Thursday, March 29, 2012

a new kind of art school...

awhile ago, but with everything going on over here I didn't 
really have time to do more than glance at it.
Until the last couple of weeks when I realized that my time was about up 
and I better get busy!

I am so glad that I didn't miss my chance.
From the art lessons to the guest artist videos
and mostly the heartfelt conversations from Jeanne.

I felt like I could relate to so much of the insight from all of them.
The main idea that Jeanne shared in the course,
 is something that I have said to anyone that would listen...
in times that I could not create art, I felt that I was not complete.
I was not using one of the most important gifts that I was blessed with.
my creativity defines me in many ways.
(thankfully it trumps my ditziness!)

Thankfully those times of a lack of creating art in my life did not last long!

I didn't do this art lesson exactly the way it was taught, I have a difficult time not 
incorporating a vintage photo in my work.
That is the beauty of a class like this, nobody was expected to create
the same piece of work as their 'neighbor'.

Mine started with a layering of vintage papers, just as we were shown,
much like this bigger piece that I will be working on next...
but it was smaller and quite a bit of it was covered up with the photo.
As I searched the workroom for a frame that would work,
my eye was drawn to the stack of grain sack scraps, and I had
recently dug up this vintage metal embroidery hoop for Danielle and she didn't use it,
so there is sat on the table begging to be brought back to life!
add a rusty key and  what you see here is the end result of digging through the workroom!

Now what will I find to add to this one?

Stay tuned...

I would take this course all over again.
If you want to be inspired,
feel the freedom to find your voice,
learn a good many incredible tips, tricks, tools, and the many
ways for you explore new techniques for your art,
then the next time you see Jeanne offer an art class
jump right in!

Thank you Jeanne and all of the amazing artists who shared
themselves with us in this course!


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  1. Oh, that is sooo creative!! That picture is so perfect! I always think they weren't to happy in the olden days LOL! The wings are perfect


  2. WOW, Theresa, pure gorgeousness!!!! I hope you've been doing well and I can see by these pics that you are creative as ever and so super-talented and I hope you enjoyed the class!!!

  3. I adore mixed media and have only attempted a few pieces but I think next to quilting it is the most satisfying thing I have created. I hope to try some again soon. Love your pieces. You should be thrilled. <3

  4. What an incredible piece of art Theresa. I am so happy to read that you enjoyed Jeanne's course so much. She is such a talent. I hope you will share your next finished one too.
    sending hugs...

  5. How nice that you could take that class! I love her work and wish I had more time to indulge in art. I think it's just gorgeous!

  6. I love this piece of art that you created! You are one talented artist!

  7. Theresa what an awesome art piece. Love how you used the embroidery hoop as a frame.
    I feel lost when I don't have time to create too.
    hugs Lynn


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