Wednesday, March 17, 2010

White Wednesday!

For quite a few years my sister Molly and I did craft shows and we made primitive crafts. I still have a soft spot for them, probably because we had so much fun doing the shows, and have a few of them still stashed away and I like mixing them is with the glittered stuff. After we did shows for a while I sold my things to a prim store close to home. I made these eggs out of vintage aprons and curtain panels that were more cutters than anything else.

When I started pulling out spring goodies, I came across these and in one fell swoop pulled the pine out of my swan and replaced them with a few grungy Easter Eggs. I think the swan is going to remain on the porch this summer so as to save her from anymore weather damage. She'll get a little plant come warmer weather. I am so excited to show you this next pic. I bought this bucket of sorts (D. thinks maybe it's a smelting bucket and I actually bought 2 of them) last summer and have been racking my lil brain over what to do with them...

Well, TA DA! A new/old rusty, crusty and flaky white chandi! I love how it turned out, the girls love how it turned out and D. said, "I don't get it" it's ok I knew he wouldn't... Right now it's been moved a couple of places in the house to see where it will reside. I was thinking if I have enough of the crystals to do the other one the same and then hang them on either side of our bed... but first D. will have to be fast asleep while I hang them over him :) I made the cord cover out of cheesecloth and used fabritac instead of sewing one. instant gratification, that's me.

I found these numbers at Michaels and painted them black, and then using tiny nails and liquid nails I hung them on our front door. This was super fast and necessary as I still hadn't rehung our house numbers since we painted last summer.

Now for a pretty wreath on the door and I'm ready for spring! The sun is shining today, I am without a sweater:) that is a really big deal because I am usually in about 4 layers everyday! There are so many participants with great inspiring blogs at the party so make sure you go over and say hello... thanks to Kathleen for throwing this fun party!
Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. Instant gratification is my middle name, thus the reason this new piece is driving me crazy.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE Chandi, great idea!
    Spring has shown up here 79 today, can you say halter top!

  2. Hi Theresa!

    Thank you so much for your lovely note and sharing your heritage story with me. "Hearty Stock" does not begin to explain the strength and simple wisdom our forebears carried throughout their lives.

    We should all take notice, especially in these turbulent times.

    Your chandelier is adorable. Even more adorable is you explaining how "D" wouldn't get it!

    Happy St Pat's from an Irish gal.


  3. That chandelier is so cool. great job, love it.

  4. Your swan turned out great. Good idea. Julian

  5. Hi Theresa, I love the swan with the eggs.. Beautiful! Happy WW :-) Bella

  6. Love both's all in the details!

  7. I love your swan! You did a good job on the light, too.
    Come by my blog and win Rachael Ray bake ware.

  8. I LOVE that! (okay no surprise there as I love everything you do..) Great idea! I really want you to come to my house and help me think of adorable ideas too. Don't you need to go shopping at the Mall of America? (only 20 minutes from my house...)

    Have a great St. Patrick's Day!
    PS- and that junky old paper that Annie was irritated with? Just the usual accumulation of junk that has blown into the yard during the winter. It's heavenly to see the grass again!

  9. I love the weathered finish on your swan - perfect!

    Great idea to use the wire fish basket for a chandelier, love it! And yea - my hubby doesn't get half the stuff I do either - he just goes along with it, LOL!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day to ya!

  10. I love those swans. I haven't found one for several years now. The winter weather is hard on them especially their necks. Love the grungy eggs. Happy St. Pats day. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  11. Clever, clever, clever! And I love the cheesecloth cover even better. HWW

  12. The swan is beautiful and I love the idea of those vintage material eggs. So clever and creative. Your chandi is both rustic and romantic. LOVE it! You are a very clever girl!

  13. What a great idea for an old basket. I saw those kind of lamps at the gift show and kept thinking why am I going to pay that price when I could make one. Of course I say I'll make it but good chance I never will. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Hi Theresa,
    You are one clever girl. I love the chandelier. That is a wonderful "trash to treasure". I think hanging one on both sides of the bed is a great idea.

  15. Great post with such pretty things. If you ever want to part with the swan, will you please put my name on it :) Have a great Thursday, T

  16. Hello Theresa :) I was admiring the "petite broom", it's really soooo cute, and I think it also make my daughter laugh loud when I sometimes talk and smile while looking at some old rusty things ! have a wonderful weekend :) oh, I forgot... the swan is very romantic, awesome

  17. The chandelier is awesome. It looks like something a person would post on Junk Market Style site. So cool.
    Thanks for the visit earlier today to my blog. Diamond Glaze is different then resin. DG is water based and best for a shallow covering over an object. Ice Resin gives a more glass like cover over an image and domes up as well. Both are great products, but totally depending on the application is how I'd determine what to use.

  18. Theresa! Hello! Thanks for becoming a follower to our blog, JunkFest! I am loving your header (old picture!) and I love what you have done to your home! Very, very nice! I'm going now to look at some of your older posts!


  19. Oh my gosh - can you say LOVE?!!? That is so fantastic!!! I'm going to inspect any and all wire baskets (or trashcans) so I can send them to you! What a great job you have done!!!

    ;-) robelyn


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