Saturday, January 16, 2010

As Seen on T.V.-The Tutorial

Or wow, I really need to mop! O.k. here goes, my first tutorial... have you seen the infomercial about the twin draft guards for your door? I was getting ready to make a draft dodger for our door when my dad told me about this commercial. After I saw it for myself I knew I could make something like it for our drafty door. So here's what I did... I found plumbing pipe insulation at Lowes and measured around it and then added 1/4" for my stitching. I then measured the size of the door both across and the width of it. My door measured 32" and the width was 1 1/2". So my measurements were a 32" length of material, the insulation measured 5" + 1/4" x 2 + the 1 1/2" for the door width so my material was 32"X 12". I folded my first pocket over 5 1/4".

Then my second pocket to match. I then pinned them in place.

I stitched the pockets in place.(i'd like to say that I used dark thread so that you could see it better but I believe that "honesty is the best policy" so the truth is that when I get excited about making something I can't always take the time to change thread!) You won't be able to see your stitching so if you are impatient like me then do the happy dance right now! Now slide the tubes that you have cut to 32" into the pockets. This will take the longest to do in this quick little project. The pockets have to be tight enough to hold the tube well.

And here you go... new age draft dodger complete for your old age door! This is still my proto-type and I was thinking out loud during lunch and came to the conclusion that if you put another pocket at the bottom and across the bottom of the tubes and put some sort of flexible plastic inserted inside than the tubes might stay in place and not flop a little like mine did. I'll let you know if I try that in the near future but for now this is working!

O.k. be honest (you know it's the best policy!) did all of that make sense to you or were you saying HUH? while you read it. You see I have been wanting to do a tutorial on here for awhile now because when I go to blogs that I know have them I get all giddy when I see a new tutorial that I want to try.
Now that I've made my hubbys day by saving us a little money on the energy bill and I didn't pay 9.99 + 6.95 shipping - this project cost all of 2.00 for the tubing and the fabric was a left over piece from my stash! I can get on to my next project and finish the curtains that I am making for my son. Happy Saturday! ~ Theresa xoxo


  1. I followed along just fine....your directions made sense to me. I've see this on TV and always thought that it could be made for a lot've just proved to me it can. Thanks.

  2. I've also thought that these could be made for alot less! You are one smart cookie! Your tutorial makes it look so easy. I've got tons of leftover fabric, so all I need is the insulation. Thank You!!


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