Monday, March 5, 2012

red cross necklace - 100% of sale to RED CROSS

Photo: Niccolo Ubalducci

On Friday while I was in the comfort of my home, with my family, enjoying my birthday
others were doing all that they could to save theirs.
Their home, their families, their pets, their lives.

We've all seen the destruction of the deadly tornadoes on the news, 
but when I googled images for this post it was
so heart wrenching.  
Photo after photo of loss and helplessness.

I can't even begin to know how these people are feeling right now.
I need to help.
The first thing that comes to mind for me 
is to offer a donation to the Red Cross.

In honor of them, I think that this necklace is the perfect
sale for that donation.


edit... Why do I love Blogland?
The most kind and generous people live here!
Thank you Danielle! xoxooxoxo

100% of the sale of this necklace will go to the
American Red Cross
to aid in the care of the tornado victims.
free shipping.
and my love.

click on the link above to take you directly to the link for the necklace.

I am also donating 20% of the sales for this week
from my shop.
I know it is just a drop in the bucket compared to what they need...
but every drop fills the bucket.

I am doing my research for other ways to donate items locally as well.
I just know that I have clothes, blankets, coats, household items, and other items that they can use,
and there is usually a local church or two that are gathering items for disaster victims.
Knowing that I can't go there personally, I am searching for ways to be of some help.
If anyone has other ideas, I am all ears!

Thank you!


  1. What a kind thing to do!

    By the way, Happy Belated Birthday!


  2. The destruction of homes, businesses, property and people's lives is so horrible. I can't begin to imagine the pain they are feeling. Thank you for offering this beautiful necklace. It will be a reminder to keep those victims in my daily prayers.


  3. It is so frightening how quickly our lives can change forever. Your necklace is stunning! Keeping the victims and those who have passed in my prayers.

  4. What a beautiful heart you have dear Theresa....The necklace is/was beautiful..... Sorry I've been so hit and miss lately....I see that I missed wishing you a happy birthday....Belated as it may be, I hope your day was filled with treasured moments and magic.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. You are my C.B. Sweet T2.
    A beautiful, loving gesture like this will not go unnoticed. I'm pretty sure glitter will be added to your wings darlin'.

  6. That was a beautiful thing to do! You've got me thinking now about the needs of so many people who were affected. I have a closet full of Bruce's clothes and shoes that need a good home. I'm going to do a little research about local organizations sending aid to the tornado victims. Thanks!!

  7. Dear Theresa, as Jane say, this was a beautiful act,- you are right, -seing all this missery, and sorrow, is heart vrenching, and we can all help somehow.

  8. you are truely an inspiration! happy birthday...mine was on monday.

  9. My sister in law and her daughters lost their home last year in a tornado in North Carolina. I went to try to help a week after the tornado hit and I cannot begin to describe the devestation and the feeling of helplessness. I cannot say enough about the Red Cross...they were there right away passing out bottles of much needed water and bringing wonderful, warm meals to everyone...up and down the streets for DAYS on end! What a HUGE BLESSING they were! You cannot imagine what it's like to have a meal handed to you...when you have absolutely nothing possession-wise left in the world! Food in a crisis is Hope.


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