Saturday, March 13, 2010

Silver Sunday!!

I've been putting together a few assemblages of things that are both purposeful and I think beautiful. This little broom for instance is so pretty to me. All of the different shades of tan and brown bristles held tightly by a fabulous silver handle. I have loved it for a while now and bought it to create something with it and today was the day!

It's kind of grey outside and damp and those are great days for me to stay at my table and create. Maybe something to do with the melancholy mood the grey brings brought me to this way of creating today. simple assemblages without lots of fuss, just focusing on the objects at hand.

It's quiet around here today.The kids are playing in their rooms and D. just came home from the office. Him and Cam are going to the movies in just a bit, I am in such a artful mood that I declined and will continue to create. That's actually nice for them as then they get some alone time and that will all change soon enough when Cam goes to school next year.

Really how gorgeous is that broom? And who says that outloud? :) If my family heard me go on about the beauty of a petite broom they would laugh uncontrollably! and shake their heads. and shrug their shoulders. and yes, maybe worry a little. so no telling ok?

This next one did get a little fussier. crepe paper ruffle and all! The picture of these girls is one of my favorites. They look so determined and strong. I love that. I bought this from Lisas altered art on etsy, she has some great photos to use in your artwork.

This one is framed with a rhinestone belt buckle and then ruffled-up with pink crepe paper and topped with a glittered bird.

Everything has been 'aged' so as to match the cool silver tray that it is assembled on. The tray is really simple and so is a good contrast to the fancy schmancy ruffle. ;)

This next one is another pretty simple silver tray that now is the backdrop for an aged stamped page and a cool old skeleton key. I know we all LOVE skeleton keys right?!

Whats not to love? rusty. crusty. elegant. These old keys are so feminine to me. I love them! 3 of our 5 doors are opened with a skeleton key. And although they are pretty they don't always make unlocking a door easy. Look at how keys have evolved... these beauties to big chunky average keys! I know we will always keep the locks on those three doors original ( after all it's not our main door, they're the porch doors) I just love the nostalgia of it all. So does D., he just doesn't get all giddy about it... acts all casual and all but I know inside he's thinking, "that key is gorgeous!" o.k. maybe those are my words...

These will all be listed on etsy very soon (right after the creative whirlwind in my head is satisfied or exhausted, whichever comes first)!
Thanks for stopping by, and stop on over the Beths and visit all of the other silver sunday participants! Theresa xoxo


  1. Hi Theresa, really love what you've done with the old broom and key. These are great inspiration pieces, and I love the simplicity of them. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Theresa ... your itty-bitty broom is just sooooo sweet, I love it as much as you do! Your creations are wonderful simple but meaningful ... perfection!
    Happpy Silver Sunday!

  3. What fun creations! I wonder what that little broom was used and who used it? Interesting!

    Stop by Applejack Lane if you have the chance.

  4. Oh, Theresa, your assemblages are just awesome! I agree with you ~ that little broom is gorgeous! Looks like you had an extremely productive day!

    Happy Silver Sunday!


  5. Don't you just love it when you get one of those whirlwind creativity spurts!
    I just love that little broom, it's so sweet and skeleton keys are my favorite. Your art is beautiful. Love it all.


  6. Beautiful, beautiful work! I think there are so many fun ways to use the old keys. Happy Silver Sunday. xo Lynn

  7. Theresa,
    Your creative day payed off! You created some absolutely beautiful pieces. I love them all!! A wonderful use of old silver trays. I love your style!

  8. What lovely creations! I'm glad you stayed home from the movies too because these are just so pretty.

  9. The tiny broom is so sweet! I love your displays so creative! Bella

  10. I think that's what it is about silver. It can be wonderfully ornate, or simple and perfect. Love the broom.

  11. Wow Theresa, Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    I also wanted to let you know that I finally mailed your giveaway items today!!! I am so sorry for my tardiness!
    Happy day!

  12. Oh my gosh....I just happened across your blog and I am in love. There is absolutely some wonderful goodness going on here. I am now a follower.

  13. What a sweet little broom - love it!

    I also like they way you framed all your objects to display - very nice! Thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy your Silver Sunday!

  14. So right! Whats not to love ~ great job. I love it when the house is all quiet. I never know which direction to run in though ~ Happy SS! Thanks for the goodies.

  15. Hi Theresa
    What fabulous creations you have! and the tiny broom is adorable!! Love it all and particularly love your banner photo.. fabulous!! Have a great weekend and thanks for popping over my way... xx Julie

  16. Your displays are great! And the photo of the girls are cute. Have a great day, Julian

  17. What a cute little broom...your displays are so pretty and love that key!


  18. Love your Silver Sunday, the little tray with the children in the small frame is ADORABLE!!!! Great blog, looking forward to finding out more.
    Thanks for sharing friend..

  19. Wonderful vintage silver goodness for Silver Sunday! I love that antique clothes brush!! Could just see the butler sweeping away a dogs hair from a custom made suit. This post was wonderful.
    ♥, Susan

  20. I just love your silver ideas, especially the little broom, wow, it is gorgeous!!! I do like the key picture too, very nice!!
    Margaret B

  21. Hey I get just as excited over the small stuff. I can beauty in everything, and yes my family too just shrugs their heads and say, that is so Mom. Thank you for sharing.

  22. These are just them all! Thank you for sharing...can't wait to peek at your Etsy shop!

  23. what great pieces! i especially love the little broom.

  24. Very beautiful I love your silver creations.


  25. So pretty! I just love looking at old keys!

  26. What great creativity you've created here with your silver finds. Thanks for sharing, and inspiring others.

  27. Oooh, I love love LOVE what you've done with your silver pieces ~ especially that first pic with the teensy silver broom! How adorable is that?!? Only another blogger would get the giggles with you over how giddy we are about pretties such as these!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  28. Well, I love the broom assemblage {and the key, too}!

  29. Hi Theresa,
    Your creations are lovely!!! I love the one with the skeleton key on it! You are so talented!
    My family thinks I'm nuts too when I get carried away about things like little brooms. I would be the same way as you. That little broom is adorable. Oh well, we're easy to please!
    Have a great day!

  30. It is fun to take something and make art of it! Beautiful idea and amazing blog.

  31. I love your assemblages! The broom is very unique, & the paper you used behind is amazing. I am a paper freak, always looking for lovely old handwriting to use in art. I read through your previous posts & love LOVE your style. Your home is just perfect. Lisa

  32. Wow, Theresa, I haven't visited your place in way too have been in a creative frenzy! I love what you've made, especially the mounted broom. I'm thinking one of these days we could maybe "guest blog" on each other's blogs, just for fun. Let me know what you think....

  33. Oh Theresa,
    Can I say how much I am in love with all your creations? I so wish I could be you... I love them all! And I love Lisa's altered art, her prices are wonderful so I can actually buy them and not feel guilty about using them!
    PS- and those shoes don't fit my big feet either. Bummer!

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  35. Oh my! I love everything you did here! Just found your blog - where the heck have I been all this time! Follower for sure now!

  36. Hi! These are just amazing!! I love them all! So beautiful:)


  37. I love the broom too - just gorgeous. Leigh

  38. I just love all your pretty art pieces -- so nice to have creative days. HOpe you are having a fabulous week. Many blessings, Tammy

  39. Love this!!!

    Off to see more.


    barbara jean


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