Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a wish....

my wish for today...

to turn back time... just for a little while.

It's not that I want it to stand still,
it's not even that I don't want it to move forward.
I just want to see it all replayed again.

photo by Eric Kirby

Today is Cameron's 20th birthday and I swear,
this picture was just taken yesterday!

all grown up.

(I made this birthday candle girl a few years ago, when it is someone's
birthday she hangs from the large dining room chalkboard to wish a happy day to the b-day person!)

As I sit at the table soldering away,
I will be replaying all kinds of wonderful memories 
that Cam has given to me.

I am blessed.


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  1. Oh Theresa, your baby is so grown up! I know what you mean about wishing you could replay it one more time. Those kiddos grow up so darn fast-how could they be getting so big when I certainly haven't aged! LOL! I wish...anyway, I adore your little candle girl. She is so cute and so clever. Well done, my friend and Happy Birthday to Cam!


  2. Happy birthday to your son. Time does fly by quickly (especially when you're having fun). I LOVE that soldered shadowbox.


  3. bittersweet indeed! my boy just turned 21 and I can hardly believe it! happy b'day to your baby boy! ;)

  4. Hi Theresa,
    He's such a handsome young man. I know what you baby boy turned 37 in March!


  5. Happy B-day to your son! I'm in love with "birthday girl!" She's awesome.

  6. Happy Birthday to your handsome son! Time does go by quickly! My baby boy is 26!
    I absolutely love your birthday girl! So cute!!

  7. So sweet! Happy Birthday to your beautiful son! My daughter will be 20 this year also, and I too wish we could rewind for a bit.

  8. I know just how you feel, wish I had a replay button! Just would be fun to pop back 10, 15, or yikes 20 years just for a sweet afternoon memory.
    Love your little birthday doll. Happy BD to Cameron!
    Finally got my blogversary giveaway posted, please stop by to enter.


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