Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Of this. I know we have a lot of winter left here in Michigan but I cannot wait to be able to get my hands in some dirt and be outside for longer than our riverwalk takes us. This is our backyard, this area is our picnic area behind the house and on the backside of the barns. Those are lilac bushes and oh I how love it when they are in bloom! This is a relatively new area as a couple of years ago I layed tarp down of the grass and then covered it with mulch so we could have a 'real patio'. It works great (not that I don't have dreams of a field stone patio mind you!) This made D. so happy because now when he mows he doesn't need to move everything in this area. I aim to please! The bushes go around where Penelope stands too so we have a little privacy when we dine, or carve pumpkins, or read, or play, yes we love it out there!

This is MY barn otherwise known as The White Barn or as D. lovingly refers to it as the junk collection! Every spring I clear it out and organize it so that I can create in there in the summer but I fill it up as fast as the garage sales show up in the paper! This summers project will be to give it a paint job and work on it's little garden a bit. can't wait! :)

This is the back of the house and where I want to put in another patio... right behind the chadelier and the bird house, right up to the back of the house. There is good amount of under used space that would make a great little get away spot. Now to convince D., ofcourse the first thing out of my mouth will be how it would be nice and shady (the chandelier is actually hanging from an enormous pine tree) and we could put a lounge chair in there for him! It really won't take much because it's 1/2 way there already, the mulch goes just beyond the glider bench... sounds like a good argument for a patio right?!

But of course this is my reality! It's not going away any time too soon and as far as the kids are concerned, this is fabulous! My thought is, 'if it's gotta be cold then I want snow to make it pretty!'
but one can dream.

Happy Wednesday! Theresa xoxo


  1. I can so understand why you would want to get out and play in the dirt. You have a great place to it. Love ♥ the chandy in your garden, T

  2. Hi hi,

    Via many roundabouts I hopped onto your lovely blog. Sun, sun, sun.... I dream together with you!

    Have a wonderful wednesday,


  3. Hi Theresa,
    Loved your Silver Sunday! Nothing better than beautiful silver... And that tussie mussie out of screen? So wishin I had one of those.

    Your patio areas look wonderful! I am in the process of trying to coax my hubby into a more patio's here as well. Great idea with the mulch. You are so lucky to have trees big enough to hang things from. (We built in the middle of a corn field, I have planted many trees, but they are only seven or eight feet high.) Love the chandelier!!! And the sweet barn... Lucky girl!

  4. Your outside spaces look so inviting. A great place to hang out once all that snow melts!! Love your barn.

  5. You have a barn? I'm so jealous! What an inspiring place that must be to create. I'm ready for spring/summer too. We are on day 9 of no sunshine!

  6. I love the chandlier in the garden, I'm always trying to add new things for converstion. But it will probably April before our ground cooperates. We have snow her to.

  7. What a great garden and (patio)! I have been dreaming of a concrete patio for awhile! I love your idea with the tarp, but we get a lot of wind here and I think the mulch would be all over the yard. Looks very welcoming though!


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