Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I played with another bracelet design yesterday,
the first one is always the prototype.

This is not my original design...
I was inspired by a feature in 
Jewelry Affaire Magazine

my take on it includes grey fresh water pearls, a few vintage costume beads
from an old bracelet, a disco ball and a St. Therese medal
along with some bling on the silver fork handle.
The extra chain is something a local and very talented friend taught me during one of our play dates,
it rests snug on my wrist so that the pearls can dangle a bit.
She is also the girl responsible for teaching me her technique for rosary beading!
Thank you Jill!
(you really need a blog so everyone can see how talented you are. xoxo)

I looked for this magazine when it first came out because it featured
my good friend

and her feature is AMAZING!!!
She is such a gifted artist and her jewelry in this feature is gorgeous as always!

but alas, I did not buy it I just oogled it in the store.
(again, hoping that security camera did not catch the crazy lady
getting all giddy for her friends success!)
I figured I would go back when I had a little extra money,
then when I went back they were sold out!
I went to all of the bookstores and craft stores in the area and no luck :(

So I turned to ebay and thankfully I was able to get a copy
at a discount so with shipping it cost the same as in the store.
This is the one of the many pages from the magazine that  inspired me.
Thank you Susan Chesley for the tutorial and the inspiration!

A special medal for mine...

The dremel is still out and ready for more action today!
The silverware drawer needs to be lightened up a little anyway :)

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  1. Ohhhh....that is BEAUTIFUL Theresa!!! Love the vintage touch, the earthy tones, and the little bit of bling. You got it SOOOO right Girlfriend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Holy Moley girl...these are so gorgeous!!! I love all the elements! Oh & I love the saint Theresa medal on yours :) Saint...hmmm....You almost have me convinced :)


  3. Oh, Theresa, it's not often I am stopped in my tracks by someone's jewelry, but you sure stopped me!!! I love this bracelet!!

  4. It's gorgeous, I love everything about it, it's definitelya design worth building upon. That same thing happened to me with the Somerset Life around Christmas time, all sold out! I loved the way you've staged these photos, too :)

  5. Theresa, it is gorgeous- OH I LOVE IT- you are so clever dear , and this is so very beautiful, ----what a wonderful idea from the mag.- they looks fantastic, also.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  6. Hi Theresa!
    Wow, this bracelet is over the top gorgeous and very different. I love it, especially the bling on the silverware handle. Very pretty.


  7. Love, love, love!

    I need to get my hands on that magazine!


  8. WOW! That is STUNNING!!! The photo's are excellent as well!


  9. Lovely, lovely blog! I'm a new follower! ♥♥

  10. I know one thing T, I am just glad that you blog so that we know how talented YOU are!!!! Is there anything you can't create??? Your bracelet is stunning. I love it! I sometimes (only once in awhile) thumb through magazines in the bookstore and snap photos with my phone when it's something I would like to make.SHHH, don't tell anyone okay! Why do I feel as those I just robbed a bank??? If I bought them all, then where would I get the money to buy the supplies to make them all :)
    sending hugs...

  11. That turned out beautifully, Theresa! You did a wonderful job with it!

  12. Everything looks beautiful! Great jewelry!---Traci

  13. Beautiful, I've been messing around with silverware designs lately. They aren't nearly as fun a yours. JOY!


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