Sunday, January 3, 2010

Silver Sunday Party!

In honor of the Silver Sunday Party hosted by Beth @ Gypsy Fish I thought I would share a couple of the assemblages I have done in the past. It all started with an online class from Teresa McFayden which invoved a bird piece done on a silver tray. Well then you know how it goes... I got hooked on using silver trays and started doing some other pieces. I now have a little collection of trays to use for new pieces as soon as I sit myself down at the work table again!
I found every item on this dress form assemblage at sales, but you can find the paper mache dress forms at the craft stores. If you have never purchased one of Teresas ezines they are wonderful... full of tips and ideas. You can check them out here I'm sure that little tidbit was redundant for most of you as she is the Silver Bella Queen but there may be someone out there who hasn't seen her blog!
This next one is a handsome young man who ofcourse I do not know but just fell in love with his picture when I came across it at an antique store. Doesn't he look like someone who made a great success of his life? So ofcourse he needed a party hat to celebrate!
After making the crepe paper ruffle I went to my trusty vintage typewriter to type out the words Make your Mark. In my heart I knew he did!

So that's my first offering for the party, next week I may have to go through some of the platters I have collected to make these assemblages... Click on the link at the top of the page to see the other party goers! Thank you Beth for hosting! Have fun at the party! ~ Theresa xoxo

I'm bringing this post out of the vault for Cindys Creative Spirit party... I wish I had time to make something new ( so does my brain, the ideas are getting a bit crowded in there!) I hope to be able to create something soon, in the mean time I thought I'd bring this back for anyone who didn't see it before. Have fun at the party! Thanks Cindy!!
Thanks as always for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. What a really wonderful idea. They are beautiful!

  2. Such a pretty the dress form assemblage!! Very Creative!! xOxO Nerina

  3. Oh I just love that first one! It's absolutely lovely.

    Happy Silver Sunday! Blessings... Polly (Counting Your Blessings & French Cupboard)

  4. Hi Theresa, your assemblages are beautiful! I especially love the one with the dress because of the sweet embellishments like the necklaces and the tape measure. Happy Silver Sunday!


  5. Amazing talent my dear! Just love your work..thanks so much for being part of Silver Sunday!
    See you next week...
    {{gyspy hugs}}

  6. How fun are your silver pieces! I just love the the vignettes you have created! Have a Happy Silver Sunday. Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  7. Those are gorgeous. Beautiful work, the things you can make on a silver tray, wonderful!!! Show more please!!!
    Margaret B

  8. Theresa,
    Thanks for the tip on getting a pyrex dish at Wal-Mart..I'll put it on my shopping list! Sonia

  9. Hi Theresa-I love your work! It's so beautiful. Thanks for the link, too. I must be one of the last two people in Blogland who didn't know about Paper Bella/Silver Bella! ;-)
    Thanks for visiting Brynwood. See you again soon.
    Happy New Year.

  10. Theresa:
    You are so talented. Every time I come visit I see a new idea that I want to try. I LOVE the assemblages that you created. What a wonderful, creative way to repurpose a silver tray into beautiful art.

  11. What a treat! Thanks for sharing your works!!

  12. Beautiful silver trays! And you're so clever!

  13. Theresa, these are wonderful! I've never seen anything like it and am totally smitten. Love Mark! LOL!

    Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Silver Sunday!

    Marigold Manor

  14. Your work inspires me to go create with my silver!! The pieces are wonderful ... thank you for putting them in the Silver Sunday spotlight!


  15. Using trays is such a great idea. I've been collecting them for awhile with the intention of doing the I need to actually DO IT!:)) Love Yours!

  16. Theresa:

    I love what you're doing with the silver platters. (Oh, wasn't that the name of The Brady Bunch know, the episode where the Brady kids buy a silver platter for their parents anniversary, then they form a horrible singing group called "The Silver Platters" to pay for the gift). Anyway, back to YOUR silver platters. It's always nice to see someone using something that may otherwise end up in the trash.

    I collect vintage photos and sell my overstock on Etsy. So...I adore it when someone uses vintage photos in their art. It's always interesting to see each artist's ideas for those old photos.

    Thanks for sharing:
    Gerushia's New World

  17. How wonderfully whimsical! I absolutely love them both.
    You crafty people just amaze me, I wish I could do a tenth of what y'all seem to do just effortlessly. :-)

    Big Texas hugs,

  18. Oh how cute those turned out, another great silver tray idea. Now I need to go find some trays to do some crafting! Happy Silver Sunday...

  19. Never seen this sort of crafting before, its fabulous. Such a terrific idea. x

  20. Oh Theresa,
    These are simply gorgeous!!!! Thank you so much for linking them up--wow!!! I just love them...fantastic!!!

  21. This is awesome! I have a lot of dollar store trays and I NEVER thought of doing something like this or even lining them with paper! Guess what I'll be doing today!


  22. Oh my goodness... These are just Wonderful!
    I love them!
    You are so creative!
    Thank you for sharing your work with us!

  23. Well thank you for bringing it back because I had not seen it before and love it! I have a few trays that were my grandmothers I really did not know what to do with. I am sure this would make her proud. You never know this may be my inspiration for my next Creative Spirit Challenge. Thanks for sharing it again!


  24. Beautiful dress form!!! Very creative and unique.


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