Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I think I'm finally done!!!

I just thought the picture looked so lonely on the wall that it needed something under it... my solution? A rusty metal piece of FABULOUS!!! and then I strung up some 'instant relatives' with a piece of vintage tape measure and some clothes pins that I decorated with music paper and mica. This will probably get a mixed reaction from visitors but I love it! My kids will say " great, more creepy people we don't know on the wall" :) This is the after of the chairs... can you believe I let them be UGLY for over a year? Thankfully I now have a blog and creative genious blog friends to inspire me!

See what I mean? Thank you! Sometimes I just need a little motivation, otherwise known as a good swift kick in the pants...
This is the view from the living room, those shelves hold everything from boots to chalk. The best part, they were FREE. Yup you heard me right! Gotta love craigslist for that!

That's our front door, I have never really liked it but it's really not so bad now that it's white. Who knew? (insert your name here)!!!

I lived with the display that was on this little table from the last post for maybe a few hours before it started to bug me. So when I took Max to school and saw my St. Francis sitting in the cold snow, well he just had to make an appearance. It doesn't seem so cluttered to me now. The picture inside the frame was one of my presents from a good friend of mine as well as the amazing brooch on the top of it. And the little pillow on the chair in the corner...Am I spoiled or what? :)

Another view from the living room. Seriously, I am LOVING the instant relatives!

This is the view from the front door. Can you believe that bowl was full of apples just the other day? I do love that they eat them up, better get to the store though.

This was too cute not to show you... we went to a japanese steakhouse for dinner last night and Max got the giant polka dotted fish (yes it had a real scientific name) to kiss him! The fishes name was Cotton Candy. (again not his scientific name)

I love this picture! Too Cute!!! The food was delicious and it was so fun to see them cook in front of us! I kept saying that if I had one of those grills in the kitchen maybe more of the family would hang out in there while I made dinner! wishful thinking...
O.k. aren't you glad the dining room posts will be done for awhile? I mean really I do have other rooms in my house that need some attention! no I mean it!
Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today and for your kind comments.
    I jsut became a follower of yours, and loved this first blog which is what inspired me to follow you. ;-) Your St. Francis statue has now found the perfect home. The oval empty frame has be inspired, and the instant relatives on the vintage tape measure, and baby clothes pins is perfect. I really like the chalkboard as well as your fabulous wainscoating in that room too. Great inspiration.

  2. Oh Theresa, I love the creepy people on the line.
    So great!! I love the picture from far away that captures it in the background. It looks so good!!

  3. Theresa,
    I love, love, love the rooms!! The display of instant relatives is so cool. Hanging the pictures from the vintage tape measure is genius!! Love the picture in the oval frame too. Everything is beautiful.

  4. The decor posts are wonderful as are the images. Your instant relatives creation is really fun, and those aren't creepy people, they are photographers' works of art. Right? The photo of the fish kiss and sweet lad - priceless! ~ Angela

  5. Tell your family that they're lucky...if they lived with me, they'd not only have lots of creepy instant ancestors staring at them but they'd also have creepy baby doll heads giving them the what-for, too! ;-)

    I love it, it's right up my alley! :-)


  6. Hi Theresa, I think I visited and posted on your Yesterday post, not sure how I did that ~ Loved the Finished Look ~ Love the instant relatives under the Fab painting.... Love the Chair & Still Love Love Love the white table/cabinet at the door~ Just Beautiful !

  7. the creepy Your home is charming! And I love the fish cute. You should frame that one. xoxo Lynn

  8. Ha, ha, ha... creepy people~ made me laugh.
    Kids are so much fun! Your home decor is beautiful! Great photo of your little man getting a kiss~
    Hope your evening is wonderful~

  9. Hey Theresa, St. Francis definitely belongs there. Just perfect and the instant relatives look wonderful all strung out! I love your home. It has so much character.

  10. I love your creepy family! :) What a lovely idea and your makeover is fantastic. I was looking around my place last nite and thinking I really need to purge. Too much stuff! It's really starting to get on my nerves. Plus, they are predicting a very dusty summer. More stuff means more to clean. I really must pare down. There are so many things I need to update too. Love your dining room. And that last picture with Cotton Candy is adorable! Blessings, Tammy

  11. Your dining room looks awesome. Don't you just love when a room comes together. I wanted to let you know that I went in and edited your link so it works now. sorry it took so long, but I haven't been home today. You had put a @ sign instead of a . in front of blogspot.

    Hope you had a wonderful day.


  12. I just found your blog and I love it! What an amazing change in your dining room.

    I'm having a giveaway over at my blog right now, you might be interested if you have a second.

  13. Okay...let's see...I love your...creepy instant relatives...your chairs...and the gold framed's all beautiful.

  14. WOW! Everything just looks GREAT. The little photo display is lovely. Love the sepia touch. And the St. Francis looks right at home there.
    I love that you brought something outside...IN!
    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I totally thought you were going to say, Max got the giant polka dotted fish, to eat!" Whew! Glad it was only a kiss! Your dining room looks fabulous! And I so love those "creepy people" hanging there! They are an adorable touch! (And why do kids use creepy all the time now??? My kids say the exact same thing...)The entire room is perfect, great job!

  16. I luv the color of the wood on your floors, and of course everything look beautiful also. Cute lambs next to your statue of St. Francis, Have a great day. Julian

  17. I am loving all these gorgeous posts of your home!!!

  18. I love the beautiful white door and your dining room! I just love the transformation now that you are using so much white! Beautiful pictures of your home. Have a great week! Lottie

  19. I love your photo looks wonderful!

  20. Your home is gorgeous! I love the line of instant relatives, it's a great touch. That picture of your son getting a birthday kiss is fabulous! So glad I visited today.....

  21. Your home is so beautiful, and I like it that you put the "creepy people" on the wall. I always find it slightly sad when you run across a bunch of old photos just lying around, but you gave them a new home. I know someone who buys old oil painted portraits and has hung them on her wall and created a whole story about how they are family members!


  22. Theresa, what an awesome home you have! I love, love, the tape measure hanging with the photos on it! I have alot of vintage items in my livingroom(some creepy family members too!LOL) and my 19 year old daughter calls it my museum! But when her friends come over, they love it! I live in Michigan too! A beautiful state to live in!! Have a great night. XO Fran.


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