Monday, December 14, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday!

Vintage Christmas Monday brings sweet and scary Santas with an adorable pink reindeer.

I love this first santa, it reminds me of being a young girl and learning to sew by making stuffed dolls and animals for presents for my brothers and sisters. I have 11 brothers and sisters and so ofcourse we drew names for Christmas. One of the rules was that most of the present had to be handmade. I loved that rule and couldn't wait to create something special for the person I drew. I can't promise that they always liked it though! It was special to me and to this day my extended family almost always gets a little handmade something. This little elf sits in a long cotton stocking that I made a few years ago. Look at that sweet face!
O.k. I am drawn to these 'scary' santas and so one year I came across someones collection that they were getting rid of at a garage sale, well I decided to group them all together for impact and impact I got! I came around the corner one morning and scared myself silly! ( it reminded me of a vintage Twilight Zone episode!) They were put away that day and now I scatter a few here and there! I'm such a scaredy-cat!

This plastic deer is just too adorable for words... love the pink on 'her' and check out her silver eyes!

Thanks for stopping by... go check out more Vintage Christmas participants over at Anything Goes Here... Thanks Joan for hosting this fun party! More Christmas pics to come, stay tuned! ~ Theresa xoxo


  1. Love the sweet little deer! xo Joan, your hostess

  2. I remember playing with a santa like the one in the third photo when I was a child. It was kind of scary looking but for some reason I liked it.

  3. I just love that plastic Rudolf reindeer. Who would have thought you would see him in pink? Too cute.


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