Saturday, December 5, 2009

Early Morning Art

I just loooove Saturday mornings, no rush to get everyone out the door, so that means I have a few hours to create before anyone even wakes up:) Started on a couple of new wax collages and really without meaning to, I almost always end up with a monocrome pallet. The wax just lends itself to it so easily. This is a copy of a company or family picnic that I have treasured and love using in collages. I picked two of the women out of the group to highlight and imagined that one sent the other the postcard I picked out of my stash.
Love the handwriting on the postcard!

This next one I may want to look at for a day or so yet to see if I want to add anything. I usually don't go overboard with doodads but sometimes it needs a little something, something...

I used a very sweet girl from shabbychicpapieskatter and gave her a little rhinestone halo.

Have a great weekend, mine is going to be full of dress shopping (my 11 year old is going to her first sadie-hawkins dance next Friday. :>O , then a family dinner at my Dads, tommorrow making cookies with some of the sisters and nieces! That will be fun, fun, fun! ~ Theresa

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  1. They are beautiful.Tell your daughter best wishes with the Sadie Hawkins dance.


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