Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Tablecloth, a Happy Dance and my little girl all dressed up to dance!

This is the tablecloth that I won this week from Lori of frugalfarmhousedesign...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I did one of those unrehearsed happy dances with squealing and clapping to boot! Happy UnBirthday to Me!!! Thank you Lori! It is beautiful, I was soooo glad that I decided to give myself a much needed workspace and clean off the dining room table! This is the 'parlor room' in our house now lovingly referred to as the little living room. We moved the t.v. out of here a few weeks ago and since then nobody ever goes in there. We had already put a desk in there for the computer but that was it. So out came the old beat up wicker couch that used to sit in front of the big window and in came this...
A real workspace all for me! this first picture is a little dark, sorry. I got the table free from craigslist.

I bought this little nymph statue from a friend at our shared garage sale, those can be a little dangerous because she always has great stuff to get rid of! Isn't she so sweet? and the little deer, love this sweet piece.

The green box is full of junk, ahem, treasures for future projects and on top are trees that just need the finishing touches. The screen holds finished projects that can rotate as I sell them. There is a large pine entertainment center on another wall that is full of supplies in baskets...

A cotton batting snowgirl holding a lamb that I made for my Mom a few years ago. The candles in the glass votive have sweet angels on them.

The dresser and hutch top that we carried in from the kitchen holding a jar full of tinsel and my collection of mccoy that olds sooooo many doodads. (as I was sorting everything I could be heard to say outloud OMG I have so much stuff!) but ofcourse I have ideas for everything... but ofcourse I know I can't USE everything which is why I opened my second store on etsy!

The sweetest picture of all... my little girl all dolled up to go to her first dress-up dance! Her sister came over and did her hair for her (and to hide the bruise and black eye that one of her friends accidentally gave her this past week when she got an elbow to the cheek as they were practicing their dancing.) She was so excited when she got home at 9:30 and told me all about it. I love that at 6th grade she was there to have fun with her friends and thought that the slow dancing was gross!!! Oh if only that would last. They grow up way too fast. Well this has been quite a long post for me but I was so busy and everything was such a mess for most of the week that I really didn't have a clean area in my house to even take a picture of! Now the Christmas decorating can really begin! Better late than never, right? ~ Theresa xoxo


  1. Awww your daughter is beautiful!!!!! I love that tablecloth!!! I am glad that it went to a great home!!

  2. Your daughter looks so pretty!! The dress is just beautiful. Glad she had a great time.
    I love your hutch full of pottery and your green box full of treasures!

  3. That tablecloth is stunning! I'd be so afraid to spill anything on it, though.
    Your Etsy is awesome, too!

  4. Hello Theresa! I just found your blog from Garden Antiques blog!

    The name of your blog is what caught my attention!

    As a child I lived at 612 Yellow Pine Dr.
    The last house I owned was on Riverside Lane.
    And my name is Theresa with an H!

    Funny how things pop off the screen at you like that! Anyway I'm glad I found your blog!


  5. Your daughter is such a sweetheart! I love her outfit. It's age appropriate, unlike what a lot of 'tween girls are running around in these days!

  6. Oh what a week for a black eye! I always wanted one growing up...never got one. She is so cute & she is right, slow dances are gross :)

    I am a toile lover so I am very jealous about that tablecloth....if it is ever missing... :)

  7. Congrats on winning! yay! The green box full of is wonderful and truly adore all the white in the cupboard!!!!

  8. hey! nice to "meet" you....that picture of the blueish box...I love it........

    can't wait to look around more!!

  9. Hi Theresa! Your daughter is beautiful!

    And your new tablecloth is fun to win it!! I'm envious that you have such a great space of your own now!!!

    :) T


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