Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday!

This is the first decoration I've put up so far, better get crackin! All lit up to welcome all the kids that are always coming over to play! ( we are the koolaid house!)
How sweet is that face?

A good friend of mine moved and gave me this huge santa head, I love him ,there is so much nostalgia in his rosy cheeks and nose. For the past couple of years he has hung on our small barn but a strong wind and he goes flying in the yard so I decided that I would try him out on the front porch this year. He's definitely one of those things I consider a requirement in our house...every room (or porch) should have something in it that makes you grin! ~ Theresa xoxo

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday Sale!

I have been adding treasures to my second shop on etsy today. I had to wrestle with the cloudy day to get any pics to come out so hopefully we have a sunnier day tomorrow because I started going through all of my goodies to destash, and OMG! No wonder my family shakes their heads when I pull into the thrift store parking lots!( there's a couple of them that love it as much as I do, my oldest two could be in there all day too) Come over for a visit and save yourself 10% off everything in both stores all day Monday!
We had a wonderful holiday weekend, spending time with family and relaxing together, playing a few games of chutes and ladders and snuggling. We watched UP yesterday, I'm sure most of you have already seen it, but it was our first time and it was wonderful, very heartwarming. How can a cartoon bring on tears so easily though? Yesterday I even squeezed in spray painting the iron railings on the front porches and am so glad I did. I was doing it until dark so I'll have to post pictures later! I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving full of love, laughter and yummy treats! ~ Theresa xoxo
vintage plastic hand held mirror
beautiful cobalt blue McCoy cornucopia

Fabulous shabby cottage metal canister set...lots more to come!

More giveaway fun!

Click on the button to the left and hop over to theshabbychiccottage to join in on the fabulous giveaway she is having while there is still time! 28, yep that's right, 28 different prizes! Something for everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An award to share...

Kate @ auntiecakes was so kind as to give me this award, Thanks Kate! I was a little intimidated at first, you know ...lil ole me?... and then there's the ten interesting facts about me, really, ten?,really, interesting?, well I was really honored that she picked me so I wanted to play along so here goes.

1.I am the second of twelve children-8 boys, 4 girls and yes us us girls did most of the work!

2. At our last family reunion I was a snake charmer for the Kirby Carnival (not sure if those pics should ever be released to the public!)

3.I rearrange our house, pictures, furniture, everything around constantly.

4.I used to do craft shows with my best friend-my sister Molly- and we used to do primitives (you know the kind- the uuuuuglyyyy dolls) but now I just love everything glitter and white and restful.

5. My dining room table is unfortunately my work table and so is always a disaster, I have to peek through the window to see how wide to open the front door...depends on who's on the other side!

6. I have a reputation of picking up junk so it can have a new life and so have found stuff (treasures) left anonymously on my porch!

7. I lost my mom this year and miss her everyday.

8. When I was growing up she, my mom, called me her right hand and my brothers and sisters called me goody 2 shoes! I just couldn't help myself!

9. I hate to ask for help for anything and so have moved enormous pieces of furniture by myself- someone has to keep the chiropractor in business, right?

10. The most important fact about me is that I love being a mom and thank God for blessing me with that honor everyday.

now to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers I think you need to know...(maybe you already do!)

These are all great places to visit to fill you with inspiration, check them out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Put your party hat on and join the party!

Joan@ is hosting a VINTAGE CHRISTMAS MONDAY blog party and I am joining in on the fun! I don't have my decorations out of storage yet but here's a couple of things that I came up with...

I love this old hardcover book that I found at a garage sale, I bought it to use the pages in my art work but have found that I don't have the heart to cut it up, it's just so nostalgic and sweet.

This is one of the coloring pages in it, love the graphics!

This picture of Scrooge in it isn't too scary for children, right?

Check out how sweet this little guy is...

This is what he's attached to, an adorable felt stocking! I swooped in on this at this past saturday before my class started, they have some really wonderful things right now so if you live close by you should really get over there! This will become part of a Christmas gift for someone this year so mums the word O.K.?
I bet there's a lot of you out there with some pretty amazing stuff for Christmas and I'm sure you have a favorite party hat so let's all join in on the fun together! Just click on her button at the top left of the page and it will take you right to her and all of the fun! ~ Theresa xoxo

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why do I fret so.....

gotta have a little red too!

I've been making these for a few years now and love coming up with new container ideas.
tweeked this santa after I looked at it on my post... my Dad said it looked like a garter belt above the santa:)

I love these old pics... and martha stewarts flocking is so fun to use!

The wax collage class went great! Unfortuately my computer is messing with me and after I loaded the pics. and deleted them from the memory card it won't let me move them from the mysterious file I supposedly put them in... oh, check out my new friend Kristens blog she took the class and took amazing photos of her collage, so pretty!I am glad that I didn't do the kit thing because everyone was happy with the collage they made and not one was the same! I love that they put so much of themselves into their art and when it was for a gift for someone, how much love and care was going into it. Why do I fret so???
My aunts party was fun I saw lots of relatives that I haven't seen in years, really someone in this family needs to get married so we can get together again cuz that seems to be a sure thing in the way of a family reunion! I took my aunt one of my crowns made of silver pipecleaners and she wore it the entire time-too funny!! All in all it was a great day with the promise of another one today, we are having the best sunny weather here in Michigan--unheard of for Nov.. It will be a great day to get more pics. of everything I've been working on for etsy...come over for a visit! ~ Theresa xoxo

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I'm just finishing packing for my class this morning, so much for the kit idea... I 've talked to the girls taking the class and 2/3 of them asked if they could bring in an old family pic. instead of doing a Christmas one. The creative nurturer in me said "SURE, OFCOURSE"---the frantic new-to-this-teacher in me said "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" I know I don't have a poker face so I'm sure it looked like the girl at the top of the post! I'll let you know how it goes, I'm sure it will be fine -right?...after the class my 2 little ones and I are going with my dad to a family birthday party for my Aunt Virg who is turning 80! the party is being given by her sister, Aunt Jane, who is 77 and one of the funniest people I know! It should be a crazy time, plus we are meeting my sister there and we just can't help ourselves but act silly and laugh together! and then there's the cousins....!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time to put on the teachers hat

Another class this Sat. this time I'm teaching wax collage. I just love doing these, the smell is wonderful (ofcourse doesn't compare to the fabulous aroma of E6000!) and the freedom you get with the wax is awesome! I hope it goes well, my ultimate goal is to spark creativity and teach something that the class is glad they learned how to do, and ofcourse have fun while doing it. I will be putting together kits today because in the past I let everyone pick their own picture out of my stash,paper,embellishments and such because I want everyone to feel that their piece is OOAK but that causes too much confusion in the process so I'm going to try a kit. I'm still giving a choice as I'm putting together 2 kits they can choose to do either the Santa or Angel collage. Crossing my fingers here... I figure they can make a OOAK when they get home. If anybody out there in blog land has taken or taught a class and can offer up pointers to what they feel works the best I sure would appreciate them! O.K. off to my dads now for a visit and a little halltree makeover. Have a fabulous day ~ Theresa p.s. both the santa and the angel pictures are from Karen over at she has so many great graphics to share! The noel letter behind the santa came from go check her out she is very generous as well!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Sisters 2 Giveaways!!!

Since I'm spreading the new of the generous bloggets... These two sisters have wonderful blogs of their own and are both having giveaways! They don't end til Sunday so you still have time to hop over to their blogs and enter... and they got some stuff you just know you need! ~ Theresa xoxo p.s. I will be adding new Christmas goodies to my etsy for the rest of the week so stop on by!

Have you heard?

The Brocantess is having a fabulous giveaway! click here to see all of the goodies I tried to download a pic. on here of the wonderful goodies but alas I couldn't figure it anyone!!! Anyway you should hop over there and see her generosity for yourself! I'm blown away by how generous all of you bloggets are! ~ Theresa xoxo

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bear with me, I will figure this out eventually!!!

A couple of notes here about the last post...I DID IT BACKWARDS!!!!! Sorry you gotta start at the bottom and work you way up for it to make sense. I forgot how the order of the pics was going to come out until I hit publish...silly me! Also we had to pull up all of the bushes that surrounded the house because they were rotting the wood so until the hydrangeas come in that I planted it's gonna look pretty bare I'm afraid.

3 porches, 2 gallons of paint and 1 BEAST

How I feel now that I can sit on my freshly painted porches and relax!

porch #3 very small and a great place to hide when I need to!

Porch #2 and my impulse painting of the iron railing that I want replaced with wooden posts!

The laundry tub will hold our firewood for the winter

Glue gone paint down!!!

probably about bucket #4 of the horrible glue!

The horrible glue...

See the red rug? I have wanted it gone for 3 1/2 years now!!

I've been wanting to post this for awhile now, meaning this job wouldn't have taken the whole week! We painted our house this summer - by ourselves - that's important to know because we live in an old 3 story victorian and it was a huge job (especially when you consider that two of the painters HATE TO PAINT!!! We're not entirely crazy though and we are hiring out the third story to a professional in the spring. Anyway I digress... the porches were still not done because of a number of things that kept getting in the way , mostly the weather, but not this past week!We had the most wonderful warm week just right for finishing the job. Another obstacle was the red outdoor carpet that was glued down on the main porch. I think when the previous owners went to the store to get the supplies they figured if 1 tub of glue was good then 5 was better! So my 17 year old son and I tore up the rug and then I used a beast of a machine called a GRINDER yep that's right to get the glue up. These pictures are the results...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you to all of the brave men and women past and present who sacrificed so much for our freedom. God bless you all.~Theresa xoxo photo courtesy of The Vintage Moth

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A weekend full of sunshine and ornies!

Wow after my class on Sat. I was inspired to sit at the table and make some myself! These turned out so cool I love them, something for everyone...Jesus, Santas, children and an Angel and ofcourse glitter, glitter, glitter! I just finished listing them in my etsy store so come take a peek!
We had a beautiful weekend of warm sunshiney days, yea us!! The class was great, my daughter came and suprised me and sat in on it~~love her! Everyone created something unique and lots of fun stories went around the table:) I'm going to try to list more stuff tomorrow hopefully the sun is gonna stick around so I can get more pics.
I hope everyone had a fantasic weekend full of love, laughter, and GLITTER!!! ~~ Theresaxoxo