Monday, March 12, 2012

last chance to throw your name in the giveaway hat!

I wanted to have a new post this past weekend, but things were pretty busy around here, 
so I am reposting this before I draw the winners name tonight!

First things first...
I want to show off my gift of spring from a dear friend,
I will say right now that those beautiful hyacinths were put on the dresser
just for this shot and cannot stay there... why, you ask?

Meet Oliver.

Hannah found him on Halloween when he was just a tiny thing,
I will say that we were apprehensive,
we looked for the owner,
we actually ended up finding the owner after having him
for over a week.
(after we all fell in love with the little booger)

by the way,
this is how they make you fall in love with them.
Kittens are so adorable and then to top it off, he is a cuddler with a very loud purr.

So Hannah, Max, Oliver and I went to the home that we were
told he probably came from.
Imagine the scene... 2 very sad and crying 
children who know that, although they are doing the right thing
by taking the kitten to his owner,
are madly, deeply in love and are clutching him so tightly
that he is lucky to be alive today!
I will cut this short...
the sweetest 5th grade boy who Oliver belonged to,
had 4 other kittens in the garage and
gave sobbing Max a hug and told him he could keep
Oliver because he could see how much they loved him.

Now I was crying.

What a generous thing to do.

Jazz took the longest to welcome him to her domain,
and still pretty much pretends he doesn't exist...

but he even managed to weasel his way onto her beloved pillow!

O.k., back to the real reason for this post...

It's giveaway time!!!

(this pendant has a snippet of a doily that my Bushie made many years ago)

I am going to give one of my followers a custom
pendant necklace.
from my new line in the shop called

snippets of life

I will put a snippet of your treasured item between two pieces of thick glass and using lead free solder, I will preserve your families cherished memories for you.
I have different sizes and shapes of glass to choose from with a necklace made from glass seed beads or a key chain.
A piece of fabric, grandmas apron, grandpas tie, a scrap of the napkin from your first date, a button, a photo, a favorite quote, the possibilities are vast... double sided.

(stolen right from my site's description)

so, you can choose a necklace, key fob, or even one of these bracelets 
with a pendant hanging from it!

Hannah and I were at Forever 21 looking for a dress for her big dance, 
when I stumbled on the super cheap belts.
Skinny, cheap perfect for the bracelet that I had wanted to make for a while now!
Cut the belt to size, poke a new hole or two in it
with a nail... yeah I'm super high tech over here...
I added a large jump ring to one of my pendants and
strung it onto the belt ~
Waa Laa!

I did find a really great tutorial with detailed instructions
but I knew I wasn't going to go out and purchase
a rivet maker thingy
so a belt was the easy choice.

edit... I just found the great tutorial and wanted to give credit to
and now you can go and check her step by step pics out!

no hand model available so this is the best I could do for this shot :)

Then a few days later, while I was out running errands,
the car automatically pulled into the thrift store parking lot
and I figured since I was already here I might as well go in :)
Low and Behold, they had even cheaper skinny belts!
So I made one in red, and I have a couple of good 
distressed brown ones waiting in the wings!

So here's where you come in...
let me know in a comment what you would like me to put in your pendant,
Do you have a snippet of your mom's favorite dress,
or maybe a cherished photo,
or a special medal that you won in 4-h
that you want dangling from your neck?
here's your chance!
These can be double sided, so maybe a special photo on the front,
and a quote or scrap of fabric on the back!

Oh wait, one more thing!
I am at 599 followers,
if I reach 600 during this birthday giveaway
I will pick 2 winners!

you know the drill...
1.  this giveaway is for all of my wonderful followers
so if you aren't one yet
jump on board!
2.  let me know in your comment what memory you would
want preserved under glass.
3.  for one more chance,
"like" my facebook page ~ The Old White House

There you go!
easy peasy, right?

I will pick the winner on Monday 3/12/12

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you
who stop by and let me ramble on and on at you,
and leave me the best comments!

Plus, like I said a couple of posts ago,
what's a birthday party without a goody bag or two?


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  1. This is one of the most special giveaways ever! I'm a current follower and I would love to have one of those bracelets with a picture of my grandpa in it. My grandpa passed away 3 years ago and I miss him more then I can express. Please count me in.

  2. Hello Theresa!! I just recently found your blog! Love looking at all your creations. I would love to be entered. I have a picture of my grandmother whe she was young in a flop hat sitting on a banister. Whe I saw that first belt braclet.. It catch me eye! It would look great on the braclet.. Thanks for sharing your creations!

  3. Hmmm....I was sitting here thinking what would I want???? Maybe something with my's our 20th anniversary this year. That would be pretty special! Liked you on FB!

  4. Oh what a wonderful giveaway Theresa! I am a follower. YAY! And I would probably chose a picture of my mom. We were very close and she passed away unexpectedly 12 years ago. I have the cutest picture of her when she was about 2 or maybe 3 in the 20's.

    Thanks for the chance,

  5. What a lovely story Theresa!!~ What a kind little boy to give your little one the kitty!
    I love your beautiful design, what a fabulous giveaway and a wonderful way to preserve someone's favorite memory!!~ I would put my children's photo in it.
    Count me in, I'm happily a follower here and on Facebook.
    Have a lovely night!!

  6. Oh Theresa what an awesome giveaway!! I would put something of my Mom's in to it. I am a follower of yours!! or maybe a stalker!! LOL I follow the old white house on facebook too! See told ya, stalker!! LOL Even if I don't win maybe I'll have ya fix something up for me. Love the bracelets!! Love the cat!! Especially the pic of Jazz and Oliver together!! Take care and thanks for the chance!! XO Love, Fran.

  7. Awesome giveaway Theresa! These pendants are lovely...and the remembrance aspect of them makes them perfect. I would ask you to put a piece of fabric from my father-in-law's pajamas. He passed away in November.

    I'm a follower of your wonderful blog...and I like you on Fcaebook too!

  8. Oliver is adorable. I am so glad you were able to keep him. I LOVE this idea. I only wish I had something like grandmom's hanky saved. You were so clever with your suggestions. I do have plenty of pictures so I would pick one of those. I have a great one of my mom on a pony. I love the belts BTW. Such a cool idea for bracelets!

  9. Sweet Tea II,
    The idea of wearing a piece of your heart holding a piece of mine? Girl...that would be the living end.
    You wanta talk tool savvy? I think my high heel for a hammer and butter knife for a screw driver may trump your nail "punch"!
    I'm already a follower, but I didn't know about your facebook off I go!
    P.S. Isn't it funny how our automobiles will just pull into thrift stores all willy nilly?

  10. what a sweet and sentimental giveaway! I just adore your soldered pieces! I am a happy, happy follower and would be delighted to be included in this lovely giveaway! merci!;)

  11. What "memory" would I like soldered? many....i have a special penny sent from heaven...maybe that.

  12. Please enter me in your awesome giveaway! What lovely gifts. Such creative items.


  13. What a cool giveaway! I would probably have you include something of my mom's or grandma's--but I'm not sure which!

    I'm a brand new follower! Just found your blog today through Etsy. :-) Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. So many possibilities to your generous and creative giveaway. A remembrance of my mother? A piece of grandma's hankie? A medal from my dad? Or maybe something from my daughter's recent wedding? Or a picture of my grandies? Well, I'd choose something special if I won! Count me in please!

    I'm already a follower!

  15. You can count me in! I am already a follower!

  16. Hi Theresa,

    First off, happy belated birthday to you!
    And congrats to John on all his success!

    I love that photo of Oliver and Jazz. So sweet! I can't have bamboo or any kind of plant with long leaves, like a ponytail palm, as Jingles nibbles them down to bits.

    Bless you for giving back to the tornado vicitms. Your red cross necklace is so unique. Of course, all your jewelry is.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week. Best wishes, Tammy

  17. Dear Theresa, such a beautiful giveaway- I have been thinking, but not desided what I would love to put inside , IF I won :)
    I am a follower, and would love to be your friend on Facebook-- but don`t know yet how to invite ??? I think I have : liked you there, anyway I just visited and tried ..... I`m not known with how to ...
    I also love your belt idea, it looks fantastic, sweet friend.

  18. love the sweet kitty story!! and your beautiful jewelry!! what would i include?? perhaps my son's lock of hair from his first hair cut or a snippet of some of my daughters childhood love notes to me?? so many ideas whirling in my thing is for sure, i LOVE the whole idea of making jewelry meaningful and filled with soul.

  19. Great giveaway. I have a picture of my Dad he passed away 10 years ago in July and I miss him everyday. Thanks for the chance to win... I do follow your blog.

  20. what a great give a way. this is a hard one-it could be hair from my daughters 1st haircut or my favorite picture of my dad who has been for several years or a piece of lace from my great-grandmother or.....
    The list could go on and on!

  21. What a beautiful and personal giveaway. I am a follower already.


  22. I would have to think on what I would have you solder. Maybe a snip of my wedding dress (that was my mother's wedding dress).


  23. What a wonderful post Theresa....That story about Oliver is just so precious....and what a sweet Halloween treat you reaped. What an amazing giveaway you are doing....I would covet anything you made - but a specially made remembrance piece would be a treasure to cherish beyond others. However, it has been too far and few between my visits to you, so I would feel awkward and guilty were I to win....So I will bid your other, more faithful, visitors the best of luck on an amazing opportunity. Off to visit your FB page as I'm not sure I knew you had one. (Ummm, yes, I am completely FB stupid!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  24. Love me a happy kitty story. How lucky is Oliver to have found such a great family.

    Love the giveaway ...added it to my sidebar. I'll try to post about it soon.


  25. thank heaven Carole mentioned the giveaway today , I stopped by here twice to enter and each time got pulled away so..of course you know I've been a follower since WAYYYYY back :D and of course in my necklace I would want some tidbit from my kids. I deleted my FB so I cannot do that but I will do link in sidebar... whew! finally got here. Keeping my fingers crossed..all of em..This day job is kicking my keister!

  26. The pendant is beautiful and such a lovely give-a-way. I am sure that this line will be very successful,


  27. I'm a follower. This is such a special giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.


  28. I "liked" your page on Facebook.

    If I win, I would like to have a snippet of my mother's hair and the last photo of her, if possible. She was killed by a drunk driver when I was 17 in 1980. I miss her more today than ever.


  29. Hi Theresa i just found your blog tonight and just added you to my faves.. i would love a picture of my brother as i lost him three years ago. thanks for a great blog.

  30. I am a new follower and I am so glad I found you! I just love the idea of putting a special piece of something into a pendant. There are so many things that I can think of-a piece of my wedding dress, a snippet of my baby blanket, or a page out of the hymnal my great grandmother gave to me. Thanks for the chance!


  31. What a special post and so lovely to find on my first visit to your blog, I am not sure how to be a follower as I'm am stumbling along in cyber world,I have so much to learn. I would like to be in the drawing, as this is such a special giveaway. Good Luck and Thanks for the chance.

  32. Beautiful jewelry. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  33. Argh! See, I did miss it! Darn that lucky winner. Oh, I couldn't pin myself down to just one memory anyway, ha!
    I recently realized I missed my 2 year blogiversary so I need to do a give away as well.
    Happy Birthday Month!

  34. Your Kitty is just beautiful! Love the name!
    Sorry I missed your giveaway! Lucky winner of your beautiful necklace!


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