Tuesday, March 13, 2012

winner, winner, chicken dinner...

The title of this post should be...

a day late and a dollar short

This is a bit crazy, but I know that I wasn't seeing things when I said that
if I made it to 600 followers then I would
give away two necklaces...

or that my eyes weren't fooling me when I saw on my sidebar
that there were now 604 followers...

and I am sorry to say that in what appears to be one day,
I have lost 36 followers.
That makes me sad indeed,
 it's not that I haven't lost followers before.
I have and I understand, really I do.
I am not everyone's cup of tea.
some of us prefer lemon zinger and others chai, while still others like a good earl grey...
I get that.

I have myself even stopped following a blog or two,
back when I thought we were limited to 300 blogs.
300!  Who can only follow 300 blogs?
but losing 36 in one day?
I'm perplexed...
is it something I said?

anyway, there were 600 here just yesterday,
soooo true to my word,
there are two winners for my giveaway!

drawn by the resident name picker outer... Max!
drum roll please...

Josie of Josie's Vintage Treasures
Suzan of Old Grey Mare

I can't wait to see what you girls send me to put into the pendant!
They are double sided so you could actually put something on the front and the back.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the giveaway!
Also thanks so much for your patience on me getting this out a day late,
I'm like a dog chasing my tail around here!

Happy Tuesday!

it is Tuesday, right?

p.s. I thought I would show you a couple of the new necklaces I've been working on :)


  1. Congrats to the lucky winners! Do you think that you lost 36 non-blogspot followers? All this talk about GFC going away, etc. it would make sense that 36 of your followers weren't blogpsot followers. That is what I would think because who wouldn't want to follow you?! =o)


  2. Theresa, I can't even tell you how excited I am! This giveaway was actually one that I crossed my fingers for! Thank you so much! And CONGRATULATIONS on 600 followers!

  3. ooops, I tried to email you back but it didn't work. My email address is josiedeleon1@verizon.net

  4. Hey Theresa, I imagine that it will happen to all of us when the Google Friend Connects go down. All those that followed us from non blogger blogs will be nonfunctional. so no girlfriend, it's not personal, hey, we love you to pieces!! xoxo

  5. Hey there...I know that Google connect was going away..maybe that had something to do with it...I sure don't even want to look at mine then! :)

    Look at Max! What a guy to help you out ! I feel like i know him! Boy awould I freak HIM out if I saw him :) He would be like who are you crazy lady! & I'd be like...I LOVE YOU! I am your mom's friend! yep....freak him out!!!

    those are some lucky ladies to be owning The OLd White House fashion! They know that :) Pretty cool!

  6. Congrats to the winners!!! I am still here! Not going anywhere! lol

  7. Congrats to the winners! I am curious to see what they might have you include in their necklace. On the subject of losing some followers, it is truly their loss as you have a wonderful blog and I enjoy my time visiting you here. Don't worry, it is nothing you did.


  8. That is really weird. I'm sure it is not you, but some glitch or something.
    Maybe they will suddenly appear, just the way they suddenly disappeared.

    blessings and congrats to winner.

    barbara jean

  9. I am indeed one lucky girl, a necklace, a fridge and a great blue bucket.. How can I be so blessed? thanks sweetie..so very much..we'll talk soon <3

  10. Hi Theresa
    Your necklaces are so very lovely. Im sure your winners will be so delighted. I wonder if its the google connect. I heard if they do not have a google account they can no longer follow us.

    Have a great week

  11. Oh Sweetie, That is just impossible!!~ Blogger is acting up A LOT lately and I'm sure that is the reason why. Sometimes when I log onto my blog, it will show a few less followers since the last time I logged on and then a few days later they are back! I can't believe you of all people would loose that many in one day. And even if you did, the heck with them!! I for one think you are super amazingly talented and I adore you and your beautiful blog!!
    Congratulations to the lucky winners, so excited to see what they choose as well.
    You take care and remember your readers adore you!!~

  12. Oh and by the way, I am dying over your crown chalkboard!!~

  13. Sounds to me like something has gone amuck....purrhaps, this is the "followers" thing being reverse implemented???? Just a thought because I cannot imagine that you would just lose 36 followers all at once. That makes no sense whatsoever even to a cat such as myself. No, I think it's either the Google follower thing or there's a rabid mouse behind this one....either way, it's not a good thing....


    Romeo and "her"

  14. Hi Theresa,
    I think that blogger has goofed up your follower count. This happens to me too, but not with the high number of followers that you lost. I can't imagine that many would stop following that quickly.
    There is something wrong, so don't worry. You have a beautiful blog and it's enjoyed by so many of us.

    They will be back.


  15. Congratulations to your two chickens...I mean WINNERS! Lucky, lucky, Josie and Z!!! Woo Hoo! You'll have to post what you make for them so we can see! Thank you sweet Theresa for hostessing another grand giveaway. And, yup, I saw that you were at 600+ followers the day I commented on your giveaway post because I thought it strange that you would say that when you were clearly way over already. I'm not entirely convinced the "counter" guy that lives at Google is always up-to-date or on his game though....Yikes - let's hope we have a little more warning if it's the Google connect thing......Happy Tuesday Sweetie! Smiles & Hugs (PS - You have the most adorable name picker outer ever!) ;o)

  16. Congrats to the winners! They are lucky indeed!
    The blogger underworld has been acting up lately. I am sure you didn't actually lose followers! Who would want to un-follow you??
    I always love visiting you blog, you are inspirational, lovely and fun to visit!

  17. I think google blogger has an upset stomach, I lost some followers also the number changes.
    I have added Linky followers to my blog but people are not joining in as quick on Google follower?

    I think it's a system thing really

  18. Congrats to your lucky winners! They are in for a treat (I know as I have the inside scoop...) And love, love, love the new pieces you are working on. Sigh... I am now thinking I need to move to good old Michigan (that would really shake up your state, very scary for them...)

    Have a wonderful day, and who knows about those missing 36 people. Kind of seems like the Black Hole out there, just sucking followers away. I know it definitely isn't you!

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend! I feel like it's already here! Celebration time!!!

  19. Congrats to the winners! I'm so "behind" on reading all my wonderful blogs that I missed this, oh well!

  20. Congratulations girls! Lucky ducks! Hahahaha!

  21. Hi Theresa,
    I'm so sorry I missed your awesome giveaway but congrats to the winners!! Lucky, lucky winners!! There definitely has to be a glitch with blogger and your followers. The same thing happened to me in late November. You have a fabulous blog and I love all of your projects!

  22. Hi Theresa,

    I can't imagine that many bailing in one day...must be a glitch. Hopefully, they will fix it. Thanks so much for entering my giveaway. Good luck girl!


  23. Hi Theresa,
    I have to tell you, YOU ARE FAMOUS!!! I was just looking on pinterest, and saw, much to my surprise, a beautiful, beautiful ribbon, that is EXACTLY like the one haning in my kitchen. I followed the trail, and it lead directly back to you, my dear friend...

    So, just wanted to tell you. The latest pin was from Sue Reaney, from someone else, but it's amazing how small the world is!

    And I adore my sweet ribbon. And everything else from you. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had 80's here already!

  24. Congrats to your lucky winners!!!
    I'm sure their is a glitch somewhere. But if not its their loss.
    You do beautiful work.
    Hugs Lynn


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