Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Silver Sunday #5!

Just a quick post for S.S. (I have company coming over and I still need to pick up the messes we made yesterday!) A little glittered bird sits in an abandoned nest found on the trail, all nestled in a sweet silver basket. I don't know my silver pieces like a lot of you maybe this is for condiments??? Sorry this next one is blurry, little lovebirds salt and pepper shakers sitting on a branch.

This Hotel coffee thermos is one of my first adult garage sale antique finds I think I must have been about 19 or so when I went to visit a good friend in Ohio and her mom took me 'sailing' it was wonderful and I found all kinds of goodies, this is one of the few that I still have. It says Hotel Statler 169 on it. I love using it, it makes my coffee a little more special, well that and a little vanilla cinnamon creamer!

A antique tin type of a dapper looking couple sits in a vintage metal frog.

Another one of my favorites a champagne bucket with a ribbon wrapped around it pinned together with a vintage rhinestone. BLING!! Gotta have it!!!!

It sits on my newest upcycle. Last week our round coffee table just couldn't take the wear and tear we were giving it and one of the legs came loose. It was already held together with glue when I bought it so now I need to come up with a better repair job for it. In the mean time, I am loving this! I found this door in the rafters of the white barn when we bought the house and left it there knowing that one day it would be something special. This is it's day! I cleaned it up and propped it on top of a couple of the garden urns and wahlah a new coffee table! Ofcourse it can't last... spring will be here and then I will need those urns again, I'll have to find a more permanent solution for legs before then! Thanks for stopping by and a special thanks to Beth for hosting this fun party! Happy Sunday! Theresa xoxo

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A love of toolboxes

First of all I gotta tell you all, I get so inspired by all of the creative genious you bloggers put out here. It gets my juices flowing like you wouldn't believe! (being trapped in the house helps too!) Here's the thing, if when I pull up to a garage sale and find a little old man selling his goodies well, be still my heart! When I go to an estate sale I love going in the garage first, I love to see the 'man stuff' so I can turn it into the 'girl stuff' :) I've had this handmade toolbox for awhile now and it usually has candles in the jars, like now, but sometimes in the summer they get replaced with flowers. It's always been bare wood until recently when I took it to the basement and gave it a quick facelift with some white spray paint, but it still needed more... here it is after the spray paint (sorry I forgot the true before pics.)

And here it is all shabbified with some vintage lace and a old rhinestone (funny I'm not usually a lace girl but the dingy balls I usually use just didn't cut it this time!). The lace was too easy, the lady I bought it from kept it in a continuous loop so all I had to do was slip it on the box! Don't you love it when a project is just that easy?
O.k. this next one was even easier. I bought this from a 'man sale', It was full of screws and nails and such, all of which I bagged up for later. I just scrubbed it really good and then gave it a good rub down with lemon oil. I love it!

The compartments were so big that I could fit 12 old restaurant plates in the back two and our silver in old blue jars in the front. I finished it off with napkins and a jar of flowers, I hated using fake ones but that was all I had, you can be sure that the blue jar will be filled with real ones ASAP!

Even D. commented on this as soon as he saw it! Sometimes he just scratches his head at my upcycled projects but he's a sucker for organization! So thanks for all of the inspiration you've sent my way, I hope I've done a little of the same for you!

Happy Saturday! ~ Theresa xoxo

Friday, January 29, 2010

The collection in the hallway and my lighting solution!

This is the hallway going to the upstairs of the house, where 3 of the bedrooms are. I had these floral pictures scattered all over the house when we first moved in here almost 4 years ago but it gave the house a 'old lady' feel and wasn't really a good fit for the whole family. Now mind you I generally like the 'old lady' look and when I see a vintage floral picture I go gaga but D., well not so much! He doesn't really say much but this many was a bit over the top for him. My solution? Hang them in the hallway so that I can enjoy them without overtaking the house with 'flower power'!

This stairway is a really tight space so I tried to squeeze in all of the areas without making you dizzy looking at the pics! I didn't match up the frames heck some of the pics don't even have frames! I like the gathered over time look to them.

This is one of my favorite lighting solutions. There were just bare bulbs hanging in the hallway so when I found these paper lanterns here I was so excited! I think I paid 20. for 3 gorgeous lanterns that are huge!

I put cup hooks on two sides of the light fixture and then hooked the lantern onto them. I did have to snip the bar that went across the lantern but it didn't affect it. You can see the hooks in the pic. above.

Well that's it for now, stop back soon though as I have been going a little stir crazy around here and so have been sprucing up the place a little. (I once had a lady walk past my house when I was sprucing up the porch say to me 'you like playing house don't you?' my response what an enthusiastic 'YES'! I never thought of it that way but I always loved playing house when I was little, not so much the doll part but the making a home part.) I have a couple of upcycled projects to share with you and of course Silver Sunday! Thanks for stopping by, TGIF!! Theresa xoxo

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Of this. I know we have a lot of winter left here in Michigan but I cannot wait to be able to get my hands in some dirt and be outside for longer than our riverwalk takes us. This is our backyard, this area is our picnic area behind the house and on the backside of the barns. Those are lilac bushes and oh I how love it when they are in bloom! This is a relatively new area as a couple of years ago I layed tarp down of the grass and then covered it with mulch so we could have a 'real patio'. It works great (not that I don't have dreams of a field stone patio mind you!) This made D. so happy because now when he mows he doesn't need to move everything in this area. I aim to please! The bushes go around where Penelope stands too so we have a little privacy when we dine, or carve pumpkins, or read, or play, yes we love it out there!

This is MY barn otherwise known as The White Barn or as D. lovingly refers to it as the junk collection! Every spring I clear it out and organize it so that I can create in there in the summer but I fill it up as fast as the garage sales show up in the paper! This summers project will be to give it a paint job and work on it's little garden a bit. can't wait! :)

This is the back of the house and where I want to put in another patio... right behind the chadelier and the bird house, right up to the back of the house. There is good amount of under used space that would make a great little get away spot. Now to convince D., ofcourse the first thing out of my mouth will be how it would be nice and shady (the chandelier is actually hanging from an enormous pine tree) and we could put a lounge chair in there for him! It really won't take much because it's 1/2 way there already, the mulch goes just beyond the glider bench... sounds like a good argument for a patio right?!

But of course this is my reality! It's not going away any time too soon and as far as the kids are concerned, this is fabulous! My thought is, 'if it's gotta be cold then I want snow to make it pretty!'
but one can dream.

Happy Wednesday! Theresa xoxo

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Silver Sunday #4

Wow, where has the time gone? 4 Silver Sundays already! I wanted to start this post with a girl who is near and dear to my heart. Our Liberty, she is the first welcoming sign that my grandparents saw when they arrived here from Austria so many years ago. My header is a picture of them with some of most of their children and a couple of their grandchildren, I love this picture they all look so happy (my mom is the baby sitting on her mothers lap furthest on the right.) It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip to N.Y. last year. Today she stands proud of her fellow Americans who have helped so many in Haiti did you watch Hope of Haiti? It was marvelous, so much talent coming together. to help others. loved it. This tussie mussie is quite big and made from an old metal window screen, after I stitched it together with jewelry wire I dabbed white paint on it and covered it in glass glitter. The beautiful paper boquet that it holds was presented to me by Hannah. She made them from a Martha Stewart kit while she was on the couch with 'the bug'.

Aren't they gorgeous? I just love them. I tucked them into the cone with some moss. I think they look great on our old gray cabinet.

More from my platter obsession... this time silver trays. After seeing everyones shiney silver I'm tempted to shine a few of these up. I really like the silver both ways so I know I can't shine up everything:)

This old jar filled with vintage clothespins is topped with a mercury glass lid. I unfortunately had a mishap with the fab jar it originally was on and it broke but I'm so glad I saved the lid, it fits this jar perfectly. My wool felted party chick perched on a silver candle holder is keeping a close eye on things!

That's all for now folks! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me for Silver Sunday, stop on over to see Beth @ Gypsy Fish and see all of the other participants and their fab silver goodies. The list of participants gets bigger every week. But ofcourse, who doesn't love silver and remember kindergarten, wasn't show and tell one of your favorite things? I know it was one of mine! Happy Silver Sunday! ~ Theresa
p.s. The Middlest Sister has the sweetest little girl ever and you really need to read about her efforts to raise money for Haiti. Check out Libbies' latest post about her sweet Annie.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Vintage ads to make you giggle!

A friend of mine gave me these old workbasket magazines and a few other goodies saying that she figured I could do something with them. As soon as I saw them I wanted to share the ads with all of you. Some of these had me laughing out loud and the others made me wish for a simpler time. Enjoy.
This one is for all you girls with dress forms or you who are dreaming of dress forms... this one cost $15. total and you could get it sent to you after you sent them your first payment of $3. ! OMG can you imagine sending a check to a company for $3. with the promise of sending them $2. a month until the full price of $15 was paid off?!!! I don't remember this exact ad with Norman Rockwell for drawing but when I was a kid I used to draw all of the animals they could come up with and dream about illustrating their childrens books!
I really wish I could find magazines like this for my daughter, the ads are so innocent and sweet, with patterns and craft ideas, stories and comics. really too sweet.

This is one of the ads in the magazine, I just wish that my kids could have experienced such innocence at this age, now all of the swimsuit models are half naked and it's almost unheard of for our girls to look like just that...girls.

Apparently not so for the moms! O.k. I'll admit it, somedays I wish I had one of these, but then I remember-I like to breathe!

This is a two parter... first I thought it was a trick question cuz both haircuts look like they may have cost .10 and then part two is -typical mom- she paid .10 for hers and took her daughter to a salon and paid 2.00 for hers!!!!! LOL

These last two are both for Postum, now I've never heard of Postum before but with all of these healing properties I gotta wonder where I can pick me up some! I have to ask my family, do I look like that when they spill the milk? Are they searching for Postum as we speak? Did drs. forget there was such a thing as postum after valium came out?

I mean really if you can go from the picture above to this lady who looks so happy she might just dance a jig with that broom she's holding, then POUR ME SOME POSTUM!!!!!

I hope these brought a smile to your face like they did for me. I tried to scan them for you but that is yet another computer issue I am trying to overcome. When I do I will go from looking like the first postum lady to the second! I have lots of goodies I want to share with you to use in your artwork ( I know I really appreciate the people who do this for us) You can use these if you can get a good copy of them, I know I plan on some funny b-day cards for a few people I know. If you make anything I'd love to see it! Have a Fun Friday! ~ Theresa xoxo

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

let your light shine...

I had an idea yesterday... as I mentioned in my last post I keep thinking "what can I do?" so I donated to crafthope and that felt good and so I figured since crafting is what I do and I'll be honest here -the budget is small here at 612- I decided to craft some more!( I hope to be able to raise more money than I ever could afford to give right now.) I had these candles set aside for valentines candles but I like this so much better. These are tall glass votive candles, you know the kind with the religious pictures on them, well I took off the picture and covered them in a copy of sheet music, the song is Angel's Serenade, fitting don't you think? I then made a rosette out of creamy white crepe paper and topped it with a wool cream heart and a red wool cross.

I am selling these in my etsy store with all of the proceeds going to the Red Cross.

How rude of me... I keep saying I made them but my 11 year old daughter Hannah helped with these ( she can ruffle a paper rosette with the best of them!) As soon as I told her my idea she asked if she could help me :) I gotta tell you that's my Hannah, when Hurricane Katrina hit, her and one of her friends sold lemonade at our farmers market and made well over $300. to send their way. All by themselves, all their idea. Can you tell I'm a proud mama? She has a big heart and loves to give of herself.

If you know anyone looking for a new candle... or needing a special gift... maybe you could spread the word for us. We have 6 on there right now but will make more! Thanks, Theresa xoxo

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Calling all you bloggers out there who have figured this stuff out! I have tried and tried to find out how to do a couple of things on my blog that EVERYONE else does on theirs and for the life of me cannot get it to work. I'm sure when you see my request you are going to say to yourself...that is so easy. I have googled these questions only to come away scratching my head and trying all kinds of things to no avail. ugh. O.k. here goes...

1. How do you put a link in your post without having the whole address show? I did what they said in blogger but I still get the whole address and not just a name like all of you have in your posts. I'm so jealous!

2. How do I expand my sidebar or shrink the html code so that the pictures or buttons I want to add won't be cut off (like the craft for Haiti one is right now.)

I will be forever grateful to you if someone can help me out here! Thank you! ~ Theresa

Monday, January 18, 2010

Looking for a way to help

I have been feeling so helpless as I watch the news and I don't think I've mentioned this before but D. is obsessed (my word not his) with fox news and so I hear it alot. Ofcourse there are so many horrible images of Haiti and the devastation they are going through, I, like so many of us just want to do Something. Anything. Well, I found it... HERE I donated a couple of things to put in the etsy site these amazing women have set up to donate the proceeds to Doctors without Borders in Haiti. You can click on the button at the top of my blog to get to the etsy store. Check them out, they have already raised $ 7,000 in TWO days! This just felt like I could at least do a little something. Well I've babbled long enough -go ahead and check them out! Theresa xoxo

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Silver Sunday Party #3!!

Here's a little grouping of some silver candle stix and mercury glass candle vases and two old lamp bases with crystals that have been converted to candle holders ( a girl only needs so many small lamps) all sitting pretty on my garage sale mantle! This was a fake fireplace that was used for the familys' Christmas Fireplace to hang stockings on. It came complete with hideous fake logs that burned red through the cellophane on top of them! They looked a little, no a lot, dangerous so out they went. I still need to do some work to this like replace a couple of small pieces of trim at the top and repaint it and then secure it all together. It was made from an old organ and so is very heavy! The ornate details on the side are from the organ... so cool. Actually I got this from the same sale that I bought Penelope from. This beauty only set me back $10. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
I've tried this in a couple of rooms so far and the dining room has it now after it did a little stint in the barn just being stored and unappreciated, again can you believe it?
Here's the details of the sides that had my heart beating so fast... The picture in front is hiding the fact that it is not a usable fireplace but it fits it perfectly so it serves its purpose.
O.k. enough about the fireplace and back to Silver Sunday... I folded this pillowcase over a smaller pilllow so that the ruffle could be seen better and then pinned it in place with a silver leaf pin full of BLING!

It sits on the chair that I reside in while doing this post...

Finally here's the BLING I wear on a regular basis to camoflage the age spots that I also wear on a regular basis:( Oh well, if we do a Brown Party I'm ready to go! I hesitated buying this at Target a couple of years ago thinking it may be too flashy but then I think I channeled my Mammy who was by far the flashiest person I ever knew and said Flash Away! My sisters and I always refer to Mammy when we see (or wear) over the top clothes, shoes, bling, etc. as in "Mammy would love that!" or "That is sooooo Mammy" and just last week when my sister, Molly, tried on a leopard coat in the Savation Army a new phrase came from these lips "That is Mammy Fabuous!" A little catchy and so she can be sure to hear it again!

Have a Mammy Fabulous Sunday and enjoy the rest of the SILVER and BLING brought to you by the rest of the party goers over at ~ Thanks Beth! ~ Theresa xoxo

Saturday, January 16, 2010

As Seen on T.V.-The Tutorial

Or wow, I really need to mop! O.k. here goes, my first tutorial... have you seen the infomercial about the twin draft guards for your door? I was getting ready to make a draft dodger for our door when my dad told me about this commercial. After I saw it for myself I knew I could make something like it for our drafty door. So here's what I did... I found plumbing pipe insulation at Lowes and measured around it and then added 1/4" for my stitching. I then measured the size of the door both across and the width of it. My door measured 32" and the width was 1 1/2". So my measurements were a 32" length of material, the insulation measured 5" + 1/4" x 2 + the 1 1/2" for the door width so my material was 32"X 12". I folded my first pocket over 5 1/4".

Then my second pocket to match. I then pinned them in place.

I stitched the pockets in place.(i'd like to say that I used dark thread so that you could see it better but I believe that "honesty is the best policy" so the truth is that when I get excited about making something I can't always take the time to change thread!) You won't be able to see your stitching so if you are impatient like me then do the happy dance right now! Now slide the tubes that you have cut to 32" into the pockets. This will take the longest to do in this quick little project. The pockets have to be tight enough to hold the tube well.

And here you go... new age draft dodger complete for your old age door! This is still my proto-type and I was thinking out loud during lunch and came to the conclusion that if you put another pocket at the bottom and across the bottom of the tubes and put some sort of flexible plastic inserted inside than the tubes might stay in place and not flop a little like mine did. I'll let you know if I try that in the near future but for now this is working!

O.k. be honest (you know it's the best policy!) did all of that make sense to you or were you saying HUH? while you read it. You see I have been wanting to do a tutorial on here for awhile now because when I go to blogs that I know have them I get all giddy when I see a new tutorial that I want to try.
Now that I've made my hubbys day by saving us a little money on the energy bill and I didn't pay 9.99 + 6.95 shipping - this project cost all of 2.00 for the tubing and the fabric was a left over piece from my stash! I can get on to my next project and finish the curtains that I am making for my son. Happy Saturday! ~ Theresa xoxo