Monday, March 19, 2012


Here in Michigan it feels like spring.
I am not fooled however, and am calling it 
"pretend" spring
it is only March after all and it could very well snow next week!

Never the less, it has been warm and sunny and that makes it feel like spring.
You know, the feeling that makes you want to rearrange your whole house,
clean all the windows, and redecorate?
a little fluffing of the nest, perhaps?


The birds have been singing their sweet songs,
but instead of rearranging, cleaning windows, and redecorating,

in honor of the birds

I made these...

I know, I know, it was a tough task to take ;)

(In my defense, I did manage to sweep down the cobwebs)

I know we've all seen these,
and I wanted one of my very own.
The one above with 5 fresh water pearls in it is just for me.
I made more to share though.
They are actually very therapeutic to make.
Weaving nests and thinking of the children who keep flying out of them.

Danielle was home for two weeks for some oral surgery.
She was told in Atlanta that she needed 4 root canals asap
and without any support system in place down there,
she came home to the mama bird to be cared for.
Her 4 root canals actually turned into one, with some other work to be done
so after all was said and done, I'm glad she got a second opinion!

The best part?
While she was home she hung out with the family most of the time
and took me to the Roller Derby again for my bday!
We had a great time!
In the picture above she was trying to teach me to take
a picture without my eyes disappearing,
but I couldn't stop laughing so it didn't work!

She was also here for Hannah's special dance.
She told Hannah that she could invite her friends over and she
would do their hair and make up.
That made 6 girls all together!

It was a crazy, fun, wild, house full of girls!
Danielle made them all feel special and they all were lucky
to have an in-house professional make them look like princesses!
(excuse the photo, my camera does not cooperate at night with low lighting)
I really wish this one would have turned out better.

This is another way we enjoy the warm weather of our "pretend" spring...

Duane, Max and Hannah play catch in the yard while I snap pictures.
Another tough job of mine :)

We have been on walks, bike rides, grilled out, played soccer, catch,  
hit tennis balls on the barn, and grilled out some more...

please, oh please don't let it snow.
I could get used to this early spring stuff!!!

For now, we are back down to two in the nest,
but this week John comes in for a week before he moves to NY.!


How is your nesting coming along?

I want to share a giveaway with you,
I know, that's just the sunshine making me extra nice ;)

Suzan over @ Old Grey Mare
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Rumor has it (one that she started btw)
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  1. I don't know which is cuter: the nests or the kids! ;) It's Spring here too but I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. It has been known to snow in NY on Easter!


  2. great minds again.... I'll soon be showing some nests I've been playing with lately.. I love yours. SIL Sarah made me one a few years back.
    Happy Spring and good luck to John. Bet he's excited...Sure he doesn't need an upper east side apt? :D

  3. What a fun see you and your family enjoying your time together just makes me smile :) Great photo of you and your daughter! I love the nests you made....are they difficult to make?

  4. Those nests are absolutely charming and so sweet, I love the different colored pearls you used. I so enjoy reading about your family and seeing the photos you share, what a blessing. :) And I can see your eyes just fine, lol :)

  5. I make those nests too...and I think about the same thing while I'm doing it! Children flying in and out of the nest...

    I used a bit of ribbon to turn mine into necklaces...the use of the seed beads is awesome! It looks so pretty.

    The photo of you and your daughter is so fun...and it sure sounds like your family knows how to have fun together!!

  6. Love the photos! You are so talented! Envy!

  7. What a beautiful necklace, It's just the right design for Spring Time. Wonderful photos of your family, they grow up too fast.
    Thanks for sharing.


  8. LOVE the nest necklases!!! I am in a nest making mood too! And making those little chicks on my blog!! LOL And also I am making an Owl doll like my Crow doll by hand. And you are so right about this weather!! We could have snow in April!!! And that is not funny!!! Is it? So glad you got to spend some time with Danielle!! She sure is pretty!! And Hannah is growing up too fast!!! Well enjoy while we can!!! XOXO Love,Fran.

  9. The nests are precious. I'm a new follower - would love for you to follow back. I'm curious where you live in Michigan. I live in SE Michigan. Only lived here 6 years and I've never seen this early spring thing. It worries me a little.....

  10. The girls must of felt really pampered. How nice it must of been with a house full of girls. Your sweet little birds nest necklace is extra special.


  11. Beautiful girls there mama! I can see where they get their good looks from! So nice to have one of your "birds" fly home too. The nest necklaces are also very cute! Loving this weather we are having!

  12. I absolutely love those nest necklaces! Do you sell them? If not, would you mind to tell what kind of wire makes the nest? I'm pretty crafty but I've never worked with jewelry before.

    I'm new to your blog. I love it!

  13. I LOVE that picture of you and your, pretty, so full of *sparkle* sounds like your're having a grand time over there with your pretend spring:)
    Love the nests, too!

  14. How can one woman have so many cute kids! They all just make me bust out in a smile! I LOVE the eye lesson...too funny :) I might need a lesson or two from her :) & sooo glad to hear she didn't need all those root canals! Some dentists are just kniving like that!!!

    Your little nests are the perfect touch for our fake spring....I open the door right when I get up just to hear those birdies chirping like crazy! Sure do love that sound! I am glad you are keeping one for yourself! They are just too cute not to hang onto one!

    Glad you all are out enjoying the weather!

    Oh & thanks for the sweet comment today! You really should bust out your egg making kit! iT IS SOOOOOO Relaxing & soooo fun to create on the little round canvas :) Your kids would get sucked in too :) Warning...dangerous to start...wil not want to stop!

  15. Oh I so know what you mean....I call it Braxton Spring....or False Spring.....It's too, too, good to be true - and then I look at photos I took of last May's snow. Yes, I said May. But trying not to let it lessen my enjoyment of the treat now. Tonight we are having a slow, gentle, easy rain - and it's sleepy and right. I adore your little "nestlaces" - how sweet! I don't know if I'd want one with one egg for our only child - or one with three for our family....Hmmmm ~ I'll have to ponder. Do you have them in your etsy shop?? (Sorry - I'm being lulled by the rain and too sleepy and lazy to look right now....) ;o) Smiles & Spring Hugs ~ Robin

  16. PS - LOVE that photo of you and your heck - I looked twice - you could be sisters rather than mother and daughter! You're too dang cute! :o) Robin


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