the box another :) !! Besides, I love this picture and the crackling on the painted frame.

This one was always hidden in the upstairs bath, so went unnoticed... well not anymore! I hung it the same way down here though, the jewel is glued to the nail.

Yup this is for me, today marks the first day of the last year I can claim to be a 40 something... fill in the blank, mom, wife, sister, friend, ... Another How did that happen moment!!!!! D. wrote me a note on our special chalkboard this morning :) All kidding aside, the number 49 is just that, I haven't really given it much thought. I still act like a kid and so feel like one most of the time. I love silly and I gotta say my kids definitely keep me young. We are silly alot. Thanks kids!

Little table next to the front door. Those 'candle sticks' are actually lamp bases that are just the right amount of crusty rust! When I bought them at a barn sale, the man just shook his head and probably felt bad for my hubby!

I'm linking this up to Kathleens White Wednesday party... Thanks Kathleen! I have a few pics to share of my trip to Gulf Shores to see my Dad for my birthday. Really I am so spoiled! We had lots of fun and the view was fabulous! I could listen to waves all day couldn't you? I just loved sitting on his balcony and listening to the ocean. The first day there we saw a pod of dolphins playing, seriously I squeal and clap my hands when I get excited. just. like. a. kid. see why 49 doesn't bother me? lol!
So this is this first run of the makeover, these things may change at any moment... yup that's how I roll!
Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. Happy Birthday Teresa!
    And really, you are only as old as you feel, so you can get by with being in your 40's for quite some time. Your new dining room is coming along beautifully! All your sweet little touches are just perfect.

    Isn't Gulf Shores the best? You will have to let us know everything you did, and everywhere you ate. It will be fun to see your pictures compared to ours.

    Have a great day on your birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Theresa...happy birthday to you!!! (That was sung in my best singing voice).
    49 is not so bad.....I'm living proof :-)
    I like what is going on in your dining room. Great idea for covering up the doorbell box. Love that little table and the rusty candlesticks!!
    Have a wonderful rest of your day.

  3. Happy Birthday, Theresa. And please...you're still a baby!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  4. I knew we had a connection. Happy Birthday as well!!
    You are handling yours much better than I.
    The room looks great, ready for spring weather and wind blowing those curtains out into big puffs.
    Your trip sounds amazing and I can't wait to hear the ocean at the end of this month for our trip to Laguna Beach.

  5. Hey there...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are still so young & I just love your outlook!

    I LOVE YOUR MAKEOVER!!! WHat a gorgeous room! I love peeking nto your home & I really can't believe you have swans in your backyard! Well I believe you but now I think that makes you perfect! So cool! & your room looks just lovely! Every inch of it!

  6. I adore everything about it! The curtains look sooo pretty!!!

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday to You Theresa..... Love your White Photos of Your Home, the little front door table is 2die4 & the Sweet Flock of Sheep ~ Love It!
    have a Wonderful Day

  8. Happy Birthday! Just found your blog & I really love your dining room makeover! It looks great! I also am so drawn to the old old photos & frames. They just add so much character...Now I'm off to browse some more & take a peek in your etsy store!


  9. Your room make-over is coming along beautifully!

    Happy WW!

  10. Happy Birthday Theresa! Even though I'm a day late, please forgive me! ;)
    Your dining room looks very elegant and I love all of the details! I can't imagine what else you have to do to it...it already looks fabulous.
    I love the chandelier...so romantic!

    Enjoy the rest of your birthday month and the rest of the year being 49.

    It's only a number so I say...
    you. should. keep. acting. and. feeling. like. a. kid.
    (I love it!)

  11. Thats a great collection of vintage pictures, And also Happy B-day, Have a great day. Julian

  12. Theresa,

    The room is coming together and looking fabulous. I adore the swan painting. I enlarged it and used a magnifier, because I, birthday girl, did the 49to50 time continuum a while ago!

    Remember there are scads of us out here who would love to be just turning down the lane, instead of already in the next county!

    Have a happy happy!


  13. Happy Birthday Theresa!!!
    Your dining room looks amazing! I looked down through your blog to see what it used to look like and it looks wonderful now.
    I love all of your white!
    Hugs, Cindy S.


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