Thursday, December 31, 2009

A look back at shiny things that caught my attention!

This post is looooong, after reading a few blogs that 'looked back at 2009' I liked the idea and so I thought I would do the same thing with some of my creations from this past year. So here goes...
This piece is very special to me, first of all, I made this with my sister for a donation to an auction for their local hospital, and especially because we used my moms prom picture to alter. This is the third year we've created a piece to donate and the theme is always Paris. we named this one love notes from Paris. I think she looks beautiful and a little like Judy Garland. This was during the summer and I "borrowed" an army guy from Max to finish it off, I think I used almost all of my clocks during the summer... I really need to find more!

For Max and Hannahs teachers. Maxs' teacher loves bling, she got a big kick out of wearing it all day and waving like royalty to her subjects!

We put this girl out for all of our birthdays, I love that the candles are still in the box!

A sweet little lamb that was rescued to become art.

I used to make these shelf sitters alot when I sold primitives at the craft shows. I still like to put one together now and then to see their personalities evolve! I think she looks like a french witch!

Sorry this ones a little blurry, I have a hard time telling if they are with those little thumbnail views. Oh to have the eyesight I had in my 20s... This girls head had broken off of the halloween ornie that she was but being someone who cannot throw anything away he became a little assemblage instead. She looks better with her poultry seasoning body I think!

O.k. she scares most of my kids and if she doesn't scare them she makes them worry about their mom a little! I love her though, and had fun making her.

This scares them a little too, because none of my kids like clowns but when I found these little Italian clowns I just had to have them for a project. I really don't think they're that scary:)

Love this pumpkin king! He has the best dapper pumpkin face don't cha think?

Back to my sewing roots here!

A couple of wax collages, I've said it before on here but if you haven't tried wax collage you really should, it's very freeing and relaxing.

This class photo has my mom and 3 of her cousins in it from the days of the one room school house they attended. She is the girl next to the teacher, I love old school pictures even if I don't know anyone in them!Another crown.

This lady is one of my favorite pictures to use, I know she isn't smiling but I like to imagine that she was a lot of fun anyway!

I did the domino thing for a while, and then something else shiny caught my attention!

Birds with hats!

sorry blurry again!

I want to be the girl with the crown!

This is my hubby and I on our wedding day, this was his anniversary present from me. do you think he thought 23 years and I got a dunce cap and a bird???? :)

This star is pretty big and now hangs in the hallway. It took almost a whole jar of glitter to cover it! Gotta have the glitter!!!

When I found this canoe my mind went crazy with the possibilities!

Another piece my family can't really wrap their heads around! Ofcourse she has a bird under her wire dress! whats to understand?

I did a lot of needle felting and then ya know...something shiney...

A cloche made out of a candle votive.

She just screamed naughty librarian to me, so I just couldn't help myself!

Every winter I start crocheting something, I learned how when I was about 10 and in 4-h I don't know how to read a pattern though so I pretty much am confined to scarves and now these flowers. one day I may put more thought into it but for now I just do it to keep my hands busy while I watch t.v. or am too tired to do anything else.

Latest obsession is remaking necklaces with these flowers ( see previous post for blog that gave the tutorial) this one was for a friend for Christmas...

along with this purse, another latest obsession!

O.k. there you have it, all the evidence you need to see that when it comes to creating something, anything I have to try just about everything! I get bored really easy and am quite sure that if it was ever checked they would find that I have a.d.d. of the crafty persuasion! I know others with this disorder ( you know who you are) and if anything shiny catches our attention-which it most certainly will, well all bets are off on what we'll be creating next!
Happy New Year! May it be full of possibilities for all of you! ~ Theresa xoxo

That took waaaaay longer than I thought it would but the plus side is I haven't fallen asleep before midnight ( I think I can make it now!) like all of my kids thought I would! Our new years are notoriously boring... after a couple of board games we watch movies and try to stay awake. Man I feel old just rereading that! unfortunately it's true. oh well.


  1. Theresa,
    I LOVE everything you pictured. So much to look at and one just as beautiful as the next. You have a wonderful talent. I can't wait to see what you create in 2010.

  2. So many gorgeous creations!!!! I love them all Theresa...I'm the same way and love trying new things, I guess I'm a jack of all trades and master of none! Wishing you a wonderful, happy and healthy new year ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  3. Oh my goodness. I haven't been around lately, so it was so much fun to look at all your creations. I loved everyone of them. And in my mind, you are the girl with the crown... Wonderful.


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