Sunday, January 17, 2010

Silver Sunday Party #3!!

Here's a little grouping of some silver candle stix and mercury glass candle vases and two old lamp bases with crystals that have been converted to candle holders ( a girl only needs so many small lamps) all sitting pretty on my garage sale mantle! This was a fake fireplace that was used for the familys' Christmas Fireplace to hang stockings on. It came complete with hideous fake logs that burned red through the cellophane on top of them! They looked a little, no a lot, dangerous so out they went. I still need to do some work to this like replace a couple of small pieces of trim at the top and repaint it and then secure it all together. It was made from an old organ and so is very heavy! The ornate details on the side are from the organ... so cool. Actually I got this from the same sale that I bought Penelope from. This beauty only set me back $10. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
I've tried this in a couple of rooms so far and the dining room has it now after it did a little stint in the barn just being stored and unappreciated, again can you believe it?
Here's the details of the sides that had my heart beating so fast... The picture in front is hiding the fact that it is not a usable fireplace but it fits it perfectly so it serves its purpose.
O.k. enough about the fireplace and back to Silver Sunday... I folded this pillowcase over a smaller pilllow so that the ruffle could be seen better and then pinned it in place with a silver leaf pin full of BLING!

It sits on the chair that I reside in while doing this post...

Finally here's the BLING I wear on a regular basis to camoflage the age spots that I also wear on a regular basis:( Oh well, if we do a Brown Party I'm ready to go! I hesitated buying this at Target a couple of years ago thinking it may be too flashy but then I think I channeled my Mammy who was by far the flashiest person I ever knew and said Flash Away! My sisters and I always refer to Mammy when we see (or wear) over the top clothes, shoes, bling, etc. as in "Mammy would love that!" or "That is sooooo Mammy" and just last week when my sister, Molly, tried on a leopard coat in the Savation Army a new phrase came from these lips "That is Mammy Fabuous!" A little catchy and so she can be sure to hear it again!

Have a Mammy Fabulous Sunday and enjoy the rest of the SILVER and BLING brought to you by the rest of the party goers over at ~ Thanks Beth! ~ Theresa xoxo


  1. What fabulous find your faux fireplace... LOVE iT. As we get older we have earned to right to be flashy. Wear your bling proudly and show your brown spots gracefully we are all graciously entering our "middle earlies" as my father says. TFS Have a wonderful Silver Sunday and finally thanks for stopping by.

  2. Nothing wrong with being a little mammy fabulous! hey that would make a great name for a blog! don't ya think? Love what you've done with the faux fireplace. Using a pillow case with a bit of bling is brilliant!
    Happy Silver Sunday....can't wait to see what else you show us next week!

  3. Very pretty fireplace, you have it decorated so prettily, I think you need to come to MN and give me a jumpstart... Love the ruffled pillow too. Can't resist ruffles and bling!

  4. Everything is so LOVELY!!

    I really like how you did the pillowcases and what an AWESOME revamp of lamp bases! We recently redid our bedroom and I no longer have any use for the lampbases that were in there. They're very pretty, crystal with gold bases . . . hmmmm . . wonder if I can spraypaint the gold bases. I think I'll give it a try and convert them into candle holders for the bathroom!!!

    What a grand faux fireplace!!!

    Oh, yes, age spots . . . . ah . . . . . I have them too!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you so much for stopping by today!


  5. That fireplace is awesome and the price? are you kidding me?? dare I say I think it's all "Mammy Fabulous"!

    Hope your kiddos are feelin' better real soon!


  6. What a wonderful got a great deal on that beauty!! Loved all your silver, especially the Mammy Fabulous watch! Love that phrase.

  7. Hi Theresa,

    So Happy you stopped by My Blog on this 3rd Silver Sunday, I am having so much fun visiting..... You mentioned my banner (Me on a Zebra in Mexico 1958) it's one of My Favorite Old Family Photos, Now for Yours, I Love it, Is it a Family Photo.... I am certainly Your Next Follower & I am adding You to My I&I Blog List!
    I will be back Often
    Have a Great Week

  8. Ha ha, I love that, mammy fabulous!!! How divine your pillow looks, I just love bling and ruffles, they go great together!!!!
    Wonderful job on the fireplace. I am with you if they do a brown day, he he....... we can go as twins! Never thought of covering mine with bling, good idea!
    Margaret B

  9. It is fun to have a phrase that says it all....mammy fabulous does the trick! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I am SO lusting after a faux fireplace mantle at a local store right now! I'm not sure I can convince the Mr. of just how awesome it would be, but your post here might just help my cause!


  11. I absolutely love your pillow. I also really love your header. All just smashing...julie

  12. Fabulous finds. Especially adore the pin on the pillow, or should I say the pin and the pillow! ~ Angela

  13. 1st - LOVE your blog & your Etsy shoppe's!
    2nd - This is the 2nd blog I've seen the awesome oval sign in, would you be willing to share where you bought it?
    3rd - An open invite for you to visit my blog anytime! :)


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