Sunday, March 4, 2012

stay tuned, a giveaway is just around the corner...

I have turned another year older recently 

(you did see the announcement on tv, right?

well ,what's a birthday without
a goody bag or two?

I'm thinking a necklace for one of my wonderful followers...

A custom necklace perhaps?  
One made just for you, with a family photo,
a snippet from grandma's apron or grandpa's tie, maybe?

Maybe you have a trophy medal like this one
that holds a special memory for you...

I will be sharing details as the week goes on,
so stay tuned!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and for the wonderful comments...
you always say the nicest things to bring a smile to my face
and a dance to my step!

Have a fabulous Sunday!


  1. Happy birthday Theresa! I hope that your birthday was special and that you got a chance to eat a great big piece of birthday cake.


  2. well happy belated birthday! how nice of you to share it with us by offering a gift! My own b'day is next week. now wouldn't THAT be a lovely gift to me??

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry to say I haven't been 'round in ages and you've been sooooo busy! Hopefully I'll make it back in time for your BD giveaway, what an AMAZING treat that will be for the lucky winner, fingers crossed.

    So what have I missed?
    Congrats to your handsome son!
    Your daughter IS cute and a ham, ha!
    Love the lace hearts, oh I should go pin that for later!
    Your studio space is beautiful! Mine, unfortunately, mostly resembles your basket of good junk you couldn't part with, except it's all over the place!
    Apparently, I'm still addicted to !!!!!'s! Sorry!

    Happy BD again to an eternally young chick!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a good one!

  5. Love the necklace ... when was your bd? Mine was 2/26 ... big 45, yikes!!
    ...and I've been meaning to say what a well deserved proud Mama you should be!! You're boy is a knockout ; )
    Happy birthday to you!!


  6. Happy Belated Birthday!! I'm looking forward to your sounds like an awesome one!

  7. I did see the Public Service Announcement on tv reminding everyone to wish Theresa a very happy birthday, but I didn't make the connection. And just yesterday I was trying to decorate your chair, so why I didn't immediately think of you, I don't know. Silly me. Cuz we all know there is only one Theresa! And, my oh my, how fabulous you look! You can still rock that cat suit.

    So, hoping you had a very wonderful birthday. I would sing Happy Birthday to you, but my kids are in the other room, and my computer would probally blow up in the process. And I know Libbie will definitely add to that sentiment when she gets around to commenting (finally I commented before her... Hope you are having fun Libbie, while Kelly is at the game BTW) And there are VERY FEW people who I would volunteer to sing to. Actually, you are the only one. So the rest of the world can now breathe a sigh of relief and I can go to bed knowing that my computer is still intact...

  8. Ooooo happy birthday!!!! I love birthdays...yours...not mine :) Hope you guys had fun! You had better just be thanking your lucky stars that Kate didn't sing to you! There is more than a grain of truth in the comment above... You don't even want to know... this way we can rest easy... all of us!

  9. Now that you mention it, I did see fireworks, but didn't make the connection. Give a girl some warning next year...'kay?
    You might give a head's up when you're gonna show something pretty too...just so's I remember to take a deep breath before I lose consciousness from a loss of oxygen!
    Happy belated b'day. Here's a hug from Texas!

  10. Trying to hold myself back from singing. I think I can belt it out all the way from here so that you could hear me...

  11. Sorry for this belated :happy birthday -to you Theresa,-but as you maybe know, I have been away to see the grandkids:)
    I hope your day was lovely, and wishes you all the best for your new year.
    Hugs and xx


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