Friday, January 22, 2010

Vintage ads to make you giggle!

A friend of mine gave me these old workbasket magazines and a few other goodies saying that she figured I could do something with them. As soon as I saw them I wanted to share the ads with all of you. Some of these had me laughing out loud and the others made me wish for a simpler time. Enjoy.
This one is for all you girls with dress forms or you who are dreaming of dress forms... this one cost $15. total and you could get it sent to you after you sent them your first payment of $3. ! OMG can you imagine sending a check to a company for $3. with the promise of sending them $2. a month until the full price of $15 was paid off?!!! I don't remember this exact ad with Norman Rockwell for drawing but when I was a kid I used to draw all of the animals they could come up with and dream about illustrating their childrens books!
I really wish I could find magazines like this for my daughter, the ads are so innocent and sweet, with patterns and craft ideas, stories and comics. really too sweet.

This is one of the ads in the magazine, I just wish that my kids could have experienced such innocence at this age, now all of the swimsuit models are half naked and it's almost unheard of for our girls to look like just that...girls.

Apparently not so for the moms! O.k. I'll admit it, somedays I wish I had one of these, but then I remember-I like to breathe!

This is a two parter... first I thought it was a trick question cuz both haircuts look like they may have cost .10 and then part two is -typical mom- she paid .10 for hers and took her daughter to a salon and paid 2.00 for hers!!!!! LOL

These last two are both for Postum, now I've never heard of Postum before but with all of these healing properties I gotta wonder where I can pick me up some! I have to ask my family, do I look like that when they spill the milk? Are they searching for Postum as we speak? Did drs. forget there was such a thing as postum after valium came out?

I mean really if you can go from the picture above to this lady who looks so happy she might just dance a jig with that broom she's holding, then POUR ME SOME POSTUM!!!!!

I hope these brought a smile to your face like they did for me. I tried to scan them for you but that is yet another computer issue I am trying to overcome. When I do I will go from looking like the first postum lady to the second! I have lots of goodies I want to share with you to use in your artwork ( I know I really appreciate the people who do this for us) You can use these if you can get a good copy of them, I know I plan on some funny b-day cards for a few people I know. If you make anything I'd love to see it! Have a Fun Friday! ~ Theresa xoxo


  1. I love the Postum ads. I wonder what was in that stuff??

  2. I love the magazine for girls. Wishing we had more of those around now. You have a great weekend. And watch out for that Postum!!!

  3. The vintage ads are so amazing, aren't they! We forget that it's not that long ago when life was a lot simpler...and a lot less expensive! Fun ads! Thanks for sharing! Happy PINK Saturday!

  4. I wonder where I can get an Abdo-Slim? Postum is made from grain. I believe it's wheat and corn. I used to drink it in the 70's, during my hippy days. Just had to be different. Now I NEED my caffeine. I also NEED an Abdo-Slim.


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