Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Silver Sunday!!!

Meet Penelope. Isn't she a BEAUTY? Penelope is one of my favorite finds of all times. She unfortunately was painted with high gloss paint every summer for years I was told and then this year she really took a beating outdoors, she is now inside so she can last forever. I thought that she definitely needed a silver crown to add to her royalness. This is our Real Life silver, old locker baskets filled with scarves, hats and mittens. They always make me think back to being a kid and going to the town pool and having a key pinned to my suit! So fashionable! Especially when you factor in a sunburn the color of an overripe tomato!

I found this mercury glass bird ornie in a box of ball ornies for .50 at the salvation army, how lucky am I? My heart actually skipped a beat when I opened the box, you know the feeling I'm sure. He is nestled in a vintage silver candle holder with a little tinsel for his nest. He's going to stay out so I can ogle him on a daily basis!

Speaking of tinsel... this is my stash for inspiration, it fills an old glass jar with a found silver lid to top it off!

That's my little contribution to the party, thanks again Beth! Thanks for stopping by everyone, o.k. now go on over and see all of the fabulous silver finds the others are bringing! Happy Sunday! ~ Theresa xoxo


  1. beautiful pieces! i just love the mercury bird, what a lucky find. he looks amazing sitting on that beautiful candle holder.

  2. I love them all but I can relate most to the bins with the scarves :) Just where I am at right now!

  3. I love your silver -- especially Penelope and your mercury glass bird...both are just perfect. They appear to have aged very well and have gotten prettier and prettier, the same thing could be said of women, right?

  4. Penelope's patina is gorgeous! Thanks for playing today....see you next Sunday...
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  5. The mercury glass bird is an amazing find. I don't blame you for keeping him out all year.
    I have a set of locker baskets that I store a lot of my craft supplies in. I'm right there with you remembering how we used them at the swimming pool and had the locker pin on our swimming suit. Fun memories.
    Loved all your silver stuff!!

  6. I love how that silver lid looks on that glass jar! I often see orphaned silver lids or jars without lids at the thrift store but I never thought of actually combining the two. It looks great!

  7. Love that old jar with the silver lid!
    Have a beautiful new week...Kathy

  8. 50 cents for the mercury glass bird? I would have died! What a fantastic find!

  9. Love the bird, what great inspiration pieces. Have a lovely Silver Sunday.

  10. Your silvers are great....the crown is stunning. I have to know where you got it.
    Happy Silver Sunday.

  11. Ok This is so bad but I am so jealous of that bird... but so happy for you finding it too. lol
    Your stash of silver looks soi pretty in the glass jar. I used most of mine up around the house this season.
    Great Silver Sunday!

  12. You really do have some of the best silver I've seen yet! I'm TOTALLY jealous of you for finding that mercury glass bird! And by accident, no less. How lucky can you get? :-)

    Have a wonderful week!


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