Saturday, January 30, 2010

A love of toolboxes

First of all I gotta tell you all, I get so inspired by all of the creative genious you bloggers put out here. It gets my juices flowing like you wouldn't believe! (being trapped in the house helps too!) Here's the thing, if when I pull up to a garage sale and find a little old man selling his goodies well, be still my heart! When I go to an estate sale I love going in the garage first, I love to see the 'man stuff' so I can turn it into the 'girl stuff' :) I've had this handmade toolbox for awhile now and it usually has candles in the jars, like now, but sometimes in the summer they get replaced with flowers. It's always been bare wood until recently when I took it to the basement and gave it a quick facelift with some white spray paint, but it still needed more... here it is after the spray paint (sorry I forgot the true before pics.)

And here it is all shabbified with some vintage lace and a old rhinestone (funny I'm not usually a lace girl but the dingy balls I usually use just didn't cut it this time!). The lace was too easy, the lady I bought it from kept it in a continuous loop so all I had to do was slip it on the box! Don't you love it when a project is just that easy?
O.k. this next one was even easier. I bought this from a 'man sale', It was full of screws and nails and such, all of which I bagged up for later. I just scrubbed it really good and then gave it a good rub down with lemon oil. I love it!

The compartments were so big that I could fit 12 old restaurant plates in the back two and our silver in old blue jars in the front. I finished it off with napkins and a jar of flowers, I hated using fake ones but that was all I had, you can be sure that the blue jar will be filled with real ones ASAP!

Even D. commented on this as soon as he saw it! Sometimes he just scratches his head at my upcycled projects but he's a sucker for organization! So thanks for all of the inspiration you've sent my way, I hope I've done a little of the same for you!

Happy Saturday! ~ Theresa xoxo


  1. Those are fabulous toolboxes. I love the fact that they are compartmentalized....perfect for display. The second one you pictured with you tableware is my favorite. I love how it came together with all of your plates and silverware...genius!!!
    I have one old toolbox that I bought years ago. It is really big and is just one big open area. I've used it at Christmas with greenery and white lights but I can see now that I'm not using it to it's full potential.

  2. You know Im loving these!!! I will have to keep my eyes open for one. Thanks for sharing~

  3. Hi Theresa.

    Love the way you used the big tool box (it that what they were originally from) I have a large one too, have lots of Stuff tucked in mine....
    & since I have been off the computer for a few days, I also Love the way you used all the Floral Paintings in the Stair/Hallway...
    Last but not least ~ Love the outdoor area in Dream! I'm sure I already asked, but I forget, what part of Michigan are you from???? whenever I see Michigan I think~ Ahhh, Neighbors, then I realize how dumb that sounds, with the size of Michigan....
    Have a great week, looking forward to Silver Sunday, see you there.

  4. I just love your blog...
    So creative!

  5. The basket with the jars filled with candles is so unique and original...I just love it!

  6. Love this idea! I have a large tool box and I'm going to try this with my plates 'n things. Beautiful blog!


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