Tuesday, November 24, 2015

it's giveaway time!

When my friends Kasia and Monica of 
Rustic MAKA
asked me to be part of their small business giveaway,
I immediately jumped in.
They are committed to a wholesome lifestyle by making natural products themselves,
and by supporting and shopping with makers of natural products,
such as myself.
This giveaway is HUGE!

It not only covers some of the natural companies that they have met
through markets and shows that they have attended,
but many other small businesses that they have fallen in love with.

See that array of goodness in the photo?
All of that can be yours if you are the lucky winner!
So head on over to their website

and go to the Journey of Change post, 

where you have a chance to meet the other businesses that are included in the giveaway,
and throw your name in the hat!

Good Luck!

Monday, November 9, 2015

paying it forward...

Here at The Old White House we know just how blessed we are.  We are very fortunate to have such wonderful, loyal customers, and want to do something to give back to the community for all of the support you've shown us. 

So as our way of saying THANK YOU, through the months of November & December we are donating a bag of our natural lavender laundry soap to a local shelter for every bundle we sell. 

You can find us at the Detroit Eastern Market on Saturdays through the Christmas shopping season, along with a few other shows thrown in for good measure.

Please check our Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on where we are headed!

We are also counting our online sales as part of the give back. 

The bundles make wonderful gifts for all those you love, (including yourself!), 
  and are filled with one of every natural lavender cleaner we make... 
a lavender laundry soap, plus the cute little wooden scoop,
 organic lavender dryer sachet,
 lavender linen & room spray,
 lavender carpet freshener,
 and our lavender kitchen & bath cleanser, 
all tucked into our signature hand stamped cotton bag.  

I hope to see you at the market!

Thursday, October 22, 2015


I'm thankful for it everyday.  
Taking our natural lavender laundry and cleaning products,
 and my repurposed assemblage jewelry,
to markets and shows is something that still seems like a dream.
(a dream where I work very hard... but a dream nonetheless.) 

If you have followed me up to this point, 
I know that I have come and gone, and come and gone again,
so I appreciate each and every one of you that still stop by 
when you see me come up in your sidebar. 

...and if you have followed for awhile, then you know that I have loved reclaiming 
forgotten treasures for forever. 
 I get caught up in the process of turning a phrase into a wearable reminder.

Repurposing the forgotten little pieces of someone's long ago story
into jewelry for someones new story...

 something as simple as a beloved dog's tag,
a reclaimed memory of someone's best friend...

into a necklace for a special dog lover.

Each small piece of our history inspires me 
to create a sparkly something special for you to wear.

I draw inspiration from the rusty, crusty, sparkly, shiny, 
 the natural, earth formed gems, and our past.

...and then there's this -
our incredibly fresh scented, hard working
natural lavender goodness.

like I said in the beginning...

Thanks for stopping by!
Please make sure to check my social media pages

and even

for the latest updates on what I'm up to,
and where you can find us!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

fall is in the air...

 I love this photo of Hannah working the booth. xoxo

As in the last few years, when we attend the year's last Farmers Market at the Capitol,
 (where I pick up some of the coolest pumpkins and gourds for our booth and home,)
then you know that summer is officially over.

Good-bye Summer,
Hello Autumn!

I hope that you enjoy all the best offerings of the season!

Monday, June 15, 2015

I wrote a novel of a post, grab your favorite beverage and settle in...

...that's what happens when you don't blog for months. oh, the shame.

My goodness it's been a long time since I've posted.
Let's see, where to begin...
Well, I am still here, just keeping incredibly busy with 
the business of going to markets and shows, that it's all I can
do to get a quick picture and post on instagram and facebook!
(thankfully they link together)

It takes a full week to get ready to go to the Detroit Eastern Market most every Saturday.
We went 41 out of 52 Saturdays last year, and aim to do the same this year, as well
including the FSAM on Sunday's from June - Sept. when I can!
Plus there are of course a few summer shows coming up that I love to do, 
so we will be bumping up production even more!

I'm so honored and excited to be invited by one of the shops that carries TOWH products
to do a Trunk Show with my jewelry in July.
will be hosting the  trunk show on July 9th, so of course I will be adding to the 
jewelry line between now and then.
I still have to tell myself that I'm not dreaming this up!

I love making and selling our lavender home products, 
and that fuels a passion for creating and using natural products that 
are good for us and the earth.  


...and then there is the artist in me, that NEEDS to be creating with my head, heart and hands.  
That's where making repurposed art jewelry comes in,
and I have been exploring new techniques to keep my creativity fresh.

I still play with my soldering iron, and have big plans for new designs coming up soon!



I've added repurposed belt, hand stamped cuffs to the mix.


I'm also working semiprecious stones into many of my pieces.

This mix of crystals, stamped soldered charms, lots of bling and vintage goodness is now hanging around the neck of a sweet lady that purchased it the first time I took it to the market.



One of the larger undertakings we did this year was move out of the old white house.  We found a great place in the country that we quickly settled in to.


            my little jewelry studio ❤️

There is still painting to be done in a few rooms, 
but it has to be done between making products, going to markets, and life in general.

I brought my "wood chip patio" making skills with me to convert the large wood square in the middle of the yard into a cozy place to relax together.

We have already used it quite a bit, and love it!

Another wonderful milestone has also taken place in our family... 

Cameron graduated from MSU last month!
Oh, I love that boy. His degree is Fisheries and Wildlife, which is so perfect for him, with his love of animals, the outdoors, and him being a talented photographer.
Here's a family pic of his big day, minus Danielle because she was in London for school.

Him and Audrey almost immediately moved to Denver to start a new chapter
in their lives.  She started grad school, and Cam is researching markets right now to sell TOWH in Denver while he looks for a job in his field.  We are so excited for them both, and incredibly proud of the two of them and all that they have accomplished already.  

I love to see these two pictures together.  It shows just how far that they have come together 
already with so much more still ahead of them.

Before Cameron graduated, him and I got to work on a very exciting project for 
The Old White House.  I can hardly contain myself when I tell you what it is...
We were featured in the Grand Rapids Magazine, and Cameron took all of the photos
for the article!  How cool is that?!!!

You can read it on Issuu as soon as it's posted. I checked and the June issue isn't posted yet.

 It was so awesome working with him as he took shot after shot of our products, my jewelry and myself.  I think he did a fantastic job, and so did the Grand Rapids Magazine editor. 

In February we were also featured in the magazine Planted!  

you can read it here on Issuu!

I am beyond excited to have been featured in both of these wonderful magazines, and seriously still need to pinch myself that it's happened.  

So that about sums up what's been going on with me...now you know that you can either find me behind a sewing machine making these...

or down in our work shop with the kids making the rest of our products...

or in my studio working on new designs...

or here...

or here...

and hopefully at the end of the day, here...

I'm going to be honest with you, this post has taken a couple of weeks for me to finish!  I hope you will follow me on Instagram and Face Book under The Old White House so that you can see all of my news and updates as they happen!

If you've made it to the end of this crazy long post, then you have a longer attention span than I do... 
thank you for seeing it through!