Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the hunt...

I started this blog thinking that I would only talk about decorating, crafting, etsy, garage sailing...
that kind of stuff, you know those passions of mine that not everyone close to me understands. I wasn't going to make it a blog about my family, and that still holds true but sometimes someone in our little group does something that I think you need to know about. Meet Max. He's the little guy in the red scarf and mismatched gloves (it doesn't matter mom. really.) He drew a map of our area of the neighborhood for him and his best friend to explore. My hubby and I were getting ready to leave for our walk when I heard him explaining the map and it was so adorable I had to run and get the camera. They actually do this kind of thing quite often and make maps to play whatever game they are playing! too cute!
I had Max when I was 41 and let me tell you, I was scared and called my mom who had her 12th child at 40 yep you read that right 12th!!! She said not to worry and that having Max around as we get older will be the best thing for us! Well we have a ways to go before are OLD ya know! but Max brings so much laughter and joy to all of us that I kind of relive my older childrens childhood through him now. If I could have kept them all this size I would. (only because we would still all be together right here at 612 24/7.)
Stay tuned for more craftiness tomorrow, I've been busy over the last few days... new stuff in the etsy stores and more to come! ~ Theresa xoxo


  1. Max and his friend look adorable getting ready for their big adventure. What joy he must bring to you and your family. My one and only child will be graduating high school this spring and off to college next fall. I can't believe how fast time really does fly!
    Happy New Year.

  2. Theresa, That is just too sweet, I love boys and their imagination. Mine is all about wizards and spells at the moment. He is currently debating the color of his robe (apparently that

    I'm looking forward to your newest creations.

  3. That is so SWEET! Both boys look like handsome little men. I bet they had fun!


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