Thursday, March 22, 2012

around the house...

Soooo, maybe spring really is here?
The sunshine we are getting is wonderful, and it has given me to push that I
needed to do some spring cleaning...

(and what's cleaning really, if you're not moving things around?)

I finally brought in the players bench that I bought 2 years ago.
It's way longer than the table but when we need it in a pinch, we move
the chairs to the other side and pull it up to the table.
(I love it so much that I may just need to find a bigger table!)
but honestly, the room is too small for that so I will just
have to keep it against the wall for now.

chalkboard love and the daffodil's that Hannah and Max have picked for me!

Of course, in my favorite new vase!  
I can't wait until the rest of the flowers bloom and they
bring in some peonies for these jars!

It seems time to put these away for now,
they feel too dark for all of the sunshine that's coming through the windows today.

I have been putting off raking the leaves from the gardens,
but this sunshine and 80 degree temps. has me rethinking that!
I'm just hoping that in typical Michigan fashion,
we don't get anymore snow!

Hope you are enjoying the same kind of sunshine that I am! 

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  1. Your photos are so lovely, Theresa...I really understand the need to lighten up right now...such an early spring here in Minnesota, too!

  2. Love the photos of your house Theresa, it's so beautiful!!~ And I love your new blog header!!
    I need that big chalkboard, it's awesome!!
    Hope you have a beautiful day my friend.

  3. The players bench and black board are really great! So many uses! Love your photos!

  4. It's so nice here today in northern AZ. The sign is shining and it's a warm 77 degrees. We still have piles of snow that are melting quickly. Enjoy your great weather. Such nice photos today as always.


  5. I like the bench and can understand you wanting to get a larger table to accomodate it. But, it looks good against the wall.

    Enjoy the sunshine!


  6. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I too would love that chalkboard. Thanks for sharing Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  7. I really like your bench in your dining room.
    Mary Alice

  8. Ooooo eeeee....I have bench envy. That is GORGEOUS! At least you have a wall large enough to accommodate it!. I bought a bench for outside my son's "shop" (where he works on cars), but loved it too much to let it be exposed to the it's in my living room and not fitting at all....but I can't let it go outside for crying out loud!! We're having unseasonably mild temps here as well - but tonight it's raining - a good gentle, soaking, sleepy rain and I love it so....Smiles & Spring Hugs ~ Robin

  9. That plaid speaks to my heart! Come check out the aprons my mom made. Including her "dream one" for me!

  10. love that bench & blackboard~thanks for sharing such lovely photos. here in the northeast we are in the 80's...crazy weather this winter. hoping it doesn't snow again here too~you never know in new england! :) chris

  11. Love the chalkboard! so sweet!

  12. Oh my this is lovely!

    Happy day, happy spring, happy happy everything!

  13. Looks very Springy at your house. I hope the weather doesn't change to much either though I'd love to have the daffs hold on as long as possible. Guess we can't have everything.
    Love the bench. We finally cut our long pew down last year it just took up the whole living room.

  14. Happy Spring to you Theresa...I love your welcome vignette to the new season!

  15. oh the sweet sites of spring. I'm so ready.
    Your bench is wonderful and LOVE the wire basket. On my need to find list!
    Enjoy your gorgeous weather. Were still waiting.
    hugs Lynn

  16. Love your warm room - but the flag is what tugs at my heartstrings the most (against all the white) Happy Sunday! :)

  17. Theresa, I SO enjoyed the photos from this post. What beautiful arrangements. Love the header photo as well!

  18. Enjoy that 80 degrees. We have 40's today. We are freezing after our little bit of early spring. We have been spoiled. But the colder temps will make our flowers bloom longer. Love your bench. And your sweet spring decorating. I could move in. And I happily clean other people's houses. Just sayin'.

  19. Sounds lovely around your place, and what a beautiful home, love all the wood and decor you've shared. That bench is awesome! We're getting warm alright, but too warm already! :) Lovely photos in this post and I like your new banner, too.

  20. OK Theresa you called it when you said we live in MICHIGAN!! lol I am on the couch with not one but three blankets on me and we broke down and turned the darn furnace back up!! Your house is so pretty! I am working on a cat doll! In the mood for hand sewing and making nests!! Take care gonna be alittle warmer tomorrow!! XO Love, Fran.

  21. Sunshine? I've pretty much forgotten what that is living here in WA! lol I'm trying to get motivated for the great cleaning spree, warmth and sunshine would help! Bah. You're motivating me though, thanks for that!


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