Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This picture is worth a thousand words...

Because I know that I am... I'm adding a couple more patio pics so that I add a couple of more parties to my patio post... For this pillow I just stamped Blessed with my huge stamps and then freehanded the scroll work, cut the bag down and folded over... no sewing! The pic below is an old washtub that I attached to a table bottom, now just imagine it full of flowers, it sits to the left of the patio.

Love the blue jars, one day last summer I came up on my good friend as she was looking through her neighbors trash, she called us over to see her treasure... 2 boxes of blue canning jars going to the trash! OMG! She gave me some just cuz were friends, and because she couldn't have gotten them home without me!!! Thanks Julie!! They are already for a night time cookout :)
I am linking this to Boardwalk Bragfest ~ Thanks Jan! I am also linking this to the blog hop over @ ITS SO VERY CHERI, Thanks Cheri!
So now that I'm an official party girl well you never know what I'll come up with next, right?
No one need worry at the partys though, anyone that knows me will tell you I'm a real lightweight and just incredibly silly with a lot of hoot and hollering going on!
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How to make a patio with mulch...

New patio area filled in and decorated... well you know how it is with me, today is day 1 of the decorating process and there is a good chance that I will wake up in the middle of the night and come up with a new plan! First up is this birdcage planter, I can't take the credit for this my sister Molly made one first and then I rushed home and turned one of my birdcages upsidedown and waalaa! It has a coco liner cut to fit inside of it and then some packing peanuts in the bottom to keep the weight light. Right now it is really just "holding" some violets they aren't planted in there, it's still too early for planting here so I picked up a 6 pack to show off the birdcage. I hung it with twine and a shepards hook. and ofcourse a little bling on the bottom courtesy of a crystal from a chandi!
Wide shot of the area I just mulched... I created this spot 3 years ago for Johns graduation party and we loved it, it was directly under a huge pine tree but this year I expanded the area and so now its half and half. There are 2 chandis with tealight candles in them hanging from the tree, they hang over the couch and chairs, if I could find a way to hang them over the dining table I would have more! They look so pretty lit at night! In the past I have hung them from shepherds hooks around the yard for awhile there it took me 20 min. to light all of the candles around the house! yes, a little extreme! :)
I was trying to show you how big this area really is, it took 2 yards of mulch but still cheaper than bricking the whole thing... that is my dream patio and maybe one day we can do that back here but this works great for now. It gives a defined space and a cozy place to relax together. I just layed landscape cloth and actually some tarps down and mulch on top. The tarp has held up for 3 years and I'm hoping the landscape cloth lasts even longer.

I lined the top shelf of the 'hutch' with insulators and iron stars that we used for swag hooks in our last house.

A couple of old crocks and restaurant plates and the toolbox picnic holder I showed a while back.

Strike a yoga pose!!!

I know I can't really leave the plates and everything for eating out here all of the time so it's nice that I can just carry them inside in the box. It's not light by any means though, this box was already heavy without a set of dishes and whatnot in it... but I love it!!!

This couch is a future project, hence the draping... the back of it is coming apart and so I have plans for it soon! I actually put it in the firepit once and then my brilliant plan (well I hope it's brilliant) came to me so I pulled it out of there-quick! It's super comfy and right under that tree in the summer it's the perfect place to relax!

Chandi one, hanging from twine and a branch... The laundry tub will be filled with flowers as soon as possible.

Canning jars filled with more candles, can you ever have too many candles?

Another shot of the planter, I can't wait to have flowers in it that will trail down, I love, love, love flowers everywhere! Now to hire someone to do the watering ;) GET REAL! I am the bonafide waterer around here! So that is 'patio' #1 onto #2 later this week, Cam and I already moved the picnic table that my dad made us a while back to that area so I'll dress it up and see what I can dig out of the barn to decorate with!

I'm linking this up to Tutorial Tuesday and White Wednesday stop by those parties if you get a chance, they're great fun!
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Warning... Proud Mom Post Alert...

Prom was this past Saturday and Cam looked so handsome in his suit, I wanted to take just the right picture so I looked around the yard and house for some good backdrops, it's still too early for most of the trees and bushes around the yard and well the house has soooooo many doors and windows that I just wasn't happy with the outcomes. This lilac bush is in front of the kitchen window (and unfortunately in the sun, it made Cam squint) and had just a small amount of blooms, probably better prune it this year! Enough about that though... look how cute he is!
After he picked up his girlfriend, we met across the river from our house and took pictures of the two of them. I want to say that it's just my imagination but after looking at all of the pics he really only smiled in the ones when she was standing next to him. AWWWWWW
You can see a little peak of the river behind them in this one. They were both very sweet humoring the MOM PAPARAZZI but they had to hurry and catch the rest of their group. Cam said they all had a lot of fun and from the other pics I've seen it looks like it was a blast!

Another milestone and memory of his senior year.
Do you remember your prom? Was it wonderful? I went to two, one was wonderful and one was definitely not. My mom had a rule that you had to go with the first boy that asked you... The boy that asked me didn't really like me but liked one of my best friends but she was already going with someone else (I think her mom had the same rule) We stopped at the local bowling alley to go to the bathroom ( I grew up in a VERY small town) and when I came out to get back in the car my date and my friend were making out in the backseat!!! LOL!!! Sure funny now but imagine being 17 and feeling completely mortified!
You know the old story... what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... and it taught me another good lesson, my kids know other kids better than I do and they do not have to say yes to anyone or anything!
Onto another subject all together, I think I may be finished mulching so now I can do something fun... like create! Ofcourse I have so many ideas and a huge list of must dos to get to... maybe tomorrow...
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Friday, April 23, 2010

What I've been up to lately...

Tennis has taken over at the Hein House! Hannah is our first child to play tennis and so I didn't realize that at 6th grade we would be going to 3 matches a week when she signed up! Wow, it's been crazy busy here!
I know her shirt says baseball but their shirts weren't in yet when I took these pics... She is learning alot and teaching me more. I only played a few times with an old roommate years ago so Hannah has been showing me the ropes. Look at that determination! :)

Since we are at the matches for 3 hours or so I have been bringing magazines, the supplies to make more pin cushions, and some other projects to do to fill the time. But alas I miss catching up with everyone on here and so tonight I finally took some time to catch up. Still have so many blogs I would like to catch up on... between tennis and shopping for shoes and such for Cams look for prom tomorrow night I did stop at the sale I told you about. Well, it was kind of a bust except for a couple treasures that I will try and take pics of tomorrow so I can share them with you.

I've also been mulching like a mad woman and trying to clean out the barn ( tomorrow is spring clean up in town and so we can take our junk to the recycling area in town and they sort it and get rid of the rest for us. A good deal for sure and what I really want to do tomorrow is guard the entrance being the JUNK POLICE you know in the interest of all woman kind someone needs to rescue the goods! Last year my family had to pull me out of there as my head spun around 360* to see what everyone had loaded on the back of their pick ups! I'm always amazed at what some people will throw away, Duane - not so much. He said he is throwing things away this time without looking back, well I looked back and pulled the old iron headboard off of our trailer that he thought was junk!!! What was he thinking? Never fear... it is safe and sound in a undisclosed location as we speak! Wish me good junking!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Minute White Wednesday!!!

Gosh I really thought I would have more white to share... better get busy! :) Today I'm taking you outside to show a couple of birdhouses in the front yard. This martin house doesn't have a pole so it rests on a vintage metal table. maybe a typing table... not really sure but it works! Ofcourse my little bird needed a crown so I made him a bejeweled one. Those are hydrangea bushes under/behind it and I cannot wait until they bloom! Really I am so excited to see some of the things I just planted last year. I got these on clearance at Lowes at the end of the summer and paid only $2.50 a bush for them so yes I bought all 7 that they had and shared with my dad. They're sprouting so I'm hopeful!

This little birdhouse sits on an old wooden base that I think was the base to an ashtray. Much better use now! That little fencing is the rest of the roll I bought to make my platter hanger.
So that's it for me tonight, life has been so busy this week, Hannah started tennis and games have been late... 3 this week. Then the mulching, and I'm really trying to give my etsys some needed attention. BUT tomorrow there is a sale that I just found on Craigs List that I have got to check out... might be a good one! This is almost sad to say (or embarrassing) but my heart is already racing at what I MIGHT find!!!!! I can't help it I love me a good garage sale!
I better get over to Katheens and link up before the party is over!
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is just how I feel tonight after only mulching 2 areas in the front yard! 1 yard of mulch down and at least 3 to go! How's your weekend going? It does feel good to see fresh mulch around the plants that are coming up... hope your weekend is fabulous!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The farm of my dreams for White Wednesday...

This beautiful chandi is just the first thing I saw when I arrived at Jills property for the antique show I was part of last October. Her property is jaw dropping gorgeous and she has special spots like this all over it. Don't you just want to sit and chat awhile here? I think it looks perfect...
But here is the reason I want this farm! This centennial farm has been meticulously restored and cared for. She had the barns interiors entirely painted white. They are AMAZING!!! This one is HUGE! A giant hay barn that is just beautiful inside... I could live in there, truly.

The barn was full of venders and their wares.

I love the hayloft....

This was the first show I've done in a long time and I really would like to do another soon, this was a great one to start with. Very nice people, all the vendors were great, One booth was the store where I have taught classes and The Lambs Gate girls are really the best and their displays are always so interesting.

I want a chandi hanging in my barn... actually I want a couple!

I was set up in front of this smaller barn, This is the inspiration for my white barn, I am going to paint the entire inside of it white this month. jjI love the french doors she put on the barn and the porch is pretty cool too!

This is the inside of the smaller barn, I think there were 2 dealers set up in here.

I think mine can look pretty similar, I have the same style boards and the steps in mine, even the ceilings will be white, I think the floor too. My floor is in pretty bad shape but I have high hopes for it!

I can't wait to make my barn this pretty! A lot of hard work coming my way but I am looking forward to it!

On to something different... I'm linking up to Boardwalk Bragfest too and this is something that worked out really well for us as a coffee table. I know using a trunk for a coffee table is not new and we've all done it at some time or another but I hated dragging this thing around the floor,(remember I move my furniture around alot!) so I glued glass insulators to the bottom of it!
I really like how they look and they make moving it around really easy. And it also added just the right amount of height that it needed. It resides in Camerons room for now, along with the couch that moved home with Danielle! He has a regular lil apt. setting in there...
He really wants me to get those pillow covers made, still no machine though. Still looking.
This paneling was up when we moved in the house and as much as I want to tear it off the wall it serves a good purpose. Cam can hang as much stuff on his walls (and he does) without putting a cazillion holes in the walls. He hangs the cards I make him, charactures of him and John are hanging and all kinds of posters, he even has a pair of converse hanging that he wore when he was in the 6th grade until the side was hanging on by a thread! The lunchbox holds his remotes. So there you have it... a black and white wednesday post!
I gotta know... Are you with me on the barn love?
Thanks to Jan and Kathleen for the parties! I gotta go join in the fun now and see all of the inspiration being shared!
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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Pin Cushion Craze Continues and THE GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!

The latest obsession I have with pin cushions is getting a little out of hand, but I am having so much fun making them that I can't stop myself!! This one is made with a vintage McCoy custard cup and sheep toile fabric and two wee sheep resting on pom poms... I mean really is there anything fab that it is not missing? oh yeah bling ;O Seriously, I LOVE this one! So today Hannah and Max had dentist appts. and ofcourse we had to stop at the GW, I was hoping for another sweet planter or two but alas not a single good cushion holder. There's always tomorrow... SING IT ANNIE!!! It kind of looks like the ram is nuzzling the lamb... awwww
O.K. here's what you really want to know... Drum Roll Please.... (imagine me making the crazy drum roll sound with my lips here... Hannah volunteered, o.k. you know she didn't... to draw the name. Without further ado...

CONGRATULATIONS Fran of thebagglady... !!! Now imagine confetti and balloons dropping from the ceiling !!! Fran, send me an email with your address so I can get your goodies out to you!

Thanks everyone for playing along, this has been fun and so there will be more giveaways in the near future! Actually I like what someone called it today (sorry I'm tired and can't remember who it was right now) a GIVEBACK, I like that because that is just how it feels, like I'm giving back some goodness that you all have given me.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Silver Sunday Time!!!

For this Silver Sunday post I decided to show the close ups of the silver pincushions that came together this week. This first one is a silver plated sugar bowl and the material I used is a ticking material that I just love, it's not old but it has a historical feel to it. (oh yeah, kinda like me!) in the center is a vintage mother of pearl with silver button.
This next one is made with a pewter candlestick and material that I handstamped. I added a rosette with the same material without the words and then added a vintage jewel.

I love keeping some of my vintage earrings, bling, all of the shiny stuff nearby when I work because I could add it to everything! I have a serious shiny stuff obsession! I think the combination of the dull pewter with the natural material gives it a more prim look and then the mix of the jewel changes it up a little.

This is one of the petite pincushions I made, usisng handstamped material again only this time in a lighter color. I handstamped the rosette this time and for a little color added a aqua button.

It's all stuffed into a vintage jello mold (should've taken a pic of the bottom where it says Jello)
The sun finally returned yesterday so I could get a few pics taken. Today looks to be even better, the sun is already streaming through the window in front of my worktable so lucky me! After church I think I will plop down there in my cozy chair and let the creative force take over again!

I found a better solution for the pics for the test tubes... the vintage stamp holder that was hiding behind some supplies on the dresser. Maybe time to organize again!

I really need to put corks on my shopping list (and then remember to take it with me) so I can finish these up. Here's the close up of the one with the vintage religious medal on it, there are so many directions you can go with these...

Here is a glass coaster with a silver rim full of buttons ready to be used to pretty something up... After I have some creating fun today I will be adding all of these goodies to theinoriginals and then I need to take pics of the vintage goodies for theoldwhitehouse... so take a peek and see if there is something you just can't live without ;)
Happy Sunday! Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo