Monday, October 31, 2011

trick or treat...

Max the werewolf.

Hannah the baby.

the baby gang...

the gang.

The treat bags were full when we finished.
Max let me take way more pictures of him than Hannah did, 
plus I was one of the parents walking with this crazy group!

Hope you got your favorite candy in your treat bag,
I know I'm raiding the kids bag for a bit of chocolate!

Happy Halloween,
Theresa xoxo

Happy Halloween...

may you find the tricks to be few,
and your treat bag full!

although sometimes a bag full of tricks is welcome too!

Theresa xoxo

Saturday, October 29, 2011 changes...

 Please excuse the enormity of the giant header,
but I was hoping to get your attention!

I have had this change on my mind for quite a while.
I started the blog 2 years ago as 612 Riverside and kind of regretted it not long after.
I thought I would only talk about the things that I make.
not family, nothing personal.
Well, you seasoned bloggers know how hard that is to do!
So then I wanted to change it, but was hesitant.
Would I risk losing followers?
I certainly hope not ;)
For now I won't be changing my address but just my name.
baby steps.

With my shop name as 

the old white house

I have been trying to do more and more social networking and so I want
everything to have the same name.
I can't believe it myself but so far the baby steps include
I don't know how I'll keep up with it all, but I'm going to give it a whirl!
I don't even know if this makes sense, to only change the name and not
the address but like I said...
baby steps.
I do have a blog reserved as the old white house
so that change may soon be on the horizon.

this is one of those things that Eleanor Roosevelt suggested for our lives...

I would really appreciate any advice, feedback or helpful hints from those of you
who may have already changed your name or address.

well, here I go....

I hope you'll stick around, I promise there is more fun on the horizon!

Theresa xoxo

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

grungy pumpkins, the tutorial...

pinch pot by Max
cinnamon pumpkin by me

want to make some?

here's another new favorite from none other than
Theresa Easy Peasy Hein

of course being as excited as I was to make these,
and being the bad tutorialist that I am, I did not take step by step photos.

(that is another reason why I like easy peasy)

step 1. buy some inexpensive faux pumpkins

step 2.  melt wax in a GW small crock pot
 I had some beeswax at the bottom of mine from last years beeswax collages and so
used that, but you could use broken white candles.
and you could use a double boiler over the stove but I like using a crock pot instead of my gas stove
step 3. Add some cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and maybe
a dash of nutmeg for good measure into the wax. 
and by add I mean dump. I wanted mine kinda grungy so I used quite a bit.

step 4.  stir.

step 5. using an old paintbrush 'paint' the wax goodness onto the pumpkins
I did a few coats to really cover the pumpkins.
I also dunked the bottoms into the wax... whatever works!

step 6. while the wax is still warm and sticky sprinkle more cinn. on the pumpkins
and by sprinkle I mean shake vigorously.
I started doing this step over the crockpot and I have to say that I loved
how grungy the last batch came out.

yes, I said batch, they were that fun to make!

the response from the visitors to the show was wonderful.
They smell like what autumn smells like to me.

well, minus burning leaves, which I love, but have recently discovered that Hannah thinks is awful!
awful, really?

Well, there you have it easy peasy and all autumn-like!
I'd love to know if you make these and what you think :)
I bet the craft stores will be having a mad clearance sale on the pumpkins
after Monday, and just in time to get some on the cheap for your Thanksgiving decor!


Monday, October 24, 2011


I don't think it's any secret that I love Pinterest...
it is a wealth of inspiration.

like this particular pin that I found and then repinned...

Source: via Theresa on Pinterest

very cool.
Although I loved the idea, and the tape may well be worth the 7.00 price tag
that is just more than I can pay for tape.

I thought to myself, 
"self, doesn't that look like first aid tape?"

So, yesterday while grocery shopping, I perused the first aid aisle

now mind you, this is not eco cotton tape, which of course I would love to use, 
but it was only 3.50 for two rolls.  So I will make it work.

and the whole idea of stamping on it is fun and easy!

You know me, easy peasy is my middle name.
yup, Theresa Easy Peasy Hein ~

kinda sad that it only pertains to crafting ;)


As you well know, one thing leads to another and let's just say
that the ideas were churning!

I know, I know, Theresa Easy Peasy Hein,
it is TOO early for Christmas!

but I just couldn't stop myself!

this one is actually made with the paper version of first aid tape
I bought both the cloth and the paper tapes.  
Both are fun to use!

oh wait, I'm not done yet...

o.k. now I'm done!

(for today anyway, this laundry isn't going to wash itself you know!)

The paper tape doesn't have the bit of sheen that the cloth tape does,
but the cloth tape has the tiny ridges on the edges.
love them both.

So thank you pinterest for the inspiration!

Theresa xoxo

linking to;
Tutorial Tuesday

Sunday, October 23, 2011

winner winner chicken dinner...


send me an email with your address Ann, 
and I will get your prize out to you!

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments everyone,
you really know how to make a girl feel special!

Theresa xoxo

still time to enter the blogiversary giveaway...

tiny bouquet from Max.

there is still time to throw your name in the rusty bucket! 

I will be drawing the winner tonight!

Theresa xoxo

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 year blogiversary giveaway...

I have been rambling on now for two years, today.
Before that I was what is referred to in Blogland as

a lurker.

I couldn't help myself...
there were so many incredibly talented people
that willingly shared their ideas with me, that I just had to visit them regularly.

 Then one day I got up the courage to hit 'publish'.
and that changed everything for me.

You all helped me to see things differently,
kinda like this light on the porch does for our visitors at night.

I have made some marvelous friends in Blogland and am ever grateful for all of you.
Some I have been able to meet this past weekend,
like Maggie and Barb.
Barb's story is kinda funny.
After she read my post about getting ready for the show,
she emailed me to say that she follows my blog and had in fact gone to the show last year,
and had shopped my booth!
She asked how to contact Jill so that she could get a booth
and there she was on Saturday morning setting up her fabulous artwork!
Barb needs a blog.
c'mon in Barb the water is fine!

I would love to meet all of you,
wow, that's quite a bucket list isn't it!

We could have a big party where we solved all of the worlds problems.
Sometimes a phone call between girlfriends can do the same thing...
thanks, Z!

We would eat delicious food that all of you wonderful cooks create,
and talk home decor like there's no tomorrow,
and well, we would have fancy table settings...
no paper plates allowed,
and repurpose all of the treasures that we picked up on the way to the party,
then we would take lots of photos of everything and everyone!

lots of photos...

we like our photos... :)

If you have made it to the end of this long post,
then you know the best is yet to come...

I'm having a 

"happy blogiversary to me giveaway"

It's my thank you to all of you who stop by
to lift me up and bring a smile to my face with your comments.
I do love me some comments!

If you are a follower of 612 then leave me a comment on this post
and I will throw your name in the hat,
if not, then join in the fun and hit the follow button.
and I will throw your name in too!
(o.k. it will probably be a rusty bucket, but your name will be in there none the less)

I haven't decided on the surprise yet,
but I will make sure that it's extra special!

The winner's name will be drawn on Sunday.

Thank you all for reading, for commenting, for raising me up, for the amazing amount of inspiration
that you all generously dole out on a daily basis,
but most of all thank you for your friendship.

Theresa xoxoxoxo

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Vintage Inspiration Friday

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

white wednesday...

You know how when you make something
 and you step back and do the happy dance?
It doesn't always have to be elaborate
or excessive
sometimes simple is best.

This little happy dance is called the crafty four step...

step one:
find a beautiful old bakelite brush
step two:
glue a gorgeous vintage jewel to the brush
step three:
place a very special family picture gently into bristles of brush
step four:
step back and admire your 5 minute transformation!

easy peasy.

Theresa xoxo

linking to 

it's show time...

come on in!

I'm going to try to not say too much here and let the photos do the talking...
and let me warn you, there are a LOT of photos!

reminder, you know who I am and I did say try.

I want to find a place at home to hang this banner that I made with help from my 
friend Julie.  Thanks Julie!

Hannah found a little time to crochet a potholder for Jill
I love that girl so much <3

Do you think Jill would notice if I moved into one of her outbuildings?

The Granary

This is Nancy and Sharon they had the granary stocked with beautiful things!
Nancy has a local decorating business called The Garden Gallery in a near by town, St. Johns,  and holds annual sales at her place as well.

see? gorgeous!

This is Dorothy's space, she had some amazing finds as well, along with some creations/ marriages
of her own... check out the sweet "junk pumpkin" in the little wheelbarrow!

This is Jill's space (the creator of the show)

here it is from upstairs, she has 1/2 the barn full of gorgeous finds!

I wish that I had more photos of the other vendors outdoor booths, but as you can see I took 
these when nobody was around, once the show started it was impossible
to get any pictures as we were all too busy.
I wish I had gotten pictures before they broke down their booths!

It was a fabulous show full of lots of great treasures, one of the best around!

I had some great 'blogging' moments as well...
I had one lady walk into my space and pick up my card and announce
"I know you,  I read your blog!"
I was recognized people!  My family got a big kick out of that!
A couple of the girls that have taken my art classes in the past came by,
Sharon was one of them!
and to top it all off
Maggie, from The White Farmhouse came so that we could meet!
What fun to meet someone that I visit on a regular basis!
Thanks for coming Maggie!

I can hear you now...
"hey you're supposed to be blonde!"
Well girls, I have found that when the hormones go all wack so does 
coloring the hair!  So now you know, this is 'closer' to my actual
hair color and when we tried to color the blonde last time
it went all wack.  no other word for it. 
The color is different everytime even when we do the same thing! ugh.
When Maggie showed up,
she was looking for me and I was right in front of her!

So if any of you have any good tips on coloring menopausal hair and 
making it 'sparkly' again, I'm all ears!
I'm missing being all sparkly!

Hannah was a huge help both days, but by the end of the show days, this is where
I found her... all curled up with Dickens the barn cat!
Thanks for all of your help BOO!
I really have to say THANK YOU to my friend Val also, she stayed
all day Saturday and her and Hannah took care of people while I visited
with everyone!
(man I did a lot of talking!)

just added... one of my favorite fashion/design blogs
Pretty Little World
was also at the show and she has some great photos to share.
and the bonus?  she always has some gorgeous vintage fashion for sale
and I do mean GORGEOUS
so do yourself a favor and give her a visit!

So there you have it... it was a great weekend and so far the past couple of days
have been pretty uneventful and so I better get some dishes washed
so that we can eat dinner on clean plates tonight!

Theresa xoxo